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20 Groovy 1960’s Style Fonts for Your Vintage Projects

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The 1960s was an exciting and innovative decade. For many, they fondly recall these times as the Wonder Years. From music, pop culture, to design, people then could agree that the events from the 1960s helped shape who they are today.

Rock ‘n’ roll and its subgenres emerged, giving rise to a new trend in the music industry. Man finally stepped into space. Fashion got into high gear with brightly colored mini skirts and other psychedelic clothing. Everything was ‘groovy’: from peace signs, daisies, Volkswagen buses, to graffiti – this decade had it made.

For those who want to relive the trippy 60’s OR simply enjoy them in their latest retro projects, here is a collection of totally groovy 1960s style fonts.


Groovy 1960s Style Fonts

Muralista Typeface

Groovy 1960s Style Fonts

This 1960s style font was inspired by Chilean murals and posters. The big and heavy letterforms were originally presented for political propaganda, but you can use it today to create a huge impact among audiences.

Download Muralista Typeface


Mystery Quest Pro

Groovy 1960s Style Fonts

This fun and quirky typeface is perfect for retro projects that demand attention. Funky with a side of mystery, it’s great as a banner, header, or logo.

Download Mystery Quest Pro Typeface


Pink Lemonade

Groovy 1960s Style Fonts

This font will remind you of warm, sticky summers spent on porches. Why not bring back pop art with this sweet pink treat?

Download Pink Lemonade Typeface


Irish Grover Pro

Groovy 1960s Style Fonts

Enjoy something fun and flamboyant in this typeface. Although it’s always mistaken for a pilsner, it’s actually just a fresh take on a 1960s font favorite.

Download Irish Grover Pro Typeface


Atomic DooDads

Groovy 1960s Style Fonts

The 1960s were big on science fiction. So go experiment with your own space age-inspired projects using this blast-from-the-past typeface – it’s outta this world!

Download Atomic DooDads Typeface


Griffy Pro

Groovy 1960s Style Fonts

Remember your favorite ice cream parlor? Reminisce about the good ol’ days with this (slightly crazy) 1960s style font that’s sure to take you – and your audiences – back.

Download Griffy Pro Typeface



Groovy 1960s Style Fonts

Want something simple yet eye-catching for your vintage works? Be sure to add this happy typeface to your collection.

Download Loyola Typeface



Groovy 1960s Style Fonts

Inspired by the thriller Vertigo, this iconic font might just be your new obsession. Use it in any project that demands a second look.

Download Sabotage Typeface



Groovy 1960s Style Fonts

Want to make your latest design look really psychedelic? Add some magic with this 60s-inspired real brush pen script that’s sure to delight.

Download Superb Typeface


Jumbuck Sans

Groovy 1960s Style Fonts

Script and Sans Serif just had a font baby – and this one makes crafting easy as pie for every designer. Created with minimal points and smooth curves, this one would be a dream to add to any project.

Download Jumbuck Sans Typeface


Jaywalker Display Font

Groovy 1960s Style Fonts

Spruce up your works with this simple yet eccentric 1960s style font. Inspired by mid-century illustration and design, apply it on logos, T-shirt designs, posters, and video credits.

Download Jaywalker Display Typeface



Groovy 1960s Style Fonts

Breathe life to your font collection using this dynamic typeface with just a hint of contemporary accent. Perfect for projects that want to spell out p-a-r-t-y!

Download Tuesnight Typeface


Chez Moustache

Groovy 1960s Style Fonts

Based on Irma La Douce film opening titles, this 1960s style font has dozens of stories to tell. But first, you need to download it. Just imagine the possibilities…

Download Chez Moustache Typeface



Groovy 1960s Style Fonts

This retro font will look groovy on either vintage or modern works. Don’t be fooled by its fun, playful curves: this typeface can do it all.

Download Sundowners Typeface



Groovy 1960s Style Fonts

Play up your projects using this hand-lettered script font that’s sure to invite attention. Whether you want it on a poster or on a greeting card, clients won’t miss the attractive details.

Download Badmood Typeface



Groovy 1960s Style Fonts

Believed to be the wave of the future, this top-heavy typeface is everything you need in a font that’s clean yet pleasing. Totally unique and reminiscent of 60’s vibe, it’s really something that’s unlike any other in your collection.

Download Dynatype™ Typeface


Jazz Script

Groovy 1960s Style Fonts

Looking to make an impact with your logos, headlines, or packaging design? This 1960s style font features American lettering at its best – and grooviest.

Download Jazz Script Typeface



Groovy 1960s Style Fonts

Are your projects lacking in excitement? Use this 100 percent authentic hand-drawn style vintage action type design to add an instant comic feel in your artworks.

Download Driver Typeface



Groovy 1960s Style Fonts

The 1960s wouldn’t be complete without bright neon lights and signs. Enjoy the same effect on your projects in this typeface with bouncy, playful features.

Download Enlighten Typeface


Workhorse Combo Pack

Groovy 1960s Style Fonts

This hand lettering style font captures the warmth and essence missing from today’s stiff Gothics. Enjoy the elegance of this 60’s-inspired typeface that’s a true timeless classic.

Download Workhorse Combo Pack Typeface


Download these 1960s style fonts today!

Whether you’re working on a brand’s logo or you just want to jazz up a wedding invitation, these retro fonts will add a unique feel to your projects. Just pay once and use it multiple times on various artworks. They’re great for personal or commercial use.

Imagine the possibilities: from posters, video titles, T-shirt designs, coasters, mugs, blog headers, to business cards, these groovy 1960s style fonts won’t disappoint. Take your clients back to a time when design was far out.

Or why not combine the old with the new? Get some Instagram-worthy snapshots, and then play it up with any of these righteous retro fonts. No need to waste time finding the perfect typeface or drawing scripts.

Simply get these 1960s style fonts and you can hang loose like a real pro.

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