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24 of the Best 1970s Fonts from The Decade of Change

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Some may remember the 1970s as the decade of hot, unforgettable summers. But for many, it was a tumultuous time, with rallies, protests, and fights for equal rights. It wasn’t all bad though: people remember the 1970s for individuality, disco music, and the continuity of the Green Revolution.

The 70s were also a great time for design. Need inspiration from the decade of change? Start with these awesome 1970s fonts:

24 1970s Fonts

1. Fragile

1970s fonts

This sleek typeface by Josh O. is best used for projects that require a little elegance without looking too formal. It’s ideal for logos, wedding invitations, editorials, headlines, and more.

Download Fragile

2. Mystery Quest Pro

1970s fonts

Remember the Mystery machine? Re-live the days in this far-out funky font from Neapolitan Type. Get ready for danger at every curve!

Download Mystery Quest Pro

3. Gaytan Serif

1970s fonts

Gaytan (which is Bulgarian for “braid”) is a fresh new take on archaic letterforms. Inspired by Old Church Slavonic Cyrillic, Bulgarian Ustav, and the Russian Vyaz stiles, this unique font by Karandash will surely make every project look and feel avant-garde.

Download Gaytan Serif

4. Cornelius Screaming

1970s fonts

Designed by Daniel Bak (Artcity), this wild, hand-drawn typography was inspired by the chief male ape character from the 1968 science fiction film “Planet of the Apes” (adapted from the novel of the same name, written by Pierre Boulle).

Download Cornelius Screaming

5. Pirata

1970s fonts

Bold, beautiful, and simple – this is what comes to mind in this 70’s revival font from W Type Foundry. As they say: go big, or go home.

Download Pirata

6. Berkmire AOE

1970s fonts

We turn to the past to inspire future creations. That’s why vintage endures – like this bulky techno typeface by Astigmatic.

Download Berkmire AOE

07. Authority 1970s Public Font

1970s fonts

Inspired by New York public fonts in the 70s, this typeface from RetroSupply Co. is testimony to how letter styles quietly impact our lives.

Download Authority

8. Superfruit Font

1970s fonts

This super tasty and cute font by NimaVisual is just the thing you need to sweeten up any artwork. The best part? The pack includes five backgrounds in high-resolution PNG or EPS formats.

Download Superfruit

9. Lemonade Font

1970s fonts

You don’t need a lemonade stand to re-create the magic of hot summers and endless laughter. Simply evoke the same feeling in this nostalgic typography created by himok.

Download Lemonade

10. Kara

1970s fonts

Go crazy while you experiment with this versatile font from Mostardesign Type Foundry. It’s the ideal font family for cartoons, decorations, branding ideas, signage, prints, and even web design.

Download Kara

11. Mega Fresh Font

1970s fonts

BLKBK brings you beautiful letters and numbers for all your creative needs. Created with freshness in mind, this one is a must-have in your design toolkit.

Download Mega Fresh Font

12. Striped Vintage Label Typeface

1970s fonts

One of the most iconic markers of the 70s was their signage designs. Vozzy captures this vintage look in this special font type perfect for big projects like logos or posters.

Download Striped Vintage Label

13. CA Viva Las Vegas

1970s fonts

The 70’s were huge for music icon, Elvis. This typography by Cape Arcona Type Foundry, re-lives those fun musical times with this lightbulb style with four weights to mix and match.

Download CA Viva Las Vegas

14. Manicuore

1970s fonts

This hand-drawn typeface by PintassilgoPrints was inspired by Italian movie posters created by famous movie poster artist, Symeoni (a.k.a. Sandro Simeoni). Featuring more than 89 bonus graphic elements, it’s a collection with endless possibilities with just one click.

Download Manicuore

15. Crocante

1970s fonts

Make your works pop in this typography by PintassilgoPrints. This is an energetic and good-humored display font that will surely add spontaneity to any project!

Download Crocante

16. Ziclets

1970s fonts

Too cool for regular fonts? Try this psychedelic yummy collection from PintassilgoPrints for an interesting take on an old favorite.

Download Ziclets

17. JAF Peacock

1970s fonts

A collaboration between Brian Jaramillo and Tim Ahrens, this simple yet eye-catching font includes contextual and stylistic alternates with extended language support.

Download JAF Peacock

18. CA Magic Hour

1970s fonts

Remember the time when the Concorde was flying fast in the skies? When cocktails during daytime were not a sin? Return to happy times with this optimistic and straightforward font from Cape Arcona Type Foundry.

Download CA Magic Hour

19. Kirimomi Swash

1970s fonts

A display font by Wordshape that features both upright roman and italic variants, this was made with versatility in mind. Enjoy combining swashes with ornamental glyphs for a fun, yet stylish look.

Download Kirimomi Swash

20. Callista

1970s fonts

Inspired by the works of Francois Boltana and Milka Peykova in the late 1970s, this plump, cursive typeface by Karandash will speak volumes about your projects. Perfect when working with headlines or logotypes.

Download Callista

21. SOLID70 Retro Geometric Font

1970s fonts

No need to sweat over your designs when you can easily type a few characters, change colors, or switch between looks to get the exact outcome you want. RetroSupply Co. makes it effortless with this bold and proud font that looks awesome in any artwork.

Download SOLID70

22. Funkydori – Bold

1970s fonts

Nothing says being back to the psychedelic 70s than a font paying homage to bellbottom jeans, unicorns, and rainbows. This collection by Laura Worthington offers not only beautifully-crafted bold font, it also includes generous swash capitals, alternates, endings, ornaments, and tile-able patterns.

Download Funkydori

23. Addington CF Steadfast Serif

1970s fonts

Need a reliable font that looks charming yet playful? Try this one from Connary Fagen Type Design. Amazing in small or large text sizes, it will be your new go-to serif.

Download Addington CF

24. Cooper Black Swash

1970s fonts

In honor of Oz Cooper’s work that helped to shape the American advertising landscape through a bold typography. This one, created by Wordshape, is hopefully something Mr. Cooper – and today’s designers – would be rather pleased with.

Download Cooper Black Swash

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