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30 of the Best Outline Fonts To Give Detail To Your Design

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Outlines are a great way to give character to any design. That’s because they can emphasize geometric shapes, as well as provide unique detail to things that are otherwise bland or plain. Adding shading or shadows can also give outlined works a 3D look. So if you’re looking to make your lettering, signage, labels, or posters pop, you may want to consider drawing outlines.

This technique can be elegant, too. Depending on how or where you use it, outlines have a minimalist vibe that’s perfect for luxury branding or print products. They can be customized to suit any theme as well. From sci-fi, nature, to athletic, corporate and art deco – outlines are perfect for any and all occasions.

Looking for outline fonts to add a unique touch to your future projects? Then you’ve come to the right place.


Outline Fonts

1. Playbook Type Family

Outline Fonts

This trio of playful typefaces from DesignSomething would look awesome on titles, headers, product labels, and more.

Download Playbook Type Family


2. Darling Bloom Font

Outline Fonts

Salt & Pepper Designs proudly presents this hand-drawn gem that will be a welcome addition to stationeries, invitations, book covers, cards, and print projects.

Download Darling Bloom Font


3. Decurion Typeface

Outline Fonts

This slab display font by Tugcu Design Co. is a multipurpose wonder that can go from urban to athletic in a pinch.

Download Decurion Typeface


4. Blitzen Display Font

Outline Fonts

A handy little helper, this scribbly uppercase display font from Creativeqube Design comes in two unique designs that create an interesting effect when used together.

Download Blitzen Display Font


5. FreeLine Font

Outline Fonts

A fashion-forward font by Sentavio that easily transforms to suit high-tech or corporate themes, it’s a must-have in any designer’s toolkit.

Download FreeLine Font


6. Azidhor Typeface

Outline Fonts

Inspired by the modern age, Scredeck presents this all-caps typeface that’s always ready to make a huge impact.

Download Azidhor Typeface


7. Coven Typeface

Outline Fonts

This bold and sharp display typeface comes in two versions: filled and outlined.

Download Coven Typeface


8. Chalk Board Font Tuck Shop

Outline Fonts

This highly-detailed chalk font by Itsmesimon was made using real chalk – so expect rough, untidy, but fun and child-like wonder each time you use it.

Download Chalk Board Font Tuck Shop


9. Vagabond Font Set

Outline Fonts

A handmade font family by NiceStuffSupply that includes three variations: regular, italic, and outlined.

Download Vagabond Font Set


10. Sketchy Story Font

Outline Fonts

Rough edged, and skinny, Denise Chandler brings you this child-like typeface that’s perfect for children’s books, posters, and other projects.

Download Sketchy Story Font


11. Laurel

Outline Fonts

A handcrafted outline duo from Margot + Co, these serifs are clean, respectable, and laid back enough to be included in your spring or summer works.

Download Laurel



Outline Fonts

With 4 styles to choose from, Superfried Type Emporium gives you boundless options for creativity using this one display font.

Download RAILS


13. HandDeco Outline

Outline Fonts

Inspired by geometric typefaces of the early 20th century Art Deco era, Gerren Lamson offers you a chance to relive that period in this classy family of four sans serifs.

Download HandDeco Outline


14. Prova Outline

Outline Fonts

Prova means “test” in Italian and “proof” in Portuguese – so give this condensed hand-drawn typeface a try and see how it gives your designs the friendly, playful vibe it needs.

Download Prova Outline


15. Braga Huis

Outline Fonts

Strong lines but with a curvy passion, this lovely creation from Juru Aksara is both modern yet vintage.

Download Braga Huis


16. Bronx

Outline Fonts

An extension for the Manhattan font, Jen Wagner Co presents this beautiful outline lettering that truly embodies the metropolis.

Download Bronx


17. Katrin Sketch

Outline Fonts

Anastasiia Macaluso brings to you this uppercase font with a detailed sketched look that would be great on titles or short phrases.

Download Katrin Sketch


18. Cristal Font Family

Outline Fonts

A modern typeface with a bevel effect, Corradine Fonts outdoes itself with this elegant offering that comes in 15 fonts.

Download Cristal Font Family


19. Birch Is Right Here

Outline Fonts

Woodsy and beautiful, create amazing nature-inspired projects using this cool all-caps outline font from BIRH_ Creative.

Download Birch Is Right Here


20. Exodar

Outline Fonts

This modern futuristic typeface by Rometheme Studio is ready to take you and your works to the next level.

Download Exodar


21. Trindle Sans

Outline Fonts

Make headlines and sleek logos with a unique art deco flair thanks to this gem from Glyph44.

Download Trindle Sans


22. Klenik

Outline Fonts

This slab serif font from Grontype comes in Light and Outline versions to give your projects a fresh, modern feel.

Download Klenik


23. GARDE Font

Outline Fonts

Create outstanding titles, monograms, and logos effortlessly using this stylish, luxury font.

Download GARDE Font


24. Organa

Outline Fonts

This geometric font family from TypeFaith Fonts comes with 6 styles for you to mix and match, or use each on their own.

Download Organa


25. EQIVA Logo Font

Outline Fonts

Inspired by music, sci-fi, and modern design, Revnede brings to you a font you can use in either web or print works.

Download EQIVA Logo Font


26. Epilepsja Outline

Outline Fonts

An all-caps type family by Mikołaj Grabowski perfect for display works, it offers a 3D illusions that’s sure to make your designs stand out!

Download Epilepsja Outline


27. Festivo Letters

Outline Fonts

With a total of 19 fonts, this hand-drawn font family from ahmetaltuntype also includes a few ornaments for your convenience.

Download Festivo Letters


28. Wolvercote Outline

Outline Fonts

Influenced by type on 60s and 70s fantasy novels, this all-caps display font from Christian Laliberte will add a unique and classic touch to any design.

Download Wolvercote Outline


29. Sandman

Outline Fonts

This handmade sans serif by Jackrabbit Creative includes two versions: Fill and Outline, that are perfect for overlaying on photos.

Download Sandman


30. Neon

Outline Fonts

This all-caps, modern and edgy group of bold san serifs from Big Cat Creative is always ready to make a bold statement – so why not give it a try?

Download Neon


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