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30 Thick and Heavy Fonts Built To Make a Huge Impact

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Headlines, logos, t-shirt prints, and posters: what do they all have in common? They all need to make a great impact on audiences upon first glance. You want them to be noticed instantly, to make heads turn and draw in a crowd. To accomplish this, you need the right elements.

This is where typefaces come in. Bold, thick fonts convey power, strength, and most of all, impact. That, along with the correct use of color, size, as well as images, can engage people at first sight.

Find what you need to start creating bold, powerful headlines and posters in this collection of thick and heavy fonts.

30 Thick and Heavy Fonts

1. Solida Font Family

Thick and Heavy Fonts

Designed by Pablo Balcells for Graviton Font Foundry, this display typeface features a geometric angular look that comes in 10 styles to instantly add variety to your headlines, posters, logos, business cards, and more.

Download Solida Font Family

2. KVC Brute

Thick and Heavy Fonts

Looking to beef up your works? Then this heavy-duty block display font by Kyle Van Cleave is just what you want. With two styles – Regular and Speed – it’s a no-frills approach to beefing up any design.

Download KVC Brute

3. Grind Typeface

Thick and Heavy Fonts

Tugcu Design Co. is proud to present this hardworking font. It comes in 4 styles – Simple, Demolished, Halftone, and Timber – each with its own unique texture that will surely leave a lasting impression.

Download Grind Typeface


Thick and Heavy Fonts

Be noticed at a glance in this independent sans serif family by Zone 6. With 6 clean but adaptable styles to choose from, you’re guaranteed to be instantly recognizable with little effort.

Download TORCH

5. Bjola Sans Serif

Thick and Heavy Fonts

Andrey Sharonov proudly presents this fun, playful sans serif that’s all about friendly curves. Use it on children’s book covers, funny greeting cards, amusing logos, or to create interesting posters, labels, and t-shirt prints.

Download Bjola Sans Serif

6. HAUS Sans Extra Bold

Thick and Heavy Fonts

Inspired by Bauhaus and 1930s typefaces, Pier Francesco Martini of MARTINI Type Designer has created the perfect complement to all your contemporary projects in this modern gem.

Download HAUS Sans Extra Bold

7. Tide Sans

Thick and Heavy Fonts

This font family from Very Cool Studio includes everything you need to construct almost anything – from crisp professional designs, to more affable artworks. Just purchase once and get all the benefits of 18 fonts in one pack!

Download Tide Sans

8. Integral CF

Thick and Heavy Fonts

Make a statement in this offering from Connary Fagen that features 12 confident styles. This ultra bold titling font means business. As they say, ‘go big, or go home’.

Download Integral CF

9. Urby Basic Black

Thick and Heavy Fonts

Bring an active look to your projects using this sporty typeface from TypeMates. This bold font has extremely wide apertures on several characters, making it quite quirky without going overboard.

Download Urby Basic Black

10. Stuffed Crust

Thick and Heavy Fonts

Satisfy your appetite for retro fonts in this endearing gem by Drew Melton. Chubby and geometrical but with rounded edges to soften the overall look, it’s a great addition to any designer’s toolkit!

Download Stuffed Crust

11. Pink Handwritten Font

Thick and Heavy Fonts

This all-caps handwritten font by KA Designs is all about showing your fun, quirky side. Pair this bold lettering with thin, elegant scripts and you’ve got yourself a cool vibe that will certainly turn heads.

Download Pink Handwritten Font

12. Bob Blocky Display Font

Thick and Heavy Fonts

Not intended for the faint of heart, this blocky font from Great Scott requires its own space. Ideal for headlines, posters, and homepages, it’s exactly what you need to grab attention.

Download Bob Blocky Display Font

13. Hugo Handlettered Family

Thick and Heavy Fonts

Keep it friendly but functional in this handmade font family from Vitek Graphic. Featuring two weights – Outline and Filled – you can create warm and welcoming projects with a touch of a button.

Download Hugo Handlettered Family

14. Rita

Thick and Heavy Fonts

Designed by Daniel Hernández in collaboration with Rodrigo Fuenzalida, Latinotype presents this high-impact font family that comes in 10 beautifully practical styles – from ultra thin, to poster thick – to ensure you get things done.

Download Rita

15. Miasto Font

Thick and Heavy Fonts

Inspired by signs and ads from the Polish People’s Republic period in Poland, this typeface from Studio Ładne Halo will look amazing on headlines, posters, illustrations, book covers, logos, labels and branding projects.

Download Miasto Font

16. Hit and Run

Thick and Heavy Fonts

CorgiAstronaut presents this playful typeface that will be a huge hit when used on posters, children’s book covers, posters, invitations, and more! Pair with cute, kid-friendly illustrations, and you’ve got yourself something fun, ready to be shared to little ones.

Download Hit and Run

17. Guster Chunky Western Font

Thick and Heavy Fonts

Add a funky Wild West vibe to your projects when you use this font from Type Du Nord. With thick, bold letters, it’s bound to make your designs all fired-up!

Download Guster Chunky Western Font

18. Vanguard CF

Thick and Heavy Fonts

Keep it classy in this display typeface by Connary Fagen. Featuring a total of 16 styles, that’s different fonts ranging from elegant thin to a bold heavy. Use each on their own, or mix and match with one another for a truly captivating effect.

Download Vanguard CF

19. Kabrio

Thick and Heavy Fonts

Designed by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Andrea Tartarell, this sans serif includes 4 main styles, each with 7 weights with matching italics. That means a total of 56 fonts – all for your convenience.

Download Kabrio

20. Gore Typeface

Thick and Heavy Fonts

Looking for something savage to make your designs edgy? Look no further than this strong display typeface from Tugcu Design Co.. With two versions – Rough and Regular – it will look great on sci-fi, horror, modern, and game-related themes.                

Download Gore Typeface

21. NWB UltraViolent

Thick and Heavy Fonts

Inspired by the poster type of the film, A Clockwork Orange, this offering from Nowheresburg is all about avant-garde looks but with a clean feel. It’s perfect for posters, headlines, labels, packaging, business cards, and whatever project that needs a sophisticated energy.

Download NWB UltraViolent

22. Fuse

Thick and Heavy Fonts

Smart and universal, this font from W Type Foundry comes with 18 styles, from ultra thin to italic bold, to give your designs the simplistic elegance it needs. It’s ideal for all kinds of projects, such as branding and web design.

Download Fuse

23. Mohr

Thick and Heavy Fonts

You can be playful yet still be modern and professional. Thanks to Latinotype, you can achieve this look in this pack that includes upper and lowercase letters, terminal swashes, plus alt and italics for a totally unique design that’s oozing with personality.

Download Mohr

24. Squadron

Thick and Heavy Fonts

Keep it simple yet stylish in this offering from Shape Mart. It comes with two styles – Regular and Bevel – to choose from. Go for a clean-cut look, or a cool, retro vibe anytime.

Download Squadron

25. Thiket Typeface

Thick and Heavy Fonts

Tugcu Design Co. proudly presents this font that’s as fun and customizable as it is adaptable. Just make sure to use Illustrator to access all the glyphs and pretty custom letter pairs.

Download Thiket Typeface

26. ZUFO Font Family

Thick and Heavy Fonts

Unleash your creative side today! Purchase this font family by Andrei Robu Type and be amazed at all the wonderful projects you can make. With its light-hearted cut-out design and 4 weights, it’s perfect for invitations, posters, labels, cards, book covers, and more!

Download ZUFO Font Family


Thick and Heavy Fonts

Big, bold, and fierce, this typeface from William Suckling is everything you need to create no-frills designs in half the time.

Download ROCKET

28. Porker Font

Thick and Heavy Fonts

Looking for the best typeface for your menus, diner, or F&B business? Then end your search with this gem by Jordan Wilson. Rounded, condensed, and with a bonus vector pack to boot, all it needs is your seal of approval.

Download Porker Font

29. Horizon

Thick and Heavy Fonts

This wide sans serif by Type Task Force is all about subtle command and quiet beauty. Use on editorials, headlines, posters, t-shirt prints, or social media images to immediately hold people’s attention. Available in two contemporary styles.

Download Horizon


Thick and Heavy Fonts

This all-caps geometric sans serif by Narrators Studio is ideal for modern, sci-fi, or any project that needs a bold flair. Also with additional characters, glyphs, and ligatures, it’s a must-have in any designer’s toolkit.

Download NF ULTRA

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