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20 Cool Vintage Circus Fonts

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Believe it or not, people’s love of the circus has lasted more than 200 years. Although technically it isn’t dead, it’s not as popular as it once was.

However, nothing elicits dreamy nostalgia more than thoughts of nimble trapeze artists, brave lion tamers, the sweet tastes of cotton candy, and the sounds of the old calliope.

Designers and artists everywhere have taken inspiration from the child-like wonders of the circus. If you were lucky in your childhood, perhaps you have been taken to one as well. In earlier years, menageries were the main act.

People enjoyed seeing wild animals that they wouldn’t have otherwise seen in public before. Lions, tigers, panthers, and leopards were added as shows became more popular.

During the 50’s, also known as the Golden Age of the circus, more outrageous feats were added to draw in crowds. It was during this time that the fun sounds of the calliope was born, as well as the beloved “Fairy Floss” – better known today as cotton candy.

Want to add the magic of the circus into your artworks? Use these cool circus fonts today.



Cool Circus Fonts

Swung Note

Cool Circus Fonts

Nothing says ‘magic’ more than letters that assume different shapes in different ligatures. Download this circus font if you want a playful yet natural-looking typeface that’s meant to impress!

Download Swung Note Typeface


Cool Circus Fonts

As the name implies, this is one typeface that truly captures the enchanting world of the circus. A cheerful font that comes in two styles, its design will not only enhance your artworks but also make your audiences smile.

Download Carneval Typeface

Slackey Pro

Cool Circus Fonts

Need headers that catch the eye and the imagination? Let this font do the heavy-lifting for you with its fun, chunky look.

Download Slackey Pro Typeface

Gooberville Typeface

Cool Circus Fonts

In the mood for that mid-century American postcard look with hints of circus sideshow flair? With three beautiful styles to choose from (Solid, Rough, and Outline), this typeface does not disappoint.

Download Gooberville Typeface


Neverland Handmade Font

Cool Circus Fonts

Inspired from fantasy movie posters and its classic graphic novel cover, this font lends a fantasy atmosphere to any work. Present your epic idea easily with this lovely handmade fantasy display font.

Download Neverland Handmade Typeface


Gentleman Clown

Cool Circus Fonts

This handsomely crafted circus font takes a more modern twist that makes it flexible for any project. Beautiful and functional, it’s perfect for food and drink industries, artisan products, and badge designs.

Download Gentleman Clown Typeface


Black Django Typeface

Cool Circus Fonts

Inspired by vintage signage and decorative shapes, this cool circus font will remind you of tales of old. Looks great on artworks that require a vintage or timeless appeal.

Download Black Django Typeface


Dacota Layered Typeface

Cool Circus Fonts

Remember the old West? Sometimes, you just want a touch of danger in your artworks. This cool circus font imbues that vibe, keeping audiences on their toes.

Download Dacota Layered Typeface


House of Glory

Cool Circus Fonts

This handmade typeface is everything you would want from a dreamy circus font. Its classic outlines lend a touch of elegance, which is great for making vintage projects.

Download House Of Glory Typeface


Mystery Tour Display Font

Cool Circus FontsJust like the original Big Tops, make your designs pop with this cool circus font. The most exciting part? You can change the colors with a touch of a button!

Download Mystery Tour Typeface


Retro Lightbulb Font

Cool Circus Fonts

This easy-to-use retro typeface comes with 18 backgrounds, 5 high-quality presets, and additional symbols for a true ringmaster like you. Zoom in to see how detailed it really is!

Download Retro Lightbulb Typeface


Crazy Circus Typeface

Cool Circus Fonts

Begin the show on the right note with this vintage yet wacky font. Perfect for labels or headers, it’s a typeface you won’t want to miss!

Download Crazy Circus Typeface


Chesterfield Typeface

Cool Circus Fonts

Inspired by carnival, circus, and tattoo signs from the late 1800’s, this also comes with 30 amazing vector shapes for your enjoyment. Go ahead and explore wacky possibilities with this cool new font.

Download Chesterfield Typeface


Historica Typeface

Cool Circus Fonts

Want to emerge yourself in the entertainment world of the 1800’s? Download this cool circus font and discover a whole new world of design inspired by magic, fantasy, and wonder.

Download Historica Typeface


Lakester Font Family

Cool Circus Fonts

Inspired by vintage Old West posters, this one comes in four font systems that can be layered to create different effects. Feel free to mix and match for truly unique designs.

Download Lakester Font Family Typeface


Shelton Slab

Cool Circus Fonts

Imperfections are what make designs stand out. Using this cool circus font with its eroded, printed look, you can effortlessly achieve that appearance in just a few clicks

Download Shelton Slab Typeface


The Witch Typeface

Cool Circus Fonts

In need of a typeface that comes in several styles to save you time and money? This layered font family works perfectly for any project that requires a vintage feel – simply download and design.

Download The Witch Typeface


Drone Ranger Display Font

Cool Circus Fonts

A circus font doesn’t always have to be playful. This typeface features a more geometric, clean look that still provides an impact for your artworks.

Download Drone Ranger Display Typeface


Circus Freak Font

Cool Circus Fonts

Partly inspired by the old American chromatic wood type from the late 1800’s, this cool circus font can be layered to create a color effect reminiscent of vintage letterpress printing.

Download Circus Freak Typeface


The Freaky Circus Font

Cool Circus Fonts

You can’t go into a circus and not have sticky fingers or dirty shoes. Capture these moments in this typeface with its dirty handmade textured effect.

Download The Freaky Circus Typeface



Download these cool circus fonts today!

Ready to weave dreams into your designs? Hurry and download these amazingly cool circus fonts today – and save yourself more time and money on your next big project.

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