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20 Newspaper Fonts Worthy of the Front Page

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Since the dawn of civilization, people have always shared news and stories with one another. At first, these were passed through word of mouth. Then, we learned to transcribe these thoughts to more permanent means, such as through paper, stone, and metal.

One of the precursors of newspapers was the Chinese imperial ‘bulletins’. Later on, the Romans began publishing a sort of gazette, containing political news, trials, and military campaigns. But the actual newspaper that we know of today didn’t kick off until the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg.

Whether you’re into the traditional paper form or you prefer digital media, you can’t go wrong with these newspaper fonts. Start telling your stories using one – or more – of these cool typography sets.


Newspaper Fonts

1. Isidora Sans

Newspaper Fonts

Clean and highly versatile, this contemporary typeface from Latinotype has 28 fonts total: that’s two sub-families in 7 weights with italics. Use it on anything – from headlines, book covers, to social media branding, as well as website or app design.

Download Isidora Sans


2. Schuss News Pro No.22

Newspaper Fonts

Legible no matter where you put it, this font from Jochen Schuss is ideal for real printing, hence its name. So don’t be afraid to use it on magazines, newspapers, headlines, banners, and posters.

Download Schuss News Pro No.22


3. TT Jenevers

Newspaper Fonts

This contemporary serif by TypeType is all that you need to mix up your works without deviating from the usual. With a bit of Dutch influence thanks to asymmetrical shapes and irregular slants, you’re getting 12 fonts and more than 740 characters to truly make something wonderful.

Download TT Jenevers


4. TT Wellingtons

Newspaper Fonts

A combination of early 20th century sans and the styles of modern geometric grotesques, this gem consists of 18 fonts, as well as useful ligatures, stylistic alternates, and options for digits to help you craft the best outcome for any and all projects.

Download TT Wellingtons


5. Solitas Serif

Newspaper Fonts

Jeremy Dooley proudly presents this soft serif that’s guaranteed to look amazing in both print and digital works. With a total of 42 fonts from thin to bold, you can effortlessly charm your audiences thanks to its legible style and graceful, rounded corners.

Download Solitas Serif


6. Sondra Serif

Newspaper Fonts

This font family from Creativetacos comes with 6 styles that include Light, Outline, and Extra Bold, to help you create a classy impression. Use in all caps for a strong impact, or alternate upper and lowercase letters for gorgeous logos, titles, posters, invitations, and more.

Download Sondra Serif


7. Manier

Newspaper Fonts

Inspired by transitional and modern fonts, this wedge-serif font family in 6 weights by Piotr Łapa has sharp strokes that would go great with headlines, posters, book covers, or homepage design.

Download Manier


8. Marques

Newspaper Fonts

Designed by Craft Supply Co., this classy serif font family is bold enough to grab attention, yet chic enough to be used in branding, business, or fashion themes. It’s ideal on logos, posters, headlines, packaging, cards, invitations, as well as blog headers, and social media quotes.

Download Marques


9. Gaze Pro

Newspaper Fonts

Looking for the right typeface that will impress? Then welcome this multilingual font from Anthony James. With Stencil and Web Font versions, as well as 4 choices of ampersand, there are almost limitless combinations of swashes to instantly add flair to your invitations, labels, headlines, and more.

Download Gaze Pro


10. Catalogue

Newspaper Fonts

Josh O. presents this gorgeous display typeface that’s both minimalist and vintage. Trust it to look stunning whether on magazine covers, posters, or even as body copy.

Download Catalogue


11. Blacker

Newspaper Fonts

Evoke a little bit of that 70s charm in this wedge serif type family by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Andrea Tartarelli. Featuring two sub-families: display and text variants, the set includes 24 fonts to use on your website, posters, book covers, as well as advertising projects.

Download Blacker


12. HK Gothic

Newspaper Fonts

Inspired by early American gothic typefaces, this gem from Hanken Design Co. is all about readability and simplicity. With 12 styles to choose from, you can feel confident using it on headlines or body copy.

Download HK Gothic


13. Alfabetica

Newspaper Fonts

If you’re looking for something simple yet versatile, then this humanist sans serif from Eurotypo should be perfect for you. Featuring 16 fonts with italics, its soft strokes and slightly condensed style will add quiet elegance to any works.

Download Alfabetica


14. Singel

Newspaper Fonts

Understated but always in demand, this charming neoclassical serif from Fontfabric will make a great addition to every designer’s toolkit. With a total of 10 styles plus support for over 130 languages, it’s both functional and beautiful.

Download Singel


15. Sergio PW

Newspaper Fonts

Need something bold and unique? Then grab this black serif from Publiworks. Use it on headlines, banners, or even short body copy.

Download Sergio PW


16. TT Bells

Newspaper Fonts

An old-style font created for the digital age, this modern antiqua includes 5 weights and 5 true italics for a total of 10 typefaces that you’re sure to get plenty of use for.

Download TT Bells


17. Marianina Cn FY Bold

Newspaper Fonts

Co-created by Alisa Nowak and Jérémie Hornus, this typeface by BlackFoundry was inspired by 20th century fonts and is ideal for use in print media.

Download Marianina Cn FY Bold


18. Good News Sans

Newspaper Fonts

Whether you’re working on a vintage poster or you’re about to self-publish your first magazine, this font family from Very Cool Studio will support your every endeavor. With 18 fonts ranging from sans light to semibold, you’ll be glad to have this in your arsenal.

Download Good News Sans


19. The Telegraph

Newspaper Fonts

Inspired by the classic headers of British newspapers, Vintage Voyage D.S. brings to you this versatile font family that’s available in 3 weights. Along with standard and discretionary ligatures, this typeface is here to help you go big.

Download The Telegraph


20. Addington CFNewspaper Fonts

Whatever you’re working on, you’ll want a good and beautiful typeface you can depend on. Here’s where this serif by Connary Fagen comes in. Ever reliable, it comes in 7 weights with matching italics, for a total of 14 practical typefaces.

Download Addington CF

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