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Explore amazing typefaces created by independent creatives from around the world.

FREE Filosofia Font To Use In Your Ebooks and Website Copy

One of the challenges typographers face is retaining legibility, especially when characters are set in smaller sizes. If this is your problem, maybe you should start using the Filosofia font. Here’s why. Quick Background This modern serif was created by…

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FREE ITC Avant Garde Gothic Font for All Your Experimental Designs

In 1970, Herb Lubalin and Tom Carnasse designed this typeface with inspiration drawn from the 1920s German Bauhaus Movement. The typeface was originally meant to be used as the Avant Garde magazine logo, but the magazine’s director liked the design…

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Why Choose The Didot Font For Your Fashion Or Branding Projects

Serifs are typically used for works that require traditional, sensible, or sophisticated touches. So it’s no wonder that the likes of Zara, Vogue, and Baron & Baron use Didot for their logo. But what makes this font a favorite in…

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30 of the Best Free Google Fonts for Your Website or Small Business

It can be very difficult to imagine that we used to live without Google. Today, it’s definitely more than a search engine. We use its services to help us send messages, attend online meetings and classes, find books and affordable…

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