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31 Essential T-Shirt Fonts To Help You Create The Best Custom Apparel

Everyone has a favorite t-shirt. Whether it’s your college tee or that semi-tattered crop top you’re now using as a nightshirt, the love for the t-shirt is universal. And why wouldn’t it be? T-shirts are versatile, comfy, and highly customizable.

But have you ever wondered how it became the world’s preferred piece of clothing?

History of the Humble Shirt

The ‘t-shirt’ that we know of today has a long history. But even during its origins in the Middle Ages, it began as an undergarment. Made from linen, cotton, or wool, these T-shaped garments served as a barrier between the skin and ‘proper’ clothes such as vests or tunics.

As years passed, working men wore them underneath working attire, like jumpsuits or uniforms. In the late 19th century for instance, British sailors would wear white flannel shirts under their woollen uniforms, unless they were working on deck (because it was quite hot).

As manufacturing boomed, linen and wool were replaced by cotton as it was lighter and can be worn for sports or lounging around on the weekends. But t-shirts were still worn as an undergarment. It would take Hollywood’s biggest stars – Montgomery Clift, James Dean, and Marlon Brando – to shift the gears and turn t-shirts into an everyday staple.

T-Shirt Styles to Own

The humble shirt has evolved to include dozens of styles that suit men and women. From printed designs to boatnecks, there’s plenty to go around in every size, shape, and color. But even if you’re not a fan, you should consider owning one or two styles that go well with almost anything in your closet.

No one should be without the no. 1 staple: the plain t-shirt. Think of it as a blank canvas from where you can coordinate the rest of your outfit.

Suitable for both men and women, you can wear it all-year round. Use it on its own during summer, and layer it with your favorite sweaters come spring or autumn. Wear as an undergarment during winter.

Another article you wouldn’t regret buying more of is the long-sleeved shirt. Great on its own or worn along with other pieces (e.g. vests, sweaters, corsets, jumpers, etc.), it can go from party trendy to office ready in no time. There are different styles for women, too, such as the scoop neck and turtleneck.

Last but not least, don’t forget to grab a printed t-shirt for yourself. Perhaps the most effortless way to make a statement, it’s also the easiest form of self-expression. Not to mention, a great conversation-starter. After all, you can quickly move past small talk if another person was wearing a Pearl Jam band shirt.

Best T-Shirt Fonts

Shirts are comfortable, cool, and an all-around garment you can wear no matter what your age. So whether you’re designing your own custom shirt or you want to launch a fashion brand, these t-shirt fonts are not only tasteful, but come highly recommended.

1. Mazion


Mazion is a cool experimental typeface that’s all about being bold and heavy. Its geometric shape makes it super eye-catching, which is perfect for things like headlines, logos, and ads. And the thick lines give it this unique, confident vibe that just demands attention and leaves a real impression.

Download Mazion

2. Dozer


Rugged and powerful, Dozer is made for anyone who wants to make a bold statement. Its blocky letters and strong lines give it a strong, masculine feel that just commands attention and exudes confidence. Whether you’re working on a poster, logo, or branding materials, Dozer is the perfect choice for projects that require a bold and assertive style.

Download Dozer

3. Trenton

Trenton is a stencil serif typeface. This display font is beautiful and legible in small or large sizes. You can use it for logos, editorials, fashion, sports, blogs, advertising, invitations, posters, quotes, book covers, stationery, and more. If your goal is to create a unique and versatile stencil based design, then Trenton is for you.

Download Trenton

4. Twinton

Twinton is a special font for modern designs. Its clean and minimal character is ideal for branding, headlines, fashion, thumbnails, social media, posters, covers, and pretty much anything you can think of. Twinton is designed for optimal legibility. Make a statement today with Twinton.

Download Twinton

5. Arsilon

Arsilon min

A hand-lettered brush script that looks as exquisite as it is versatile. Created by Dhan Studio, it includes alternatives and ligatures to give your works more texture and depth.

Download Arsilon

6. Nightwish

Nightwish is a sharp script typeface. The font is a bit slanted as if it’s handwritten. Its gothic/Old English aesthetic is ideal for apparel, greeting cards, product packaging, book covers, album covers, logos, social media, posters, and more. If your design requires an aggressive vibe, then Nightwish should definitely be on your radar.

Download Nightwish

7. Wildcat

Wildcat is an athletic typeface perfect for basketball, football, softball, baseball, soccer, and hockey related projects. You can use it to create powerful logotypes, posters, apparel, magazines, stationary, headlines, labels, badges, and much more. Give your designs a bold look today with Wildcat!

Download Wildcat

8. Upside Down

Upside Down

Check out Upside Down – a bold and dramatic typeface that will make heads turn and spark curiosity! With its sharp angles and curves, it’s versatile enough to take your designs to a whole new world where anything is possible.

It’s perfect for flyers, posters, logos, social media graphics, and headlines. This adventurous font comes in both regular and outline styles, so you can mix and match as you please. Combine them for a touch of mystery and excitement that’ll leave your audience spellbound!

Download Upside Down

9. Point Blank

Point Blank

Have you heard of Point Blank? It’s a rad retro font that will transport you back to the groovy and funky styles of the ’60s and ’70s. The big, bold, and chubby letterforms are perfect for making a statement in your designs. Whether it’s for a poster, logo, or product label, Point Blank will add a touch of that cool retro vibe you’ve been looking for.

Download Point Blank

10. Helix

Helix is a single line display typeface. Its eye catching design is bound to grab attention and turn heads. You can use Helix for editorials, posters, headlines, social media, packaging, and more. The font is fully kerned and is ready to be used out the box. If you’re looking for an uncommon geometric typeface then Helix is for you!

Download Helix

11. Fabian

Fabian is an edgy punk display typeface. It’s distinctive look is perfect for posters, album covers, apparel, logos, headlines, and more. It was inspired by the 1990s punk rock movement. This modern font includes upper & lowercase letters as well as punctuations and numerals. To get a feel for it, test it our below.

Download Fabian

12. Barthon Typeface Combo

Barthon min

Looking for something tried-and-tested? Look no further than this old-school offering from Martype Co. With 3 styles (Regular, Edge, Stamp) to choose from, you’ll have fun playing and experimenting all day!

Download Barthon Typeface Combo

13. Castleton

Castleton is a Halloween inspired typeface. This unique font is perfect for horror designs as well as fantasy based projects. You can use it for just about anything like posters, branding, apparel, stationary, stickers, packaging, movies, album covers, and more. Create eye-catching designs today with Castleton!

Download Castleton 

14. Watch

Watch min

With influences from markers and graffiti styles, this font by Aarley Kaiven is suitable for modern, street, punk, fashion, or sports themes.

Download Watch

15. Blockers

Blockers min

This 5-font family has a unique texture that will look great on logos, posters, album covers, brochures, cards, and labels. Try pairing with scripts for an interesting effect!

Download Blockers

16. Salaka


Sweet, bubbly, and has plenty of personality, this handwritten brush font by Ukraine Studio will give your projects the energy they’ve been missing.

Download Salaka

17. Onthel

Onthel min

Inspired by Onthel Bicycles (Dutch design bicycle), this bold-script from 38-lineart contains swashes, ligatures, and alternates to give your works more character and charm. There are also 6 editable logo templates just for you.

Download Onthel

18. Nabila


Playful, modern, and multi-purpose, this brush lettering includes 350 glyphs and 155 alternative characters so you can have fun mixing and matching. Crafted by Artimasa Studio.

Download Nabila

19. The Brown

The Brown

Clean and somewhat reminiscent of your old college, this retro display typeface by Adil Budianto has stylistic sets and ligatures for a modern, approachable feel.

Download The Brown

20. RailBrush

RailBrush min

Need a quick font form logos, posters, or headlines? Then this handwritten script from Typia Nesia Std comes at the best possible time.

Download RailBrush

21. Stanley Font Duo


Featuring a script and a sans, you will love this font on anything – from beer bottle labels, travel postcards, web pages, to fashion headers.

Download Stanley Font Duo

22. Pine Forest

Pine Forest min

If you love the outdoors, then you will love this nature-inspired sans serif by Dikas Studio. With 2 styles (Rough and Press) to pick from, all you need is a clear, night sky.

Download Pine Forest

23. Chillvornia Condensed Font


Laidback with a retro vibe, you can’t go wrong with this old-school original that will help you make waves outside your four walls.

Download Chillvornia Condensed Font

24. Author Type

Author Type min

Want to make stunning hand-lettering but got no time to spare? Then opt for this cool hand-painted typeface by Maghrib.

Download Author Type

25. Stay High Logotype

Stay High min

A combination of street art and wild, hand-painting, this display font from Dirty Line Studio has a natural, flowy design that will look flawless on t-shirts, logos, posters, brochures, newsletters, and badges.

Download Stay High Logotype

26. Batoon

Batoon Cover

Are you in search of an unparalleled, artisanal, razor-sharp sans-serif? Then you will love Batoon. Featuring the unrefined splendor of the Rocky Mountains, its uneven edges and prominent strokes are akin to the rugged peaks and gravelly trails of the range itself. This makes it ideal for camping, outdoor, or adventure-themed projects.

With this font, your designs will be as bold and unforgettable as the grandeur of nature. Each letter is meticulously crafted, endowing your designs with an authentic, hand-hewn vibe. Treat every character as a guidepost on a path, escorting you through awe-inspiring panoramas and uncharted wilds. Set your inner adventurer free and motivate your audiences with Batoon!

Download Batoon

27. Northead

Northead min 1

Inspired by beer labels and vintage signage, this all-caps typeface from Blankids will suit branding, editorial, and apparel projects that require retro vibes.

Download Northead

28. Blendstripe


This cute, hand-drawn inline font by Alexa Crib has warm, rounded corners that will go perfectly with any and all kiddie designs such as shirts, book covers, posters, cards, and website headers.

Download Blendstripe

29. The Dodger

The Dodger

Featuring 5 carefully handcrafted sans serifs to make your work easier, this product also contains extras you’ll be happy to own.

Download The Dodger

30. Bonerica Typeface

Bonerica min

Made by hand, this decorative serif by Jiw Studio is recommended for logos, posters, tattoo and t-shirt designs, and everything in between.

Download Bonerica Typeface

31. Mutiara Vintage

Mutiara min

Lostvoltype proudly presents this vintage font that looks awesome backwards or forwards. And with 4 fonts, 54 alternate characters, plus multilingual support, it would make an amazing addition to any toolkit.

Download Mutiara Vintage

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