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25 Lovable and Playful Fonts That Will Make You Smile

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Just like pictures, typography can evoke certain feelings or call to mind images. Narrow condensed fonts for instance, can remind you of serious notes. Meanwhile, chubby, irregular characters can convey playfulness, warmth, or the essence of childhood. It all depends on how the designer or artist combines the rest of the elements.

If you’re working on children’s books or kiddie projects, then these playful fonts will fit those concepts beautifully.

25 Playful Fonts

1. One Nine Nine Four

Playful Fonts for Children

Inspired by posters and covers of west coast punk-rock stage bands as well as early skateboard graphics, Vintage Voyage D.S. brings to you this cool typeface that comes in 3 distinct styles – Normal, Halftone, and Outline.

Download One Nine Nine Four

2. Knicknack

Playful Fonts for Children

Tumbling down to meet you is this delightfully round sans serif from Great Scott. This typeface comes with variable font support so you can control its weight. It also has a fuzzy style so you can make loveable cozy creations with ease!

Download Knicknack

3. BIMBO Hand Lettering Collection

Playful Fonts for Children

Give your projects that handcrafted feel in an instant with help from this massive typographic pack from Vintage Voyage D.S.. With 25 fonts, 248 hand-drawn graphics, and 124 catchwords, you won’t want to miss this collection.

Download BIMBO Hand Lettering Collection

4. Yeti

Playful Fonts for Children

Add a Scandinavian flair to your works using this gem from JuliyArt. Featuring 2 styles – Regular and Bold – along with FREE Scandinavian elements, seamless patterns, and posters, this is everything you need for a truly fun Nordic concept.

Download Yeti

5. Sweet & Silly Font

Playful Fonts for Children

This cute and adorable font is brought to you by Denise Chandler. The pack includes a bonus typeface that’s narrower and taller, making it the perfect pair to this bubbly gem for all your posters, cards, logos, prints, and more.

Download Sweet & Silly Font

6. Les Paul

Playful Fonts for Children

This font family from Vintage Voyage D.S. has 7 styles that can be layered on top of one another. Don’t forget to complement your works with their free retro extras to make your designs out of this world!

Download Les Paul

7. Totally Tubular Font

Playful Fonts for Children

Be totally unique when you use this hand-drawn retro font from Denise Chandler. With its cut-out style and Outline version, you can mix it up to produce seriously cool posters, ads, labels, cards, prints, and logos!

Download Totally Tubular Font

8. Lolapeluza Family

Playful Fonts for Children

Rodrigo Typo proudly presents this fun, kid-friendly typeface that’s available in 4 styles – Regular, Black, Line, and Shadow. Use each as a standalone font, or combine two for a truly special outcome.

Download Lolapeluza Family

9. Bedtime Stories Font

Playful Fonts for Children

Make every project magical when you use this storytelling font from LovePowerDesigns. A casual script typeface but with an accompanying clean sans for its uppercase characters, it’s perfect for book covers, posters, frames, prints, and branding.

Download Bedtime Stories Font

10. Monstahh Layered Typeface

Playful Fonts for Children

Inspired by cute monsters from Sesame Street, this playful font from Drizy will look amazing on kiddie projects such as birthday invitations, book covers, colorful posters, flyers, as well as labels.

Download Monstahh Layered Typeface

11. Jonesy

Playful Fonts for Children

Retro yet very modern, this script from Ksenia Belobrova is available in two styles – Script and Capitals – to help you go from funny to future in minutes.

Download Jonesy

12. Endless Sorrow

Playful Fonts for Children

This all-caps versatile display font by artimasa includes bonus catchwords to help you create hauntingly beautiful works like posters, invitations, cards, posters, book covers, labels, and more!

Download Endless Sorrow

13. Sketchy Story Font

Playful Fonts for Children

Things are more fun when it’s handmade. That’s why Denise Chandler brings to you this narrow, hand-drawn typeface that’s available in two styles – Outline and Filled – to use separately, or on top of one another.

Download Sketchy Story Font

14. Bjola Sans Serif

Playful Fonts for Children

These chubby characters are sure to bring a smile to your face! Brought to you by Andrey Sharonov, this font is bold but friendly, simple yet highly versatile.

Download Bjola Sans Serif

15. Garlic Butter

Playful Fonts for Children

This mixed-case font from Missy Meyer is a tasty alternative to make your projects tastier than ever. Use along with its accompanying Doodads file for plenty of swirls, swashes, icons, arrowheads, catchwords, and other decorative items.

Download Garlic Butter

16. Beebzz

Playful Fonts for Children

Instantly add variety to whatever it is you’re working on with this geometric font family by popskraft. Ready for the Web, it comes with 12 styles from Light to Ultra Bold, to bring light-hearted fun to your projects.

Download Beebzz

17. Jumbuck Sans

Playful Fonts for Children

This sans/script font by Missy Meyer comes with smooth curves and clean lines to ensure smooth-sailing creativity for you. With over 200 accented characters for language support, it definitely has your back.

Download Jumbuck Sans

18. Sugar Hut

Playful Fonts for Children

Got a sweet tooth? Then get a load of this typeface from clipick. Sweet, simple, yet adorable, it’s best used on posters, headlines, cards, invitations, and prints.

Download Sugar Hut


Playful Fonts for Children

Olexstudio brings to you this display font that’s playful and beautiful. Ideal for kid-friendly artworks like posters, labels, invitations, frames, or cards, it’s guaranteed to be a hit wherever you use it on!


20. Herald Bouncy

Playful Fonts for Children

This geometric serif with a bouncy baseline from Flavortype is all you need to create a fun, lively vibe for any and all projects. And with a bonus vector pack, you can go from spooky to serious in minutes.

Download Herald Bouncy

21. Milkman Family

Playful Fonts for Children

Just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean it has to be limiting. A great example would be this jolly typeface from Haäfe & Haph. Available in 3 weights – Light, Regular, and Bold – with a web font, it’s a matter of imagination.

Download Milkman Family

22. Highflier Font

Playful Fonts for Children

Add depth and playfulness to your works in this cheerful font from Denise Chandler. With 4 styles – Slice, Scribble, Shadow, and Block – that you can layer on top of the Regular font, you can make endless possible combinations bursting with life!

Download Highflier Font

23. Neato Serif Font Family

Playful Fonts for Children

Adam Ladd presents to you this sophisticated and adaptable typeface, perfect for professional projects or kid-approved personal use.

Download Neato Serif Font Family

24. Jackerton Font

Playful Fonts for Children

Like an ever-changing puzzle, this typeface by noggindoodle was inspired by actual doodles. Discover what you can create by simply changing font sizes in Adobe Creative Suite.

Download Jackerton Font

25. Childish Reverie Font

Playful Fonts for Children

Explore your creative side in this fun offering from Denise Chandler. Mix lower and uppercase letters together, or throw in the bonus doodles and see where your mind takes you.

Download Childish Reverie Font

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