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30 Gorgeous Wedding Fonts To Add Elegance To Your Invites

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Weddings are one of the most beautiful, yet also most stressful days for two people in love. From picking a venue, the menu, guest list, to color schemes, it can be one headache after another. The tiniest of details can’t be ignored. That’s why even something as simple as typography should be considered to create a magical day for the bride and groom.

Believe it or not, wedding fonts can set the tone and mood of the occasion. For instance, thin elegant scripts typically signal a more solemn, sophisticated concept. Whereas decorative, whimsy typefaces evoke fun, playful vibes.

Have a Big Day coming up? Let this collection of gorgeous wedding fonts inspire you:

1. Salma Alianda Elegant Font Script

Wedding Fonts

This modern font script from FadeLine is all about simplicity and sophistication thanks to its thin, italic style. The set includes all upper and lowercase letters, along with web fonts for your convenience.

Download Salma Alianda Elegant Font Script

2. NicoleWhite Signature Collection

Wedding Fonts

Created with natural writing techniques, this offering from AQR Studio has 8 different font types with extras (swash and flower ornaments) for all the beautiful projects you’d be making.

Download NicoleWhite Signature Collection

3. Stipa Willington

Wedding Fonts

Complete your collection when you purchase this classic gem from Alcode. This premium calligraphy font has lovely curves and lots of ligatures that make it finely suited for modern works as well.

Download Stipa Willington

4. Antiga Typeface

Wedding Fonts

What happens when you combine Roman heritage with Art Nouveau? You get this old style typeface from faelpt with 353 glyphs and plenty of room for creativity.

Download Antiga Typeface

5. Wallows Typeface

Wedding Fonts

Relive the glory and romance of handwritten love notes in this hand-lettered script designed by banks. The pack also includes web fonts and extra ornaments to help you make beautiful works of art in minutes.

Download Wallows Typeface

6. Thirsk Carved

Wedding Fonts

This decorative, vintage looking serif packed with alternates by The Traveling Fox is versatile enough to be used on anything: from wedding invitations to branding projects – all while leaving a lasting impression.

Download Thirsk Carved

7. Margarita Font

Wedding Fonts

Imagine a stunning, seamless script featuring 4 to 20 alternates for each letter, creating absolute flexibility and freedom for expression. That is the brush font by Ivan Rosenberg.

Download Margarita Font

8. Tivoli

Wedding Fonts

Add just the right touch of elegance when you use this serif typeface by Blossom. With its gentle leaf accents, it’s well-suited for wedding invitations, logos, digital and print ads, social media quotes, packaging designs, and greeting cards.

Download Tivoli

9. Coldiac Luxury Serif Font

Wedding Fonts

Looking for a minimalist font that looks chic yet professional? Then feast your eyes on this offering from Craft Supply Co.. This modern serif font family comes in Regular and Italic, with plenty of room for luxury.

Download Coldiac Luxury Serif Font

10. Harper Script

Wedding Fonts

Hustle Supply Co. is proud to present this stunning modern script typeface available in 5 weights: Regular, Rounded, Outlined, Rounded Outlined, and Letterpress Texture. With so many possibilities, it feels like you’re getting 5 fonts in one pack!

Download Harper Script

11. Lile Dahliya

Wedding Fonts

There’s nothing that feels more romantic than a calligraphy-inspired classic font by Alcode that will look stunning on just about anything – from personalized invitations, to product labels that need that special touch.

Download Lile Dahliya

12. Anitha

Wedding Fonts

Love the look of a traditional fountain pen on crisp paper? Re-create a similar appeal when you use this typeface by jorse. With thick lines and graceful curves, the pack also includes 496 glyphs, discretionary ligatures, as well as swash alternates.

Download Anitha

13. Leyton Typeface

Wedding Fonts

When you can’t say it with words, say it instead with a stunning sans serif. This one by Ellen Luff is a great example of understated elegance that still carries a contemporary twist. It comes in two styles (Regular and Bold) that’s modest but highly stylish.

Download Leyton Typeface

14. Lucida Modern Serif Font

Wedding Fonts

Black Dahlia Press is proud to present this modern serif that’s perfect for any personal or commercial projects. Clean, chic, and simple, it’s great for both vintage and current themes.

Download Lucida Modern Serif Font

15. Cammron Serif Font Family

Wedding Fonts

Even the most subtle of details can make an impact. Just check out this dashing example from Creativetacos. This serif font family comes in 4 weights (Regular, Light, Round, and Bold) that’s elegant yet effortless.

Download Cammron Serif Font Family

16. Lovelyn Font

Wedding Fonts

No matter what you’re working on, you want something that’s just as hardworking as you are. Enter this classy typeface by Craft Supply Co.. With upper and lowercase, stylistic alternates, and standard ligatures, it’s always good to have in every designer’s toolkit.

Download Lovelyn Font

17. Lucy Rose

Wedding Fonts

Make something extraordinary today with a little help from this all-caps typeface by Ellen Luff. Featuring a strong, unique lettering style plus 108 stylistic alternatives, it’s time to let those creative juices flow!

Download Lucy Rose

18. Versailles Classic Sans

Wedding Fonts

For something totally timeless, look no further than to this classic sans serif brought to you by Jen Wagner Co.. Its beautiful smooth, minimal lines are guaranteed never to go out of style.

Download Versailles Classic Sans

19. Witter

Wedding Fonts

Turn every project into something special when you use this lovely modern calligraphy typeface by Dant. With thin lines and sharp angles, it has a handwritten appeal that feels personal and warm.

Download Witter

20. Adelaide

Wedding Fonts

Whether you’re crafting your wedding invitation, or you want to write ‘thank-you’ notes, this gem from Blossom is the perfect typeface with its simplicity and versatility.

Download Adelaide

21. MIROSA Font

Wedding Fonts

Don’t settle for anything less – especially when you have this gorgeous modern serif typeface with over 400 stylistic alternates plus 26 swashes! Made available by Tobias Saul, this is one deal you won’t want to pass up.

Download MIROSA Font

22. Apothecary Display Font

Wedding Fonts

Perhaps there’s nothing more heart-warming than the sight of flowers. Create The Cut has successfully captured this exceptional essence in this modern botanical display font that includes extra hand-drawn vectors and clip art, just for good measure.

Download Apothecary Display Font

23. Candlescript Pro

Wedding Fonts

Vast is proud to present this delightful script featuring precise details and smooth flow of characters. But that’s not all – purchase it today and receive more than 2850 glyphs along with thousands of swashes to play around with!

Download Candlescript Pro

24. Wensley Modern Serif Font Family

Wedding Fonts

Opt for unpretentious when looking for the best font to grace your works. Choose this one from Creativetacos – a modern high-class serif that’s clear, clean, yet elegant.

Download Wensley Modern Serif Font Family

25. Aston Script

Wedding Fonts

Beautifully luxurious and readable – even when used as body text – this calligraphy script font from TRF will satisfy even the most discerning, keen eyes.

Download Aston Script

26. Brilon Font

Wedding Fonts

Inspired by the Art Deco era, Tobias Saul presents this beautiful gem of chic serifs that are real game-changers. The pack also includes 8 botanical photos that go great with the typography.

Download Brilon Font

27. Fiona Elegant Typeface

Wedding Fonts

Elegant and timeless, this gorgeous sans-serif typeface from Josh O. is all about understated details that go beyond decorations. It might look simple, but it manages to retain its vintage flair no matter where it’s used.

Download Fiona Elegant Typeface

28. Manhattan High Class Serif

Wedding Fonts

Evoke an urban, classy feel with this all-caps serif by Jen Wagner Co. Featuring minimalist details with a bold stance, pair it with understated colors for a truly formal vibe.

Download Manhattan High Class Serif

29. Aurora Script

Wedding Fonts

This typeface by Andrey Sharonov was inspired by traditional calligraphy. Playful yet graceful, the pack includes decorative frames, as well as Clean and Aged versions for the characters.

Download Aurora Script

30. The Mozart Script

Wedding Fonts

Nothing like real handwriting to make invitations, letters, and little notes stand out. But if you don’t like your penmanship, you can always use another – preferably, this one from Blessed Print. Inspired by early American handwriting, it has 8 styles perfect for wedding invitations, posters, logos, postcards, and more!

Download The Mozart Script

Loved more than one? Don’t fret – you can always pick two! That’s the beauty of these wedding fonts; you know that they look even better together.

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