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29 Smooth Rounded Fonts for Beautifully Functional Designs

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Just because you’re into minimalist designs doesn’t mean you can’t make it fun, friendly, or even surprising. The use of the right typeface can help you create amazing works that are both refreshing yet tasteful.

Rounded fonts for instance, can turn bland or ordinary projects into something unexpected. Use them as they are, or pair them with another contrasting font for a totally different outcome. They’re perfect because they can be minimalist, but at the same time, look fun and interesting.

Looking for smooth, rounded fonts to add in your toolkit? You’ve come to the right place.

29 Smooth Rounded Fonts

1. Kontora Font Family

Smooth Rounded Fonts

This geometric sans serif from Petr Bushuev is all about modern proportions with a subtle hint of retro. Available in 3 different weights, this multilingual font family also includes stylistic alternates so you can work with more for less.

Download Kontora Font Family

2. Cocogoose Pro

Smooth Rounded Fonts

Upgrade your arsenal with this contemporary typeface by Zetafonts. It comes in 5 weights and 4 display variants, including letterpress, inline, and outlined, totalling 17 beautiful styles to mix and match based on your current needs.

Download Cocogoose Pro

3. Corn Style Family

Smooth Rounded Fonts

Widen your horizons when you purchase this style family by phitradesign fonts. With 7 weights, its smooth, wide appearance will help enhance headlines, logos, labels, posters, and more!

Download Corn Style Family

4. Equinox Typeface

Smooth Rounded Fonts

Tugcu Design Co. presents this minimal typeface that can be used in either sci-fi or regular, modern works. Designed to be gorgeous yet highly versatile, it’s a handy font to have for future endeavors.

Download Equinox Typeface

5. Acherus Grotesque

Smooth Rounded Fonts

This rounded sans serif by Horizon Type comes in 16 styles that look amazing on body copy, logos, posters, headlines, books and magazine covers, brochures, as well as branding projects. Use one, two, or even three fonts, to create something exciting!

Download Acherus Grotesque

6. Modulus

Smooth Rounded Fonts

Keep it smooth with a little help from this modern typeface by Arkitype. The pack includes upper and lowercase letters with clean, rounded edges to instantly give designs that minimalist feel.

Download Modulus

7. Visby Round CF

Smooth Rounded Fonts

Connary Fagen presents this friendly sans serif that’s as charismatic as it is adaptable. This soft geometric font comes in 16 styles with sweet alternates that are perfect for either retro or contemporary works.

Download Visby Round CF

8. Void

Smooth Rounded Fonts

Complete your social media images, brochures, magazine covers, and homepages with the right font. This gem from vuuuds is all about simplicity with just a hint of whimsy.

Download Void

9. Grota Sans Rounded

Smooth Rounded Fonts

Designed by Eli Hernández and Daniel Hernández, this font family comes in a whopping 40 fonts for your convenience. With 10 different weights, cursives, and an alt version, you’ll get everything you need in one easy pack.

Download Grota Sans Rounded

10. Oregon Font

Smooth Rounded Fonts

Keep it simple using this vintage sans by Mark van Leeuwen. It’s ideal for prints, logos, labels, headers, and short body copy that need that awesome vintage touch.

Download Oregon Font

11. Polly

Smooth Rounded Fonts

Go from sleek to bold in seconds with this geometric sans from Reghardt. With 4 weights – Bold, Regular, Light, and Thin – it remains legible enough to be used even in its smallest size.

Download Polly

12. BOYA

Smooth Rounded Fonts

Aan Kurniawan presents this gem to give your name cards, headlines, logos, body copy, and quotes a new modern spin. Available in 2 weights and 2 alternatives, it’s great for futuristic or sci-fi themes.

Download BOYA

13. Bouquet Font

Smooth Rounded Fonts

Elegant, retro, yet simply beautiful, this sans serif from Mark van Leeuwen is highly adaptable to fit any theme or project. The rounded edges and overall clean look can give your designs that fun, friendly vibe anytime you need it.

Download Bouquet Font

14. Fox and Bower

Smooth Rounded Fonts

This handcrafted typeface by The Routine Creative is all about collaboration. Use it on its own, or create something unique by pairing this font with stylish scripts. Anything goes!

Download Fox and Bower

15. Sonorous Font

Smooth Rounded Fonts

Add some variety to whatever it is you’re working on with this balanced font by Jordan Wilson. It comes in 3 styles – Rough, Regular, Textured – that should fit any concept, from contemporary to vintage.

Download Sonorous Font

16. Mental Rounded Type Family

Smooth Rounded Fonts

This condensed sans serif family by Horizon Type has an edgy appeal thanks to its angular shape, making it perfect for modern, sci-fi, or urban themes.

Download Mental Rounded Type Family

17. Hansom FY Regular

Smooth Rounded Fonts

Make sure your toolkit includes this handsome sans serif from BlackFoundry. Functional and contemporary, its 3 weights can go from editorial to branding in a snap.

Download Hansom FY Regular

18. Roves Sans

Smooth Rounded Fonts

The perfect travel and adventure font is here! Derived from the word ‘rove’ which means ‘to wander with no specific destination’, this gem from Arkitype includes rough and letterpress versions for that authentic vintage charm.

Download Roves Sans

19. Lucy Rounded

Smooth Rounded Fonts

Be playful in this offering from me55enjah. Presenting this rounded sans serif with geometric shapes, the pack features 4 styles and extended glyphs for ease of use.

Download Lucy Rounded

20. Papua Font

Smooth Rounded Fonts

When you’re tired of the usual sharp, angled lines from regular minimalist typefaces, reach for this gem from Tosca Digital. Its rounded corners are sexy and practical, making it ideal for body copy or headlines.

Download Papua Font

21. Avenue

Smooth Rounded Fonts

Instantly add a light-hearted vibe to any project with this handcrafted sans serif by The Routine Creative. Available in 2 weights, it’s refreshingly fun – and fits well with any script you already have!

Download Avenue

22. Faldano Font

Smooth Rounded Fonts

Made extra wide for your big ideas, Tosca Digital proudly presents this rounded font to take your designs to the heights of your imagination.

Download Faldano Font

23. Mimi Font

Smooth Rounded Fonts

Keep it simple yet modern in this rounded font by Tosca Digital. It comes in 2 styles – Regular and Oblique – to add variety to your headlines, posters, logos, prints, and more.

Download Mimi Font

24. Motowner Rounded

Smooth Rounded Fonts

This sleek but rounded typeface from ByGiftyJane will surprise you. While the uppercase letters are tall and condensed, the lowercase characters include elegant extenders to help you create interesting designs in a cinch!

Download Motowner Rounded

25. REEF

Smooth Rounded Fonts

Cute, versatile, and remains highly legible no matter how or where it’s used, this font by Wild Ones is always a good addition to every designer’s toolkit.

Download REEF

26. Conseil Typeface

Smooth Rounded Fonts

Rounded fonts don’t have to look like a modern version of Comic Sans. This font family by Imagi Type Co. for example, features 4 unique styles – Rough, Shadow, Outline, Script –  to truly show off your creative side!

Download Conseil Typeface

27. Bico

Smooth Rounded Fonts

This condensed, rounded typeface from Tyler Finck will look amazing on any size and for any project. Purchase it today and also get 4 pre-made webfont packs for each of the 4 styles.

Download Bico

28. Quartz Grotesque

Smooth Rounded Fonts

Looking for the perfect rounded font for all your minimalist design concepts? Then grab this offering from Font Forestry. Featuring 7 unique styles, it’s guaranteed to look chic no matter how you use it.

Download Quartz Grotesque

29. Aoki Typeface

Smooth Rounded Fonts

No matter the project, you can rest easy knowing this versatile font by Tugcu Design Co. has got your back. Available in 3 styles – Light, Inline, and Regular – you can quickly go from vintage to sci-fi in minutes.

Download Aoki Typeface

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