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10 Japanese Fonts In Celebration Of East Meets West

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Until it opened up to the West in 1853, Japan was a mysterious land veiled by stories of honorable warriors, powerful mountains, and stunning walking artisans.

Today, the country is still as fascinating as when it first welcomed visitors to its shore. From its food, people, music, to its unique culture, it has captured hearts everywhere.

That’s why adding a bit of Asian touch to any design is a sure win. Whether you’re aiming for something minimalist or you want to go all out, these Japanese fonts won’t disappoint.

10 Japanese Fonts

1. Wabi Sabi Handmade Font

Japanese Fonts

Created with a Japanese brush pen, this hand-drawn font by Sheree Louise Designs was influenced by the concept of Wabi Sabi. Rough and earthy, it’s the best choice if you wish to add a unique Eastern flair to your projects.

Download Wabi Sabi Handmade Font

2. Fujimaru Brush Font

Japanese Fonts

Brisk and bold, this handcrafted typeface from Nurrehmet Studio works effortlessly with any theme. Apply it on Oriental posters, horror movie titles, cartoons or comics, as well as action concepts.

Download Fujimaru Brush Font

3. OKAMI Display Font

Japanese Fonts

Inspired by contemporary Japanese design, this modern uppercase font by Glyph44 comes in two sleek styles (Regular and Outline). The pack also includes stylistic alternates, as well as more than 100 characters and glyphs to help bring your ideas to life.

Download OKAMI Display Font

4. Kollar Sans

Japanese Fonts

Looking for something with a minimalist character? Then opt for this monoline, rounded typeface by seven/eight. Featuring 4 weights with a strong geometric feel, it’s great on personal and commercial projects.

Download Kollar Sans

5. Kawaii RT

Japanese Fonts

Rodrigo Typo presents this homage to Japan’s ‘kawaii’ culture in this font family that consists of cute dingbats, extra words, and delightful styles!  It’s ideal for making adorable posters, greeting cards, logos, and more!

Download Kawaii RT

6. Wasabi Asian Style Font

Japanese Fonts

Be straightforward in this simple yet impactful font by YandiDesigns. Hand-lettered to perfection, its crisp, quick lines are both elegant and professional.

Download Wasabi Asian Style Font

7. Yasashii

Japanese Fonts

Influenced by Japanese designs for cosmetic packaging and posters from the end of the 19th century to the early 20th century, this art deco font from Dharma Type is sleek, simple, and versatile.

Download Yasashii

8. Hashi

Japanese Fonts

Inspired – and named after – chopsticks, this offering from Dismantle Destroy features 4 styles, and also comes with 327 glyphs, 35 automatic ligatures, and 46 alternate characters that make it a great addition to any designer’s toolkit.

Download Hashi

9. Kaiju II Font

Japanese Fonts

Anthony James proudly presents this display font that has great distribution of weight in every letter. This all-caps typeface is guaranteed to remain bold and beautiful – no matter where or how it’s applied.

Download Kaiju II Font

10. Tokyo Typeface

Japanese Fonts

Inspired by traditional Japanese Inkan-Seals, Inspirationfeed brings to you this extra-wide typeface with lots of character. Ideal for use in menus, signage, labels, posters, cards, logos, and headlines, you can also add brushstroke texture to give it a more authentic feel.

Download Tokyo Typeface

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