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10 Awesome Pixel Fonts to Level-Up Any Design

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Pixel art has recently become a trend again thanks to gamers and designers who love its nostalgic appearance.

It first gained popular appeal when games such as Space Invaders and Pac-man were introduced to the market in the late 70s. More characters in pixel form were later developed when 8-bit consoles from Nintendo and Sega entered the arena.

But it doesn’t need to be limited to video games. Things like cross-stitch and mosaic can be quite similar to pixel art (especially from afar). When small units come together to form large scale artwork, this too, can belong to pixel form.

In general, pixels are now viewed as a representation of a more carefree generation. If you can’t get enough of this classic look, take a gander at this compilation of awesome pixel fonts.

10 Pixel Fonts


Pixel Fonts

This cute pixel display font by Choo Studio is just what you need to give those t-shirts, invitations, cards, posters, and scrapbooks the nostalgic vibe they crave. Combine the 2 fonts (Fill and Outline) and play around with colors to achieve that 80s look in minutes.


2. Level Up Font

Pixel Fonts

Looking for the perfect typeface to complete your comics, digital art, or game? Then grab this geometric sans by Oleg Stepanov. With an authentic 8-bit look, there’s nothing better for all those vintage projects.

Download Level Up Font

3. Newsgeek

Pixel Fonts

Go back to basics in this geeky typeface brought to you by Francisco Beltrán. It works well for print designs or as a web font.

Download Newsgeek

4. C64 Display

Pixel Fonts

Remember Breakout, Pac-Man, Pong, or Asteroids? They were all played in the legacy Atari Video Computer System. Copy the same look and feel with this arcade display typeface.

Download C64 Display

5. Game Over

Pixel Fonts

Inspired by low-res bitmap lettering from early generation computer devices, Inspirationfeed invites you grab this all-caps font that’s reminiscent of a young, carefree era.

Download Game Over

6. Bitcraft

Pixel Fonts

Effortlessly re-create the classic fun vibes of the 80s using this display typeface that goes well with retro t-shirt designs, posters, illustrations, logos, and more.

Download Bitcraft

7. CUFEL Font

Pixel Fonts

It’s hip to be a square once again in this geometric sans by Fontsphere. Looking large and in-charge, don’t be afraid to use this futuristic all-caps lettering in headlines and posters, where it will grab the most attention.

Download CUFEL Font

8. Dead Meal

Pixel Fonts

This hand-drawn pixel font from David Slaager has been meticulously crafted, each ‘fake’ pixel consisting of pen slashes. With 195 characters as well as special symbols, it looks like real stitching – but without the needlework required.

Download Dead Meal

9. Jaunt

Pixel Fonts

The game isn’t over yet – not with this spunky offering from Saunter Studios. Flawlessly crafted to look like 8-bit pixels, your fingers will love its usability.

Download Jaunt

10. Chubby Choo

Pixel Fonts

Be your own hero every time you use this cute retro bitmap typeface from Dmitrii Vlasov. It comes in Regular and SemiBold to help you achieve the right arcade vibe.

Download Chubby Choo

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