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Edgy Fonts

30 Powerful Edgy Fonts To Give Your Projects a Dramatic Feel

Whenever you hear the word ‘edgy’, what comes to mind? Maybe grunge music, leather jackets, haute couture, or futuristic settings. But what is it, exactly? To better understand what edgy is, we should first try to recognize what it isn’t.


What Edgy Isn’t

Edgy can in fact, be many things. It’s subjective and can refer to things like fashion, music, pop culture, or even haircuts.

In essence, edgy is rebellious, or challenging societal norms. It should push boundaries – but too much. Another term is ‘cutting edge’.

The term could also be used negatively, especially when referring to individuals who are trying to be cool that they end up appearing ridiculous.

Of course, years down the line, one would look back and say they had been too edgy for their time. Who knows?

One thing’s for sure, edgy isn’t trendy. If it was, then it would be outdated the minute people move on to the next big thing. Fads come and go, after all.

We’ve all seen the rise and fall of bell bottoms, hair beads, Blackberries, and bubble fonts, to name a few. If you want an edgy design, don’t follow trends.

Another thing brands and designers should keep in mind is to avoid too much experimentation.

You may think you want an edgy reputation; but you could end up alienating customers who already love your current style. When it comes to branding, simple is beautiful.


Powerful Edgy Fonts

Being edgy isn’t about being trendy, experimental, or even distressed lettering. It’s all about being yourself.

Ask this: what is your brand? Who is your target market? What do you want to be remembered for? Ask the important questions; and then design the answers.

To help you on that quest, here are several edgy fonts to inspire your next pursuit of cool.


1. Kreativ

Kreativ is fun and quirky typeface that’s perfect for posters, events, headlines, illustrations, printables, t-shirts, you name it. It’s very versatile and fun to use thanks to its beautiful ligatures. Elevate your designs today with Kreativ!

Download Kreativ

2. Techno Cowboy

Introducing Techno Cowboy, a modern techno display font with multilingual support. Techno Cowboy is great for creating eye-catching logos, headlines, ads, posters, web design, print, motion graphics, apparel and much more. If you’re looking for a futuristic font that packs a punch, then Techno Cowboy is for you.

Download Techno Cowboy

3. Fabian

Fabian is an edgy punk display typeface. It’s distinctive look is perfect for posters, album covers, apparel, logos, headlines, and more. It was inspired by the 1990s punk rock movement. This modern font includes upper & lowercase letters as well as punctuations and numerals. To get a feel for it, test it our below.

Download Fabian

4. Boardslide

Boardslide is a rad all caps typeface inspired punk and skateboarding culture. This sharp and energetic typeface is perfect for creating logos, headlines, social media posts, t-shirts, Youtube graphics, event posters, and much more. If you’re looking to create a wild design, then Boardslide is perfect for you!

Download Boardslide

5. Aurora

Aurora 1

Whether you’re going for something surreal or contemporary, you can’t go wrong with this artistic serif. Use it against classic illustrations, fantastic sketches, or dreamy seascapes.

Download Aurora

6. Unmatched


This trendy typeface is as versatile as they come. The letters are also fully kerned so you don’t need to worry about bumbling spacing – just focus on perfecting your design.

Download Unmatched

7. Misfit


Influenced by the 90s punk scene, this decorative display type is both playful yet gnarly. Recommended for branding, apparel, posters, album covers, or magazine covers.

Download Misfit

8. Helix

Helix is a single line display typeface. Its eye catching design is bound to grab attention and turn heads. You can use Helix for editorials, posters, headlines, social media, packaging, and more. The font is fully kerned and is ready to be used out the box. If you’re looking for an uncommon geometric typeface then Helix is for you!

Download Helix

9. Wavelength Typeface


Inspired by the ‘Rick and Morty’ logo, this is one decorative font anyone can get schwifty with. weird, trippy, but fully functional, you can put it on album covers, posters, websites, and even t-shirts.

Download Wavelength Typeface

10. Azerty – Experimental Typeface

Azerty Typeface min

Azerty is an experimental typeface meant to brake all the rules. This font will encourage you to change your perspective and see reality in a new light. It will inspire you to create and push the boundaries of experimental and futuristic designs. Enjoy!

Download Azerty Font

11. Dazed


Created during an overnight train ride, this wavy typeface from Inspirationfeed is the fun factor your projects might be missing. So jazz up those cards, presentations, flyers, and headlines using this unique, shaky lettering.

Download Dazed

12. Discopia


Get ready to go back in time with this retro tech font by Konstantine Studio. Trendy, futuristic, and multilingual, it will look awesome on gaming logos, sci-fi posters, apparel, album covers, and prototype branding.

Download Discopia

13. Legero Font


Funky, fun, and bubbly, this solid and shiny font by Denise Chandler boasts of 4 variants, with bonus doodles and backgrounds. Now go play!

Download Legero Font

14. Costa Del Sol

Costa Del Sol

Clean yet eye-catching, this playful, geometric typeface from New Tropical Design has more than 50 ligatures you can experiment with in Canva or Adobe CC.

Download Costa Del Sol

15. Tan – New York

Tan NY

TanType presents this blackletter-inspired display typeface that’s as lively as the Big Apple. Remains legible even if you combine the upper- and lowercase letters.

Download Tan – New York

16. Gunydrops


Give your projects that sweet 60s or 70s vibes quickly and easily with this groovy font from Dharmas Studio. Works on both PC and Mac.

Download Gunydrops

17. Naguboty Display

Naguboty Display

Bold, twisted, yet contemporary, Damelev gives you this multilingual gem that works well on anything – from badges, logos, posters, to magazines, packaging, invites, and headlines.

Download Naguboty Display

18. SK Sofuto

SK Sofut

Inspired by graffiti culture, Shriftovik Type Foundry presents these bold, bright, and wicked characters. Your works are sure to never go unnoticed with this cool font in your arsenal.

Download SK Sofuto

19. Tan – Aesop

Tan Aesop

This reverse contrast typeface will work handsomely among book illustrations, posh invitations, or on modern greeting cards.

Download Tan – Aesop

20. Geowood


Made using only seven shapes, Woodwood has overcome a design challenge to bring you this geometric wonder. Ideal for headlines, logos, or posters.

Download Geowood

21. VANT Typeface


Bored of the usual? Then let this modern type from Alpha Mike Foxtrot take you out of your rut. Inspired by Abstract-Expressionism, it’s great for web design, editorials, headlines, or even cutting-edge branding.

Download VANT Typeface



Celebrate the artistic vibes of the 90s using this edgy display slab-serif that oozes style and visual presence. All you need now is the confidence to break the rules.

Download RENIN

23. Glassure Typeface version 1.0


Imagine the pull and curl of glass as it is being molded into something new. This is seen in this experimental font by Halfmoon Type.

Download Glassure Typeface version 1.0

24. Akido


Need something edgy to show your tough and solid side? Then this minimal but versatile typeface from Alexandrumolnar is the perfect solution. Use it on architecture, sci-fi, sports, as well as vintage concepts.

Download Akido

25. Monotones Font


Whether you’re going for a retro or hipster vibe, don’t be afraid to take these one-of-a-kind characters by Salt & Pepper Designs out for a spin. Includes commercial licensing and free updates.

Download Monotones Font

26. Avantgardist


This modern sans from Laras Wonderland was inspired by the Art Nouveau era, with its chic curves and thin lines. Still, it exudes a fairly modern vibe which makes it perfect for editorials and high-fashion applications.

Download Avantgardist

27. Milky Berly

Milky Berly

Stand out and be a head turner using this stylish font by Blankids Studio. Pair with any regular sans (bold or otherwise) to balance out its quirkiness.

Download Milky Berly

28. Zighead Display Font


Create movement in your designs with this decorative serif by Headfonts. Each letter boasts of smooth curves, with a unique impression that looks like ink swerves.

Download Zighead Display Font

29. Viva Kaiva

Viva Kaiva

With 6 fonts to choose from, Creativemedialab will awaken your imagination with these psychedelic fonts and its many stylistic alternates. Use it on your illustrations, apparel, card designs, presentations, and branding.

Download Viva Kaiva

30. Monro


A disruptive typeface with 80s and 90s aesthetics, you will fall in love with its clean build and wacky characters. It makes a great addition to any designer’s toolkit!

Download Monro

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