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30 Condensed Fonts To Help You Save Space In Your Designs

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One of the challenges in design is ensuring every inch of your work has been utilized – even if it’s just as white space. While large elements are often the choice for attention-grabbing projects, narrow ones can be just as appealing when used correctly.

In such cases, condensed fonts come in handy. Not only are they visually stunning, they are usually chic, stylish, and require less space. This makes them the obvious option for works like branding, logos, signage, or minimalist concepts.

Curious about condensed fonts? Check out this collection and see how they can change your life.

30 Condensed Fonts

1. Cornhusker Regular

Condensed Fonts

This condensed sans from Section Type was inspired by 1940s Midwestern signage that’s warm and charming in every way. Use this tall, narrow font in your packaging, websites, ads, or any handcrafted project.

Download Cornhusker Regular

2. Bracken

Condensed Fonts

This simple font family by Zone 6 comes in 6 styles that are up-to-date with today’s trends. With thin, slender characters as well as numbers and punctuations, you’ll get all that you need to create clean, hip looks in one pack.

Download Bracken

3. Thorny

Condensed Fonts

Love succulents? Then grab this all-caps typeface by Kitaleigh! Handcrafted with bonus cacti extras, this skinny font will help you make cute web pages and merchandise in half the time.

Download Thorny

4. Augustine

Condensed Fonts

The perfect blend of rounded curves and sharp points, this gem from The Routine Creative works especially well with headlines, business cards, and editorials. It also comes in two weights: Regular and Bold.

Download Augustine

5. Mint Font

Condensed Fonts

The Routine Creative proudly presents this display typeface that’s as refreshing as it is versatile. With lower and uppercase letters, let it bring a fresh perspective to any and all your projects.

Download Mint Font

6. BRANCHE Display Font

Condensed Fonts

Inspired by classic cigarette typography design from the 60s, TypoBureau Studio brings to you this sophisticated font with outline versions, totalling 7 unique styles. It’s great for contemporary, industrial, or even fashion concepts.

Download BRANCHE Display Font

7. Essenziale Font Family

Condensed Fonts

Keep to what’s essential in this ultra condensed type family by Unio. Clean and contemporary, its geometric design is ideal for chic minimalist themes of today.

Download Essenziale Font Family

8. Kapra Font Family

Condensed Fonts

Influenced by a magazine that appeared from May 1960 until December 1973 in Poland, this gem from Blazej Ostoja Lniski is of course, perfect for editorials, billboards, posters, and headlines of any size.

Download Kapra Font Family

9. Flamingo

Condensed Fonts

Like the creature it was named after, this typeface by Fontdation is long, sleek, and graceful. That’s why it’s best used on warm, summer themes and any work that needs a fun but elegant touch.

Download Flamingo

10. Therlalu

Condensed Fonts

This condensed sans serif from PutraCetol Studio comes in two versions – Regular and Rough – that makes it perfect for either urban contemporary projects, or exciting outdoor concepts.

Download Therlalu

11. Bouchers Type Collection

Condensed Fonts

A layered sans unlike any other, this collection by Swistblnk Design Std. includes 7 variants, including a beautiful script. With upper and lowercase letters, as well as numerals and accents, it’s a wonderful addition to every designer’s toolkit.

Download Bouchers Type Collection


Condensed Fonts

This condensed geometric sans serif keeps it simple but effective. Created by Magdalena Boffito, it comes in a total of 6 styles that are functional yet stunning.

Download AQUILONE Font

13. Figurati

Condensed Fonts

Play Dead Studio proudly presents this classic condensed font that’s versatile and highly customizable. Thanks to its slender characters, it remains chic and usable for as long as possible.

Download Figurati

14. Heading Pro Ultra Compressed

Condensed Fonts

Featuring 16 fonts, this super family from Zetafonts is your one-stop solution for all your corporate, editorial, branding, or personal projects. With multi-language support and more than 800 characters, you’ll be glad to have it in your arsenal.

Download Heading Pro Ultra Compressed

15. BOOKEND Supercondensed

Condensed Fonts

Make it beautiful and legible in this flexible sans display typeface from Ian Barnard. Available in 3 weights, use it for anything – from large headlines to small body copy.

Download BOOKEND Supercondensed

16. Transistor Font

Condensed Fonts

Long words with not enough space? RetroSupply Co. has got you covered in this condensed sans inspired by mid-century hardware packaging. Strong, rugged, but remains readable, make sure to keep this one stocked in your toolkit.

Download Transistor Font

17. CHAOS Display Font

Condensed Fonts

Spice up any work using this textured display typeface by Mark Richardson. Featuring a wavy effect with some gritty textures, it’s ideal for comics, scary/horror themes, and themed websites.

Download CHAOS Display Font

18. Airwaves Font Duo

Condensed Fonts

Get two for the price of one in this pack by Hindia Studio. A font duo with a condensed sans serif plus an elegant signature-style script, that’s a total of 6 fonts for your personal and commercial projects.

Download Airwaves Font Duo

19. Lion and Hare Font

Condensed Fonts

Greg Nicholls presents this tall font family that comes in a total of 6 fonts, with 2 bonus wide fonts. Mix and match to get your desired result, or just use each one for a strong, consistent look.

Download Lion and Hare Font

20. The National

Condensed Fonts

Create that effortless aged look instantly with help from this condensed family from Hustle Supply Co.. With 3 weights and 3 versions for each one, you get a full range of use for just a single set.

Download The National

21. The Farmer Font

Condensed Fonts

Nothing beats that old rustic charm, especially in branding and country themes. NEWFLIX.Bro makes it easy thanks to this condensed typeface that’s available in a total of 6 fonts. With 3 styles – Rounded, Regular, and Vintage – it’s never been faster to make classic designs in minutes.

Download The Farmer Font

22. Köhler

Condensed Fonts

Need a font that can go from vintage to modern in a snap? Then you will need this offering from Hustle Supply Co.. This ultra condensed font family includes 6 fonts with textured versions for full versatility.

Download Köhler


Condensed Fonts

On the hunt for tall, skinny fonts? Then your search ends here with this gem from The Routine Creative. This super tall and super condensed typeface pairs well with monoline scripts and other signature fonts.



Condensed Fonts

Inspired by vintage motorsport racing, KAZER STUDIO has created this wonderful typeface that fits well with sporty, classic, as well as modern designs.

Download LE MANS

25. Sucre Vintage Condensed Sans

Condensed Fonts

Influenced by mid-century print design, this all-caps sans by Jen Wagner Co. is all about sweet simplicity. Combine with wide fonts or scripts for a truly interesting effect.

Download Sucre Vintage Condensed Sans


Condensed Fonts

Bold but condensed, this modern display typeface from Jabir (of j3world) is ideal for use in futuristic, modern, or experimental projects.

Download HIGHMAX

27. August Typeface

Condensed Fonts

Light-hearted, unique, and highly versatile, this condensed sans serif by Ellen Luff comes in 4 fonts – Bold, Bold Italic, Light, and Light Italic – for you to play with.

Download August Typeface

28. Burokku Bold Display Font

Condensed Fonts

When you want to go big, go for this unique display typeface by Platform Design. Express yourself and your designs in a huge way with its bold characters.

Download Burokku Bold Display Font

29. Thin Stanley Font

Condensed Fonts

Come meet this awkward but fun font from Denise Chandler. Created with plenty of personality, it comes with bonus catchwords and swashes to add a whole new dimension to your works.

Download Thin Stanley Font

30. Calcio Ultra Condensed

Condensed Fonts

Big doesn’t always mean bulky – it can also be bold and elegant. Don’t believe us? Check out this amazing creation from Graphicfresh. With multi-lingual support and a clean sans serif, it’s perfect for large scale projects.

Download Calcio Ultra Condensed

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