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30 Halloween Fonts for a Scary Good Design

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It’s that time of the year again, when witches and goblins rule the night. For those who love spooky stories and ghost hunting, Halloween is the one day when you get to enjoy these activities guilt-free. But aside from caramel apples and creepy tales, Halloween just won’t be complete without the right decor.

Don’t limit yourself to the traditional orange and black combo. Explore other alternatives, such as celestial elements or minimalist concepts. To cap off the perfect design, discover new ideas in this collection of Halloween fonts that are sure to add a sinister flair to your works.

30 Halloween Fonts

1. Hillingdon Font

Halloween Fonts

Brewing potions? Then Darumo Shop has got the perfect typeface to make sure you don’t mess up those elixirs. It also comes in 2 styles – Regular and Distressed – with bonus greeting card templates as well as foil textures.

Download Hillingdon Font

2. Wild Zova Family

Halloween Fonts

This hand-drawn brush font family from FeyType isn’t just for dark themes or spooky concepts. With 4 styles and extra swashes, it’s also ideal for retro, alternative, or avant-garde looks.

Download Wild Zova Family

3. Asmath

Halloween Fonts

This sharp serif by D&K_project works well with timeless projects and basically anything that needs some uniquely captivating. Available in 4 styles, it’s great for headlines or even body copy.

Download Asmath

4. Vampliers

Halloween Fonts

Inspired by lettering from classic sci-fi and horror film posters, this handmade decorative font from remedy667 will give you nostalgic feels despite the chills.

Download Vampliers

5. Instant Sinner

Halloween Fonts

Add tremors to your Halloween invites, posters, cards, and more with this hand-drawn horror typeface by remedy667. With plenty of discretionary ligatures at your disposal, it’s guaranteed to be an instant hit with viewers.

Download Instant Sinner

6. Themans

Halloween Fonts

Keep it fun yet creepy in this typeface by kecikstudio. Influenced by mangled tree roots, it’s the ideal blend of spooky yet playful thanks to its cartoonish vibe.

Download Themans

7. Matthew Rough

Halloween Fonts

Go from spooky to street in minutes with this grunge font by bloomxxvi. Featuring rough bold strokes, this sans serif will look great on posters, comic books, invites, and promotional materials.

Download Matthew Rough

8. FEAR Font

Halloween Fonts

Now they see it, now they don’t. Disappear into the unknown in this font with a meticulous freehand design carefully handcrafted by ANCR_design.

Download FEAR Font

9. TOMO Zomba PRO

Halloween Fonts

Remember the old posters of classic horror movies? Now you can achieve the same effect thanks to TOMO Fonts and this retro-horror gem.

Download TOMO Zomba PRO

10. Manicuore

Halloween Fonts

Based on Italian movie posters by the prolific movie poster artist Symeoni, PintassilgoPrints brings to you this all-caps masterpiece with free graphic elements that goes well with the typeface. It’s a definite must-have in every designer’s toolkit.

Download Manicuore

11. Savath

Halloween Fonts

Aiyari presents this classic horror font that comes in 6 deadly styles plus an array of lethal extras. Use at your own risk.

Download Savath

12. Sinister Black

Halloween Fonts

Big, bold, and mysterious, this horror brush font by Skyhaven Fonts will look frighteningly good on posters, cards, logos, headlines, and labels.

Download Sinister Black

13. Lord Zero

Halloween Fonts

Slash your way through the competition in this handmade gothic typeface from Sam Parrett. While it’s in all-caps, there are a few alternate capitals in lower case form to give variety to your projects.

Download Lord Zero

14. Deathgrin

Halloween Fonts

Looking for something truly horrifying? Look no further than this distressed evil font by Sam Parrett. Use on posters, comic books, t-shirt prints, or on anything that requires screaming for attention.

Download Deathgrin

15. Gory Madness

Halloween Fonts

Inspired by vintage movie posters from the 70s, by Mirco Zett brings gore and horror to your designs in this display typeface. It’s the perfect typography to complete those posters, apparel prints, and branding projects that need just a touch of blood.

Download Gory Madness

16. Hellwolf Typeface

Halloween Fonts

Welcome the night in this offering from wubstudio. A font family featuring two styles – Regular and Hollow – plus several extras, it helps you create the best Halloween or horror-inspired cards, posters, headlines, and ads in minutes.

Download Hellwolf Typeface

17. Carpathia Typeface

Halloween Fonts

Von Type Co wants to indoctrinate you into the realm of witchcraft and sorcery through this spooky handmade font that comes in two unique styles. And with 50+ vector occult symbols, you’ll be making lots of Halloween-themed projects for hours.

Download Carpathia Typeface

18. Insane Fear Font

Halloween Fonts

Gleb Guralnyk proudly presents this decorative font available in 5 styles. Use each on their own, or layer them to add an extra level of creepiness to your works. Included is a bonus grim reaper illustration.

Download Insane Fear Font

19. Isaiah 53

Halloween Fonts

Derived from original ink sketches, Ramey Type Foundry offers this ink splatter typeface that will look cool on apocalypse themed works, as well as horror concepts.

Download Isaiah 53

20. THE SONNYFIVE Typeface

Halloween Fonts

Create killer content in minutes with a little help from this brush font from thesonnyfive. Specifically made for horror movie posters, it can also be used for logos, headlines, or branding projects.

Download THE SONNYFIVE Typeface

21. Moonhells Typeface

Halloween Fonts

Weave a night of magic with this decorative font from wubstudio. Perfect for making flyers, posters, and cards, the set includes icon and flyer packs that go great with the typography.

Download Moonhells Typeface

22. Halloween Rock

Halloween Fonts

Konstantine Studio brings to you this cute horror font that works just as well with other themes. With Multi-language support and web fonts, its playful curves and cut-out edges are more friendly than frightening.

Download Halloween Rock

23. Another Danger Font

Halloween Fonts

Available in two styles – Regular and Slanted – this brush typeface from The Branded Quotes is both edgy and horrifying. Use with caution on grunge posters or punk prints; or use liberally during Halloween.

Download Another Danger Font

24. Vorhell Horror Font

Halloween Fonts

Heybrinc Studio presents this distressed typeface that comes in two styles – Rough and Italic. With an extra Halloween graphics pack, you can easily create cartoonish artworks or timeless retro posters easily.

Download Vorhell Horror Font

25. Dreadful

Halloween Fonts

This layered typeface by Aiyari comes in 4 unique styles – Regular, Rust, Shadow, and Rot – you can mix and match to get your desired creepy results. Plus with graphics and flyer packs, you can create tons of vintage movie posters, invitations, cards, and more!

Download Dreadful

26. Fright Night

Halloween Fonts

This vintage horror font by Great Scott boasts of bold geometric shapes that make them versatile enough to be used outside of scary or horror themes. Available in 12 styles, you can use each on their own, or layer on top of one another for a completely distinct result!

Download Fright Night

27. Upjohn Halloween Brush Horror Font

Halloween Fonts

Say hello to your new favorite brush font from Konstantine Studio. It also comes with bonus packs that include 8 vintage textures, as well as watercolour alphabets made with detailed strokes to bring out your creepy creative side.

Download Upjohn Halloween Brush Horror Font

28. Horror

Halloween Fonts

Express yourself through this decorative hand-drawn typeface from La Boite Graphique. Featuring horror ornaments to help you complete your desired outcome, you can also use this font for rock, zombie, festival, or gothic themes.

Download Horror

29. Vertigo Death

Halloween Fonts

Keep it simple yet deadly in this decorative font brought to you by Mirco Zett. Inspired by heavy metal and extreme sports, its distressed style is beauty all its own.

Download Vertigo Death

30. GateKeeper AOE

Halloween Fonts

The pointy lettering style of this typeface from Astigmatic will keep you on edge. Influenced by old horror movies and heavy metal bands, it also works great for tattoos, graffiti, or any concept that needs a dark, edgy vibe.

Download GateKeeper AOE

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