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10 Comic Book Fonts for Creating the World’s Best Comic Strips

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Comic books are more than just a pop culture icon. Long before television sets or YouTube, they were one of the most portable and entertaining storytelling platforms out there. A good plot, engaging characters, and stunning visuals all created some of the most unforgettable titles we still pay tribute to today.

There’s more to comic books than super heroes. Aside from Superman and the X-Men, there’s Miller’s Sin City, Spiegelman’s Maus, and Lemire’s Essex County. Each of them has a unique flare that could only be told in this format.

Love the look of these visual novels? Then get your hands on these amazing comic book fonts.

Comic Book Fonts

1. Govia Sans Medium

Comic Book Fonts

Simple yet playful, this display sans by Marc Lohner is all about subtle quirkiness. Whether you go big on headlines or stick to body copy, this font is guaranteed to keep up with your style.

Download Govia Sans Medium

2. Thunder Pants Typeface

Comic Book Fonts

Add attitude to your works in this offering from Ramey Type Foundry. Featuring uppercase letters with lightning bolt motifs, it’s perfect for visual novels, headlines, product labels, posters, and more!

Download Thunder Pants Typeface

3. Milkman Family

Comic Book Fonts

This plain but perky sans serif family by Haäfe & Haph comes in 3 delightful weights (Light, Regular, and Bold) that you can use on children’s books, posters, custom art, cartoons, and even printed merchandise.

Download Milkman Family

4. Junkdog Typeface

Comic Book Fonts

Tugcu Design Co. proudly presents this strong, blocky font that’s great for titles or quotes. Its irregular lines also make it ideal for comic books or any cartoon-inspired projects.

Download Junkdog Typeface

5. Nikopol

Comic Book Fonts

This typeface is so versatile, you can apply it on anything: from fun visual novels to spooky artworks. This is all thanks to its 3 distinct styles (Regular, Halftone, and Rough) that give them unique character.

Download Nikopol

6. Suti

Comic Book Fonts

A non-connected casual script from Mika Melvas, this font has soft corners and readable letters that make it a good choice from body copy to large headlines.

Download Suti


Comic Book Fonts

Make kid’s dreams come true when you use this jolly typeface by Olexstudio. Bold, quirky, and flexible, it’s best used on titles, logos, shirts, labels, posters, or branding projects that require a child-like twist.


8. Zoinks

Comic Book Fonts

Design the best comic book or visual novel using this bold typeface by Comicraft Fonts. With 3 styles (Regular, Inline, and Outline) to choose from, this is one display font you won’t want to do without.

Download Zoinks

9. Killjoy

Comic Book Fonts

Make some noise with the right typeface. For those times when it’s your design that needs to do the talking, this block-type font with 6 unique looks is all you need.

Download Killjoy

10. Legends Sans

Comic Book Fonts

Inspired by a TV series, this sharp sans serif by Juan Casco is sure to give power to your designs. Use it on sci-fi, comics, modern, or superhero themes.

Download Legends Sans

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