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Shadow Fonts

26 Astonishing Shadow Fonts That Can Create Extraordinary Designs 

Although we are often made to believe that evolution has positively transformed our lives, it also has some significant downsides. In today’s fast-paced world, where technology has made everything possible, we have gradually begun to take little details for granted.

The harshest reality we were forced to come to terms with during the pandemic was how a minute variable like physical interaction could significantly impact our lives. Thus, it’s often said you would never truly understand the worth of a thing until it is taken away.

Amazingly, this principle also extends to art. Although the target audience would generally be oblivious, the truth is that every shape, font, texture, and color you use on your designs has a vivid impact on how it is perceived. 

Shadows are examples of a minute variable we generally overlook. They are an integral part of our daily lives and are used frequently in art, but we never pay much attention to them. 

As they say, the devil is in the details. Here are 26 awesome shadow fonts capable of giving your designs a sensational personality!

Mysterious Shadow Fonts

1. Chord Bright ‐ A Layered Typeface 

Chord Brights - A Layered Typeface

Chord Bright is a distinct layered typeface with a magical retro flourish. This font provides four unique layers: inline, regular, outline, and shadow, which can be applied to logos, labels, magazines, and packaging designs. The Chord Bright Typeface also includes uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuation, and multilingual features.

Download Chord Bright

2. Fomtage Script

Fomtage Script

If you’d like to use a retro style to create glamorous designs, the Fomtage Script is the perfect shadow font. Unlike the Chord Bright Typeface, which uses four layers, Fomtage Script has only two styles—script and extrude. You can combine these styles to create spectacular logos, posters, and greeting cards. It also has multilingual and OpenType features. 

Download Fomtage Script 

3. The Rupture 3 Styles

The Rupture 3 Styles

The Rupture is an alluring typeface that also falls under the category of shadow fonts with a vintage appeal. However, unlike the Chord Bright Typeface and Fomtage Script, which use simple layers, the Rupture uses a hand-painted style to create striking designs. It is an excellent choice for creating video bumpers, logos, and digital ads.

Download The Rupture 3 Styles

4. Wonderful Adventure Font Family

Wonderful Adventure Font Family

The Wonderful Adventure Font Family is a perfect choice if you’re aiming to create colorful and fun-loving designs. This font family comprises unique sans-serif fonts which use messy but cute doodles to create a playful aura. It is easy to download and can be accessed using software like Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.

Download Wonderful Adventure Font Family 

5. Andimia


Andimia is a sophisticated serif typeface with beautiful features and an attractive display. This font lets you show off your creativity as its seven layers, and stylistic alternates can be effectively utilized using different techniques. However, due to its detailed effects, Andimia is more suitable for creating headlines and logos than body text.

Download Andimia

6. Airbag Font

Airbag font

Airbag is a stunning serif with attractive features such as uppercase letters, lowercase letters, Western and Central European characters, numbers, and punctuations. If you decide to utilize this font, it’s advisable to use large point sizes. Also, Airbag Font looks better on screen and in print than it does as a web font.

Download Airbag Font

7. Being Strong ‐ Layered Font 

Being Strong - Layered Font

Being Strong is a layered script that is enticing because of its handwritten retro style. It has impressive uppercase, lowercase, multilingual accents, and PUA Encoded features. You can apply the Being Strong ‐ Layered Font to various projects such as logos, badges, posters, packaging, and book cover designs.

Download Being Strong

8. Chivels


Chivels is a 3D chiseled typeface that comprises six fonts: Chivels Inner, Chivels Chisel Light, Chivels Chisel Dark, Chivels Base, Chivels Outline, and Chivels Shadow. You can apply this pinstripe-inspired font if you’re interested in creating a scintillating vintage display on your designs.

Download Chivels

9. Chester ‐ Layered Font Family 

Chester - Layered Font Family

The Chester ‐ Layered Font Family is a layered type system that consists of six fantastic serif fonts: Basic, Inline, Inner dot, Gradient Inline, Shadow Outline, and Drop Shade. You can use this font family to create a classic and rustic style on book covers, T-shirts, badges, product packaging, and greeting card designs.

Download Chester

10. Wakiki


Wakiki is a Hawaiian-inspired sans-serif font that uses three layers to create exotic but playful designs. You can apply this typeface to different projects ranging from posters and logos to book covers and cards. In order to fully access the Wakiki glyphs, you will need to install an additional software like Adobe Indesign or Adobe Illustrator. 

Download Wakiki

11. Trixie


Trixie is a layered sans-serif typeface that can be described using three words: chic, futuristic, and striking. So, if you’re interested in creating modern or futuristic-looking designs, Trixie should fall under your radar. This lovely shadow font is also accompanied by attractive features such as upper and lowercase characters, numbers, punctuations, and multilingual letters. 

Download Trixie

12. Bolder Layered Font 

Bolder Layered Font

If you’d like your designs to make a daring statement the second it is displayed, the Bolder Layered Font is a match made in heaven. This breathtaking uppercase font is perfect for creating a classy and audacious atmosphere on different design projects. It also includes other features such as numbers and punctuations.

Download Bolder Layered Font 

13. Rockidz


Rockidz is a layered font family with a powerful character and a bold aura. This rock music-inspired font is an excellent fit for creating headlines, flyers, posters, product packaging, greeting cards, printed quotes, cover albums, and apparel designs.

Download Rockidz

14. Howli Layers

Howli Layers

Howli Layers is a cute sans-serif font that typically uses three layers to create a pleasant and playful atmosphere in designs. This font includes Howli Inline, Howli Hatch, Howli Shadow, and Howli Base. While creating designs, you can either combine the Howli Inline, Howli Shadow, and Howli Base or the Howli Hatch, Howli Shadow, and Howli Base.

Download Howli Layers 

15. CA Spy Royal

CA Spy Royal

CA Spy Royal is a sans-serif typeface with a perfect synergy of streamlined fonts and scripts. It is a charming and creative font used when creating designs centered around cars, racing, airplanes, gasoline, and restaurants.

Download CA Spy Royal

16. Blondie Extrude Font Family 

Bondie Extrude Font Family

The Bondie Extrude Font Family is an all-caps sans-serif font that comprises four distinct layers—Regular, Outline, Extrude, and Extrude Shadow. You can apply its vigorous detailing and contemporary style to logos, greeting cards, quotes, posters, and pop vintage designs. It also includes multilingual characters and PUA Encoded features. 

Download Blondie Extrude Font Family 

17. TF Continental Display Font

TF Continental Display Font

TF Continental Display Font is a remarkably versatile font with seven layers that can be combined or used alone. With minimal effort, this font creates a lovely vintage flair on signboards, logos, and advertising designs. It also includes multilingual support.

Download TF Continental Display Font

18. CA Coronado

CA Coronado

CA Coronado is a sophisticated serif shadow font that can be used to create a rustic and friendly appearance on titles, logos, posters, and headlines. You can creatively combine its distinct uppercase and lowercase characters to obtain your desired results.

Download CA Coronado 

19. CA Kometo

CA Kometo

If you find conventional fonts boring and would like to explore your imagination, this font is perfect for you. CA Kometo is an all-caps sans-serif typeface with two distinct styles: the shadow, which is called “Regular,” and the “Fill.” The CA Kometo character set is bold and supports Central and Western European characters.

Download CA Kometo

20. Bouchers Type Collection

Bouchers Type Collection

Bouchers Type Collection is a stockpile of seven luxurious fonts, namely: Bouchers Stand, Bouchers Outline, Bouchers Inset, Bouchers Shadow, Bouchers Black Shadow, Bouchers Serif, and Bouchers Script. This serif font family can be suitably applied to posters, signs, letterheads, t-shirts, and headlines. It also includes uppercase, lowercase, and PUA Encoded features. 

Download Bouchers Type Collection

21. Olivare Font Family 

Oilvare Font Family

Olivare Font Family consists of a collection of 18 hand-drawn layered fonts. Although the Olivare Font Family typeface falls under the sans-serif category, its vast proportions, curved angle strokes, and medium contrast distinguishes it from typical sans-serif fonts. The Olivare Font Family has a refreshing vintage style that can be mixed and matched to obtain the desired atmosphere.

Download Olivare Font Family 

22. Carter Layered

Carter Layered

Carter Layered is a sans-serif typeface that uses a layered system to create a classic retro display on designs. Aside from the uppercase and lowercase characters, this font includes numerals and punctuations. It looks fantastic when used on letterheads, signs, and headlines.

Download Carter Legend

23. Sevastian 


Sevastian is an awesome seven-layered sans-serif font. This Typeface was specially created to help designers create 3D lettering without having to use any special effects on 2D objects. As a bonus, Savastian has multiple languages available.

Download Sevastian 

24. Arkland Moonline + Shadow 

Arkland Monoline + Shadow

Arkland Moonline + Shadow is a handwritten script that you can use to create vintage and modern aesthetics on your projects. You can readily apply this font to logos, labels, badges, invitation cards, and clothing designs. In order to use the OpenType Stylistic alternates, you’ll need software like Adobe Indesign, CorelDraw X6-X7, and Adobe Illustrator CS. 

Download Arkland Moonline

25. Carneval 


Carneval is a layered sans-serif font which is perfect for creating a nice hand lettering flair. This font comes in two styles, Carneval Layer and Carneval Normal/Regular, which can be used to give your designs a warm and easy-going persona.

Download Carneval

26. Grounday Typeface

Grounday Typeface

Grounday Typeface is a stunning and audacious sans-serif font that uses uppercase characters only. Its high legibility makes it a great hit when used on headlines and brandings. If you’re trying to make a bold statement with your designs, this is the typeface for you.

Download Grounday Typeface 

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