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30 Outdoor Fonts To Bring You Back Into Nature

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When life gets too busy or chaotic, there’s nothing like being back into the wilderness. Starry skies, fresh air, thick trees, and cold waters – it awakens in all of us a sense of calm. Whether it’s a hike through the mountains or just rowing on a lake during a cold autumn morning, being outdoors is a good way to bring peace back into your hectic days.

Longing for a great adventure? Typography can help evoke feelings and images of being in nature. These amazing outdoor fonts for instance, can spice up post cards, brand labels, or social media materials. Let them whisk your audiences away into a journey of beauty.


30 Outdoor Fonts

1. Adventure Font and Camping Pack

Outdoor Fonts

Entice your little ones to answer the call of the wild using this pack from Nadezda Gudeleva. Filled not only with a cute all-caps font, it also includes lettering icons, seamless patterns, cards, as well as delightful icons to decorate your camping gear with!

Download Adventure Font and Camping Pack


2. Pines Black & Pines Black Italic

Outdoor Fonts

This font pair from Piñata is a modern sans-serif with a charming cut-out feel to them. Featuring more than 415 glyphs for each typeface, plus support for more than 70 languages, it’s an eco-friendly answer if you want to add just the right natural, warm accent to a project.

Download Pines Black & Pines Black Italic


3. Outpost No.5

Outdoor Fonts

Inspired by earthy aesthetics and old westerns, James Coffman brings to you this practical font that will look awesome on hand-painted signs and prints.

Download Outpost No.5


4. Hickory Slab

Outdoor Fonts

Jackrabbit Creative proudly presents this handcrafted serif with forest service influences. Add texture to it for a truly vintage look you can use on labels, post cards, posters, logos, and more.

Download Hickory Slab


5. Wild Wood Font

Outdoor Fonts

This headline font from IconsByKassy will bring all the mystical wonders of the woods into your designs. Whether it’s a minimalist or a travel theme, you can count on this decorative typeface to give your works the right aesthetic.

Download Wild Wood Font


6. The Wild Things

Outdoor Fonts

This handcrafted font duo by Victor Barac comes with a rounded sans-serif in normal and italic, as well as a beautiful cursive script that’s perfect for travel and outdoors themes.

Download The Wild Things


7. Woodburn Font

Outdoor Fonts

Give your projects that authentic wood-burn effect with help from this typeface from Cosmic Store. The pack includes handy hand-drawn illustrations, as well as the font in Regular and Bold. It’s ideal for use in labels, signage, logos, posters, branding, and print materials.

Download Woodburn Font


8. Grootten Beast

Outdoor Fonts

This decorative font family from LetterStock has a cartoonish feel to it, making it the right choice for children’s book covers, fun posters, or even retro post cards.

Download Grootten Beast


9. Juniper Font

Outdoor Fonts

Looking for a nature-inspired font for your business cards, labels, or prints? Then check out this handcrafted offering from Rachel Lovett Design. Aside from the beautiful font, you will also get hand-drawn branch and leaf illustrations to complete your designs.

Download Juniper Font


10. Freestone Handmade Font

Outdoor Fonts

Trailhead Design Co. brings to you this clean and simple typeface that comes in a serif and sans serif version, with three weights each. Enjoy using them on your posters, shirts, stamps, logos, badges, and more.

Download Freestone Handmade Font


11. Halken Typeface

Outdoor Fonts

Keep things readable, no matter what you’re working on, thanks to this gem from Mike Hill. His printed typeface comes in Regular, Outline, and Grunge for use in all types of adventure or outdoors concepts.

Download Halken Typeface


12. Trailhead

Outdoor Fonts

Get lost and then find your way back again with this display font from Rowlison Creative. Featuring a nature vibe with organic shapes, it’s a great addition to the toolkit of every wandering spirit.

Download Trailhead


13. Valley Mist

Outdoor Fonts

This vector and color font from Polar Vectors works best with Illustrator CC and Photoshop CC, and in standards programs for Mac users. The gorgeous double exposure effect on each letter is great on its own, or paired with similar photography that will look stunning on print or digital projects.

Download Valley Mist


14. Ansen 

Outdoor Fonts

A font family featuring fearless sans serif characters by Zone 6, you will get a total of 18 striking fonts, as well as web fonts, italics, numbers, punctuation, and multilingual support.

Download Ansen  


15. Sabatons Vintage Font Duo

Outdoor Fonts

Letterhend Studio brings to you this cool font duo that comes in Regular and Script, each with a lovely Stamp version to give them an awesome grunge effect. It is perfect not only for outdoors themes, but also in retail, food, fashion, and retro concepts.

Download Sabatons Vintage Font Duo


16. Wilder Family

Outdoor Fonts

Working on vintage projects? Give them a truly authentic vibe using this font family from Swistblnk Std.. It comes with hand-crafted typefaces in Regular, Bold, and Vintage, as well as a BONUS hand-drawn kit containing 27+ vector illustrations.

Download Wilder Family


17. Wilder and Handdrawn Font Pack

Outdoor Fonts

Walk on the wild side in this super cool pack featuring five (5) carefully handcrafted fonts, bonus vector shapes and ornaments, as well as a vintage hand-drawn kit. Great stuff for less, indeed.

Download Wilder and Handdrawn Font Pack


18. North Western Font

Outdoor Fonts

Inspired by the north-western region of America, this set contains two gorgeous fonts (one in bold sans serif style, the other in hand-drawn style), plus 50 vector graphics, 6 vintage badges, 6 custom brushes for Adobe Illustrator, and 4 JPG textures.

Download North Western Font


19. Heubeul Vintage Typeface

Outdoor Fonts

This highly detailed font by Pratama Yudha brings to you a Rough Family and a Vintage Italic you can use on their own, or together in a single design. This pack includes bonus vintage badge templates so you can start experimenting with your ideas immediately.

Download Heubeul Vintage Typeface


20. Beatster

Outdoor Fonts

Bring out your wild side with help from this offering by MuSan. This modern vintage textured display typeface pack also comes with editable badge templates you can use on outdoors, adventure, retro, or branding concepts.

Download Beatster


21. Adventure Typeface

Outdoor Fonts

Oleg Voznyy proudly offers you this old-school label font that comes in Regular and Bold. The pack includes 6 t-shirt designs as well as individual illustrations to bring your adventurous ideas to life.

Download Adventure Typeface


22. Floresto

Outdoor Fonts

A modern vintage sans serif with roughed edges and a touch of beautiful alternate characters, this gem from NEWFLIX.Bro puts an elegant twist to the any and all projects – be it for the outdoors or for retail.

Download Floresto


23. Las Valles Textured Typeface

Outdoor Fonts

This tall ultra condensed sans serif comes in 4 styles that will fit just about anything you decide to use it on. Old-school but still contemporary, add it on posters, business cards, logos, labels, magazine covers, headlines, websites, and more.

Download Las Valles Textured Typeface


24. Northern Passage

Outdoor Fonts

A handmade all-caps display font from Build Interactive, it was inspired by the weathered appearance like what you might see on old cabin signs, making it ideal for anything requiring a rustic, woodsy feel.

Download Northern Passage


25. Marshfield Typeface

Outdoor Fonts

Featuring 6 styles as well as editable logo templates, this pack from AF Studio (in collaboration with Revolfe) is a strong monoline font that will go well with camping, travel, outdoors, or adventure themes.

Download Marshfield Typeface


26. Forests Layered Font

Outdoor Fonts

A lovely double exposure all-caps font from Zeppelin Graphics that consists of 3 layers, it’s easy to use and looks stunning on print materials.

Download Forests Layered Font


27. Pine Forest

Outdoor Fonts

DikasStudio brings to you this display sans serif inspired by outdoor activity. This package contains the font in two styles: Rough and Press, as well as useful catchwords and extra vectors.

Download Pine Forest


28. Outdoors Inks Typeface

Outdoor Fonts

Write your travel or adventure story using this beautiful script font in 4 vintage styles. With its smooth edges replicating authentic handwriting, it’s a wonderful addition in every designer’s toolkit.

Download Outdoors Inks Typeface


29. Modern Outdoor Font

Outdoor Fonts

Make sure to always give the right impression with the help of this impactful display font from Evening Office.

Download Modern Outdoor Font


30. Birch Is Right Here Outline

Outdoor Fonts

Looking for a nature-inspired typeface for your outdoor projects? Look no further than this beautifully detailed outline font from BIRH_ Creative. Inspired by tree branches, each character is able to stand on its own, making it ideal for cards, posters, homepages, magazines, and other designs.

Download Birch Is Right Here Outline


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