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30 Wild West Fonts To Bring Out Your Inner Pioneer

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Also known as the ‘American frontier’, the great Wild West is best remembered today for its host of gunslingers, cowboys, and outlaws. But this golden era has much more to offer than shootouts. It was during this period that historic expeditions took place, treaties were signed, and emancipations were celebrated.

Thus, the design themes of the era were just as wild and free as the years they embodied. From grunge textures, wooden patterns, to bold letters – they symbolize simple, yet adventurous times. Using such themes would definitely make any project stand out.

Not sure if the ‘American frontier’ is the look you were searching for? Then take a gander at these Wild West fonts and see if they don’t give you a ‘bee in your bonnet’!

1. CA Coronado Family

wild west fonts

Bold slabs are not only great for grabbing attention, they’re also a brilliant way to capture the essence of the Wild West. To get started, grab this offering from Cape Arcona Type Foundry. Featuring two styles (Regular and Shadow) you can combine for a truly authentic look, it comes complete with lower- and uppercase letters, as well as lots of extras.

Download Coronado Family

2. Aurora Script

wild west fonts

The Old West wasn’t just a period of lawlessness – it was also a period of passion and romance. Evoke a similar feel to any artwork by using this gem by Andrey Sharonov. Inspired by traditional calligraphy, the pack comes with free vintage frames for a luxurious, elegant look.

Download Aurora Script

3. Vector Font

wild west fonts

Fractal is proud to present this uppercase only font that’s brimming with personality. Designed to appear and feel like the saloon days of old, it’s great for logos, labels, stickers, and branding projects.

Download Vector Font

4. Chuck Wagon Font

wild west fonts

Inspired by the letterpress typefaces and the Wild West, this hand-drawn slab serif by modernmyth is all about going bold or going home. The distressed texture is perfect for that true Western vibe.

Download Chuck Wagon Font

5. The Roseberry

wild west fonts

Get your buck’s worth when you purchase this pack from me55enjah. This handmade serif display typeface has three styles (Solid, Outline, Codet) you can mix and match to achieve your desired classic look in minutes.

Download The Roseberry

6. Vintage OTF and Vector Font

wild west fonts

Add the perfect final touches on your products when you use this Cognac label style font from Fractal. This lettering is well suited for liquor and/or bottling projects.

Download Vintage OTF and Vector Font

7. Gunslinger Western Typeface

wild west fonts

Re-create the best of the Old West thanks to this pack designed by Von Type Co. This eye-catching bold slab serif comes in two styles – Regular and Spur – but also has sans and Italics versions you can play around with. That gives you a total of 6 different looks for logos, posters, headlines, and more!

Download Gunslinger Western

8. Buckboard Family

wild west fonts

Give any project a rough, distressed, old cowboy appeal by using this font family by Aerotype. Featuring ‘good ole authentic wood type font with its original patina’, this is one rustic slab that’s bound to be timeless.

Download Buckboard Family

9. Chimera Tail Font

wild west fonts

Give audiences an air of mystic with this wide textured typeface by Gleb Guralnyk. Dark, mysterious, and comes in two vintage styles (Clean and Rough), the pack also includes a bonus Chimera illustration to give your artwork an otherworldly feel.

Download Chimera Tail Font

10. Chester Typeface

wild west fonts

Create playful pieces effortlessly with the help of this layered font family by StoricType. Inspired by a combination old postcard stamps and decor from rustic sign paintings, it comes in 6 styles to give your masterpieces a life of their own!

Download Chester Typeface

11. True Black Typeface

wild west fonts

There’s nothing like great 19th-century industrial steam-powered innovations to crank up your designs into gear. Achieve that look instantly by using this vintage steam-punk typeface from Gleb Guralnyk.

Download True Black Typeface

12. Charles Swarel

wild west fonts

This stylish offering from bloomxxvi includes stylistic alternates and ligatures to ensure your cards, quotes, posters, logos, book covers, apparel, or packaging designs are up to discerning Southern tastes.

Download Charles Swarel

13. The Northwest Vintage Type Family

The understated beauty of this vintage sans serif family by NEWFLIX.Bro is all about being bold yet simple. Inspired by the Wild West culture, this all-caps typeface comes in Regular, Rounded, Regular Textured, and Rounded Textured, totalling 8 amazing styles to choose from.

Download Northwest Vintage Type Family

14. UN’CHAINED Font Family

Say hola to this all-uppercase font from Vintage Voyage Design Co. Inspired by Morricone music, as well as Tarantino and Leone movies, it’s your best bet if you want to survive the untamed West.

Download Un’chained Font Family

15. Dafodil

wild west fonts

Imagine Texas during 1866: wild, rambunctious, and home of adventure-loving cowboys. Capture this essence when you use this bold yet gentle typeface by Flavortype. Plus, it comes with a vector pack to help bring this exciting era back to life.

Download Dafodil

16. Lawless Font

wild west fonts

Inspired by 1800’s early American wood type, Itsmesimon presents this brash font set that includes four vintage versions: Regular, Grunge, Spur, and Shadow. It’s ideal for logos, signage, posters, product labels, and more.

Download Lawless Font

17. Old Spirits Display Font

wild west fonts

Vintage Type Co. brings to you this bold, Americana-inspired font that’s trendy yet vintage at the same time. The pack also contains 2 BONUS styles with two different degrees of stamp effect you can play around with. Have fun!

Download Old Spirits Display Font

18. Black Heat

wild west fonts

The Old West was one of the most romantic periods in history. Capture those moments when you use this gem from Dirtyline Studio. Decorative but legible, brash yet inviting, it’s the perfect typeface for invitations, greeting cards, vintage posters, book covers, social media quotes, and more!

Download Black Heat

19. Blastrick

wild west fonts

Make vintage fun again with this layered type system by Graptail. With 8 styles to play around with, plus stylistic alternates, standard ligatures, and swashes, you can effortlessly create realistic 3D effects in seconds!

Download Blastrick

20. Black Django Typeface

wild west fonts

Evoke the old Wild West with this lovely number from Blankids Studio. Inspired by traditional signage and ornamental shapes, you can get plenty of uses with this decorative font.

Download Black Django Typeface

21. Western Exploits

wild west fonts

Let this classic typeface from Vincent Avila take you on a typography journey of the old West. With simple lines and rounded edges, it’s sure to make a lasting impression no matter how you use it.

Download Western Exploits

22. Roper Font Family

wild west fonts

Can’t get enough of cowboys and explorers? Then make sure you keep this all-caps font family by Arkitype in your toolkit at all times. Otherwise, you might regret not getting its 12 versions with different letterpress/stamped styles!

Download Roper Font Family

23. Northead

wild west fonts

Inspired by beer labels and vintage signage, this all caps font will work great for branding, apparel design, and product packaging projects. Created by Blankids Studio, this vintage serif font would look amazing when paired with more decorative typefaces.

Download Northead

24. Black No.7

wild west fonts

Interested in purchasing a font for the price of a bottle Tennessee Whiskey? Now you can. This typeface designed by Typocalypse, was inspired by the famous Tennessee whiskey logo from 1866 – and comes in two beautiful styles.

Download Black No.7

25. Smoking Typeface

wild west fonts

Gleb Guralnyk brings the Wild West to you in this vintage western font that comes in three convenient styles (Base, Shadow, Full). Use separately or combine to create interesting effects.

Download Smoking Typeface

26. Westwood Funny Western Font

wild west fonts

Make something timeless today when you use this western style display font from Cruzine. With 8 font files to mix and match, you can come up with at least 16 different styles that will look amazing on any vintage or retro project!

Download Westwood Funny Western Font

27. Drone Ranger Display Font

wild west fonts

Whether you’re working on a retro or modern piece, you can’t go wrong with this geometric display font family and its set of 9 various styles! Vintage Type Co. will even throw in a bonus Nomad Icon Pack (that comes in Inked, Spot Color, and Regular) to enhance your works.

Download Drone Ranger Display Font

28. Western Grit Handmade Typeface

wild west fonts

Nothing like a 100 percent handmade font to truly make your designs pop! Take this one from Itsmesimon – with an authentic distressed hand-drawn look, plus a total of 323 glyphs, it’s an amazing steal!

Download Western Grit Handmade Typeface

29. Rebute

wild west fonts

No matter the project, you want something you can always rely on. And that’s exactly what the Twicolabs Fontdation offers in this versatile all-caps typeface with a sporty, yet strong vibe. It’s ideal for sports or vintage themes.

Download Rebute

30. MFC Rodizio

wild west fonts

Looking for the perfect font for monograms? Then feast your eyes on this standard all-caps typeface based on an original wood type from Monogram Fonts Co. Meant to be layered with one another to create interesting effects, it will fit retro or modern projects.

Download MFC Rodizio

Can’t get enough of these brazen Wild West fonts? Then download your favorites today!

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