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20 Architectural Fonts That are Bold and Contemporary

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Architecture isn’t just about designing buildings. It’s often a long – and sometimes frustrating – process of creating structures that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also useful. A good number of buildings in fact, have gone down in history, thanks to their beautiful design, practicality, as well as cultural significance.

To name a few, these are the pyramids, the Pantheon, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Palace of Versailles, and every movie-maker’s favorite: the Empire State Building. Each of these structures represent not only bricks, stone, mortar, and sand – they also represent the hopes, dreams, and vision of the people behind them.

To pay homage to these stunning constructions, here are the best Architectural fonts.

20 Architectural Fonts

1. Blueprint Style Font

Architectural Fonts

These letters on white by BestPics perfectly capture a blueprint, technical look. The hand-drawn geometric appearance is handy for either personal or commercial uses.

Download Blueprint Style Font

2. Aclo Font

Architectural Fonts

Inspired by the works of Dutch graphic artist, Maurits Cornelis Escher, this gem by Pedro Azedo will be amazing on posters, illustrations, logos, and websites. Thanks to its unique arched, tall characteristics, it’s almost like an optical illusion when viewed from the right angle!

Download Aclo Font

3. Marsek Display Font

Architectural Fonts

This sans serif from MOCOSANS comes in three sophisticated weights you can mix and match, or use on their own. Simply beautiful, it’s ideal when used for titles, logos, shirts, banners, posters, labels, and more.

Download Marsek Display Font

4. Architects and Draftsmen

Architectural Fonts

Add an authentic retro feel to your designs when you use this offering from SouthpawMiller. This 1950s vintage serif is available in two styles with three weights each (that’s a total of 6 amazing looks!) for your convenience.

Download Architects and Draftsmen

5. Ultine

Architectural Fonts

Make charming contemporary pieces using this no-frills sans serif by insigne. The pack consists of 42 fonts in varying widths and italics, making them great for just about any project. Strong, bold, yet gentle, this font is a wonderful addition to every designer’s toolkit.

Download Ultine

6. Ashemore

Architectural Fonts

Simple, yet oddly flamboyant, this work by insigne was inspired by combining the architecture styles from Barcelona, Germany, and Asheville, North Carolina. It includes 36 fonts that you can put on anything – from websites, headlines, to shirts, and signage.

Download Ashemore

7. TT Knickerbockers

Architectural Fonts

This font family from TypeType includes two lovely fonts: Grotesk, a sleek sans serif reminiscent of the historic architecture and skyscrapers of New York City; and Script, a fun energetic typeface symbolizing the city that never sleeps.

Download TT Knickerbockers

8. Freezer

Architectural Fonts

True Story Letterworks proudly presents this futuristic typeface with wide proportions. Bold, clean, and contemporary, it’s best used in modern designs like branding projects and building corporate identities.

Download Freezer

9. Akido Font

Architectural Fonts

Need something edgy or trendy to set the stage for your works? Then look no further than this offering from Alexandrumolnar. This modern logo font also comes with a FREE Boltaire vintage badge in PSD and AI formats.

Download Akido Font


10. Monolisk

Architectural Fonts

Sturdy and powerful, this font by Studio Buchanan was inspired by Eastmodern and Brutalist architecture. This rigid, gothic typeface comes in 5 different weights plus stylistic alternate glyphs to truly broaden your horizons.

Download Monolisk

11. Emporia Typeface

Architectural Fonts

Relive the wonderful era of Art Deco in this glorious display font from Tugcu Design Co.. With Regular and Rough styles, the pack also includes 2 bonus foil textures to instantly add glamor to all your projects.

Download Emporia Typeface

12. Gamba Font

Architectural Fonts

Juraj Chrastina presents this clean font with a subtle square personality. Highly legible no matter the size, it’s clean and practical for every design endeavor.

Download Gamba Font

13. Amphi Typeface

Architectural Fonts

Influenced by ancient roman style architecture, this gem from MikeHill has 3 styles (Regular, Stencil, Broken) that will instantly add a distinct character to your projects.

Download Amphi Typeface

14. Niemeyer

Architectural Fonts

A salute to the works of beloved architect Oscar Niemeyer, this typeface by Latinotype consists of 8 weights with matching italics, alternative characters, old-style figures, and more. Highly versatile and beautifully curvy, you can use this font on branding, publishing, or corporate designs.

Download Niemeyer

15. Bemis

Architectural Fonts

Inspired by the inscriptions on the Bemis building in Seattle, Leksen Design created this regal font that will lend your works with a quiet elegance and timeless feel.

Download Bemis

16. Franks Pro

Architectural Fonts

Based on round arcs in architecture, this geometric from Philippe Moesch includes 3 weights (Bold, Regular, Light) you can use on their own, or combine for an interesting effect.

Download Franks Pro

17. Cormier Typeface

Architectural Fonts

Tugcu Design Co. invites you to go back to the time of glitz, glamor, and beautiful Art Deco in this lovely typeface that’s available in 3 styles – Rough, Double, and Regular.

Download Cormier Typeface

18. Franz Family

Architectural Fonts

Reminiscent of the tough, sturdy exteriors of German-born American architect, Ulrich Franzen’s works, mikewrogers presents this font in 3 weights that are as strong as they are practical.

Download Franz Family

19. Metrica Font

Architectural Fonts

Create structure no matter what you’re working on with a little help from this gem by Oliver James. Unique, geometric, and available in 3 weights with upper and lowercase characters, it’s a nifty addition to every designer’s arsenal.

Download Metrica Font

20. Rancang Typeface

Architectural Fonts

Re-imagine your designs using this compact sans-serif display typeface by ihsankl. The pack consists of Regular, Light, Semi Bold, and Bold styles that are perfect for personal or commercial use.

Download Rancang Typeface

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