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Monoline Fonts

25 Authentic Monoline Script Fonts To Give Your Designs a Modern Calligraphy Look

The idea of creating something from a single source is nothing new. But this concept wouldn’t really hit it off until the age of the internet. Today, monoline – or the use of single-weight, wire-like line, especially in typography – can be seen almost everywhere: from signage, logos, to book covers, and labels.

Monoline is as versatile as it is gorgeous. It may seem too simple at first; but it can in fact, be utilized for retro or modern works. Add it to your designs for just the right hint of ‘handmade’ to an otherwise commercial creation. It’s also a great way to showcase minimalism and negative space for brands that want to get in on the trend.

Whatever your purpose, these monoline script fonts will surely be a refreshing addition in your toolkit.

Monoline Script Fonts

1. Antiqueline


Add a beautiful vintage touch to your works when you use this typeface by PutraCetol Studio. With lots of ligatures and alternates, you’ll be ready to face any design challenge.

Download Antiqueline

2. Retylle Solyta Monoline


Creatype Studio presents this monoline retro script that’s perfect for making vintage projects that need a touch of old-school handwriting.

Download Retylle Solyta Monoline

3. Rising Star


Adventurous and available in 3 weights (Regular, Light, and Stamp), this modern monoline by Hindia Studio will remind you of warm summers, clear night skies, and camps by the lake.

Download Rising Star

4. Belvedere


Unio brings to you this versatile font family that includes more than 400 characters plus multilingual support.

Download Belvedere

5. Lazy Ride


Hendra Pratama brings to you this script and all-caps sans that pairs perfectly with one another.

Download Lazy Ride

6. Palm Beach


This font duo from Ivan Rosenberg comes in a total of 4 fonts (2 styles for each font) plus multilingual support for stress-free designing.

Download Palm Beach Font Duo

7. Baquette

BaquetteBaguette is a simple yet personal monoline font with plenty of flavour and some gorgeous characterizing swirls. Perfect for signatures and bold logotype.

Download Baquette

8. Magelius

MageliusMagelius is a pretty unique monoline script font in which the transition from each letter is so natural that it’s hard to tell that it’s actually a font.

Download Magelius

9. Rampage

Rampage-Rampage is a beautiful and elegant monoline script font that has an almost western-like vibe to the swirls of the typeface.

Download Rampage

10. Gemblo

GembloGemblo is a typeface that looks as if it could have been used by the Dribbble team for their logo. Gorgeous, monoline script font with huge ascenders and and elegant letter transitions.

Download Gemblo

11. Blondia

BlondiaBlondia is a coffee owners dream. The gorgeous almost French-looking curls to the characters and the extravagant uppercases makes this one an ideal logotype font.

Download Blondia

12. Selfie


This complete pack from Sproviero-Type contains 4 handy styles of connected sans serifs plus catchphrases to make your self-shot pictures stand out.

Download Selfie

13. Traveler


A script and sans serif duo by The Routine Creative, it’s the best companion to your nomadic lifestyle. Now you can show off your free-loving spirit in the right typography.

Download Traveler

14. Hesterica


A clean, bouncy, and friendly font by Windestrian, use it for creating customized cards, labels, invitations, and posters for family and friends.

Download Hesterica

15. Ollie


This rounded script by Manraj Ubhi is a beautiful monoline where each letter flows onto the next smoothly and seamlessly.

Download Ollie

16. Outfitter Script


A super sleek hand drawn monoline from Spencer & Sons Co., this pack comes with a bonus Wayke Regular font.

Download Outfitter Script

17. Carimba


Influenced by classic label design, Heybrinc Studio gives you this vintage yet hipster typeface you can have fun playing with!

Download Carimba

18. Canggu


Inspired by the typography style of the 40’s and 50’s, this monoline typeface from Inspirationfeed is an easily legible script that will look gorgeous on your apparel, invitations, badges, posters, signage, and more.

Download Canggu

19. Montebello


With a total of 4 fonts, this pack by Ian Barnard features cursive scripts and an art deco sans that are reminiscent of sunsets, beaches, and cold cocktails.

Download Montebello

20. Smoothy


With gorgeous capital flourishes, this 2-font family can be applied when creating monograms, invitations, apparel, magazine headers, logos, and more.

Download Smoothy

21. Palm Canyon Drive


Inspired by ’40s and ’50s California, RetroSupply Co. brings you travel postcards, Tikki bars, and Hollywood dreams in the form of this magical typeface.

Download Palm Canyon Drive

22. Catfish Monoline Script


This monoline geometric script by MyCreativeLand has 5 weights that remain legible even when used as body copy or as a header.

Download Catfish Monoline Script

23. Monoline Script


Initially based off of Stephen Bradbury’s own handwriting, this lovely font is simple yet elegant enough to be used anywhere: from branding, logos, apparel, to wedding invitations, posters, and signage.

Download Monoline Script

24. Signature Script & Sans


This 3-font family with a mono weight cursive script from Harmony Type Co. includes a complementary subtly rounded sans-serif, plus 240+ glyphs, as well as swashes, stylistic, contextual alternates, and final forms.

Download Signature Script & Sans

25. Honeydew Script


This calligraphic font by Molly Suber Thorpe puts a modern twist on the classic schoolhouse cursive by making it adaptable enough to be applied on almost anything – from branding to social media, stationeries and advertising.

Download Honeydew Script

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