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Explore amazing typefaces created by independent creatives from around the world.

FREE Caslon Fonts You Can Always Turn To When in Need of a Reliable Serif

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin loved the Caslon fonts so much, that he used it for the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution? That’s right – this Old Style serif has definitely earned its bragging rights thanks to its…

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32 Ruthless Brutalist Fonts That Are Sure To Grab Huge Attention

Utilitarian, imposing, bold. These words often describe what is known as brutalist aesthetic. This movement began around the 1950s in the world of architecture, when people craved for something more honest and raw. You can see this in structures that…

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25 Fantastic Book Fonts To Make Your Work Look Like a Bestseller

Book covers are just as important as the stories behind them. A good cover should reflect the theme or mood the author wants to convey. Romance stories for example, would usually have images of a couple or of a romantic…

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FREE Adelle Font To Give an Air of Authority To Your Editorials

Of course, plenty of typefaces have been considered to be ‘beautiful’. But perhaps not as beautiful as the slab serif named Adelle. Carefully crafted to be unobtrusive and legible despite unforgiving environs, this typeface has won many awards with its…

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Why Merriweather is the Best Serif Font for Digital Screens

Whether it’s a mobile app or a news website, you’ve probably noticed this lovely serif in some form or another. Created to particularly be appealing for digital audiences, Merriweather can be seen in all kinds of online works across various…

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32 Handwriting Fonts To Give Your Designs an Authentic Touch

With the growing use of various technological devices, it seems that the art of penmanship is a dying art. Perhaps gone are the days when people used their own handwriting for correspondence, books, or notes. Nowadays, one can simply use…

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