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20 Perfect 1990s Fonts To Reinvent Your Vintage Design

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The decade of the ‘Generation X’, the 90s were all about MTV music, iconic sitcoms, and the beginnings of a digital era. Everything seemed fun, fresh, and fast. Still, summers were all about cycling down suburban roads and watching cartoons on weekends. It was a fast-paced mix of what’s new and what was.

Was it the best decade? Perhaps. But everyone can agree that today, the 90s vibe is sought-after for its nostalgia and fun characteristics. Bring back the good decade in your projects with these cool 1990s fonts.


20 of the Best 1990s Fonts

1. Bright Colorful Children Alphabet

1990s Fonts

ExpressShop brings to you this vibrant, multi-colored typeface that’s sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Featuring 26 JPG, PNG, and EPS files, it’s a nice addition to kid-inspired works and designs.

Download Bright Colorful Children Alphabet


2. Argent CF

1990s Fonts

Created by Connary Fagen, this expressive serif includes a pronounced x‑height and evocative, flowing letterforms that’s both familiar yet exciting.

Download Argent CF


3. Modern English Crooked Typeface

1990s Fonts

This stylized and distorted typeface is a quirky addition to your designer’s toolbox. Best when enlarged, use it for headlines, logos, labels, and more!

Download Modern English Crooked Typeface


4. Noyh

1990s Fonts

This font family by Typesketchbook Foundry includes 72 fonts in 9 weights, ranging from slim and clean, to thick and rounded – each boasting of over 350 glyphs and with their respective italics.

Download Noyh


5. Game Over

1990s Fonts

Inspired by the low-res bitmap lettering from early computer devices, this 8-bit font by Inspirationfeed is as every bit fitting in logos, headlines, prints, posters, icons, and more.

Download Game Over


6. Grestal

1990s Fonts

This smooth, casual typeface from Konstantine Studio is a fun retro tribute to everything 80s and 90s. Use it on social media, branding, or packaging designs for its versatile and beautiful lettering.

Download Grestal


7. Leutner Font

1990s Fonts

Totally unique and out-of-this-world, this hypnotic geometric gem from RetroSupply Co. was inspired by late 20th century design but without the cheesy tribute. Use it on your sci-fi, modern, or vintage projects for that magnetic vibe.

Download Leutner Font


8. Samson Typeface

1990s Fonts

If you’re on the lookout for something fun yet simple, look no further than this cute sans by MikeHill. Available in 4 styles (Regular, Italic, Alt, Outline), it’s a nice addition to anyone’s toolkit.

Download Samson Typeface



1990s Fonts

A serif with attitude and comes in 3 styles, this new wave typeface features strong lines that will good whether it’s used on futuristic or retro concepts.

Download HENAVE


10. Steamed Hams Font

1990s Fonts

No it’s not food – but it looks tasty enough to eat thanks to this font’s two unique styles that can be used on their own or layered to create yummy looks. Made by Denise Chandler, the set also includes cute doodles!

Download Steamed Hams Font


11. Truant Font

1990s Fonts

This font will be your new best friend with its playful characters and alternate letters. Relive good old school days in your personal or commercial projects using this gem.

Download Truant Font


12. Clonoid

1990s Fonts

Paying homage to the arcade game logos in 80s and 90s, Dharma Type created this masterpiece of 12 styles in 6 weights to help you craft the ideal futuristic vibe in minutes.

Download Clonoid


13. Nebula

1990s Fonts

Explore possibilities in this high impact display font from The Artifex Forge. Created with stylized, round-ended lines that appear to be in motion, this font is ready to take on the stars!

Download Nebula


14. Kingfisher Layered Font

1990s Fonts

Save yourself the time and effort when it comes to recreating those lovely vintage projects. This layered typeface from Java pep is everything you need for that picture-perfect retro design.

Download Kingfisher Layered Font


15. Totally Tubular Font

1990s Fonts

Looking for a fun surprise to add in your personal and commercial works? This hand-drawn font comes with an outline version for you to mix and match in your posters, branding, and even editorials.

Download Totally Tubular Font


16. Starlit Drive Signature Font

1990s Fonts

Sam Parrett brings to you this irresistibly charismatic typeface that’s all about swift strokes and authentic dry textures in 2 styles. Don’t be afraid to take it for a spin today.

Download Starlit Drive Signature Font


17. Retro Kiddo

1990s Fonts

Feel like a kid again thanks to Elena Choo and this vector alphabet you can easily customize to fit any concept you have in mind. Plus with 2 decorative geometric backgrounds, the game is never over – even when the 90s has ended.

Download Retro Kiddo


18. Electric Dreams Font Duo

1990s Fonts

Nicky Laatz proudly offers this font duo consisting of a natural signature style typeface, plus a solid sans serif. Great together or when used by themselves, it will look stunning on branding, editorials, and web projects.

Download Electric Dreams Font Duo


19. Childish Reverie Font

1990s Fonts

Keep it fun when you use this playful font that’s bursting with personality! Featuring doodles to add in your designs, download it today to help you kickstart something awesome.

Download Childish Reverie Font


20. The Ultimate 90s Font Pack

1990s Fonts

In search of the ultimate 90s collection? Then get your hands on this set that has everything – from bubbly fonts to colorful typefaces. Buy it today and receive an exclusive font thrown in just for kicks. What more could you ask for?

Download The Ultimate 90s Font Pack

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