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15 Scandinavian Fonts To Give Your Designs a Nordic Feel

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Beautiful things can also serve a function. That’s exactly the principle behind the Scandinavian movement that started sometime around the early 20th century. What began in the countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden has spread all over the world.

Today, Nordic beauty is synonymous with utility. So if you’re looking for gorgeous, practical design elements look no further than these amazing Scandinavian fonts.

15 Scandinavian Fonts

1. Sweetheart Fonts

Scandinavian Fonts

Express your love any time of the year using this pack from Red Ink. Not only will you get cool fonts in 3 beautiful styles, but you will also receive more than 100 hand-drawn love clip art illustrations in color, as well as outline love clip art illustrations in black.

Download Sweetheart Fonts

2. Little Submarine Kids Fonts

Scandinavian Fonts

Make little ones smile with this amazing typeface created by KAZUKA. It comes in two styles (Regular and Decor) that will bring out the kid in you. It’s perfect for kid-inspired projects such as personalized items and wall stickers.

Download Little Submarine Kids Fonts

3. Ethnic Love Font

Scandinavian Fonts

Latin Vibes wants you to come out and play in this all-in-one bundle featuring a totally unique, decorative font! Get it today and enjoy other bonuses such as illustrator brushes (compatible only with Illustrator CC+), seamless patterns, plus decorative circles.

Download Ethnic Love Font

4. Janica Font

Scandinavian Fonts

Give your designs a warm touch with this font family that has plenty of Nordic folk elements. Brought to you by Katrinelly, the font comes in two styles (Regular and Black) that go great together, or used separately. The pack also contains bonus symbols to complete your final product!

Download Janica Font

5. Maitana

Scandinavian Fonts

Keep it fun using this typeface by himoki. With a playful country style that comes in two versions (Extralight and Light) as well as bonus doodles, it’s a great addition to any project that needs a bold, Scandinavian vibe to it.

Download Maitana

6. Castillo Scandinavian Font

Scandinavian Fonts

Happy Letters is proud to present this modern display font in 4 unique styles (Regular, Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic). With a bonus of 6 seamless patterns, you’ll spend hours of fun working on scrapbooks, cards, logos, labels, albums, and gift packs.

Download Castillo Scandinavian Font

7. Jonny Font

Scandinavian Fonts

Created by Alena Dubinets (Alyonka_lis), this typeface has two versions (Decor and Black) that go great together, or can be used independently. It also supports Latin and Cyrillic characters to give you more creative freedom.

Download Jonny Font


8. Nordic Tale

Scandinavian Fonts

Tell your story using this beautiful folk art font family from Victoria Strukovskaya ( Each letter from the decorative version was made with distinct Nordic patterns, telling a separate cultural story of its own. The pack also includes symbols so you narrate your tales in excellent harmony.

Download Nordic Tale

9. Funny Christmas Typeface

Scandinavian Fonts

Can’t wait for the most wonderful time of the year? With this gem from Qilli, you won’t have to! Imbibed with the spirit of Christmas, the unique font comes with special characters, accents, alternates, and ligatures just for you!

Download Funny Christmas Typeface

10. Scandilover

Scandinavian Fonts

This Latin and Cyrillic font family from Katsia Jazwinska was inspired by monochrome Scandinavian style kid rooms filled with handwritten graphics, as well as black-and-white accessories and prints. Available in two fonts (Decorative Display Font and Script), use one or both to bring out your own creative side.

Download Scandilover

11. Lazy Olov

Scandinavian Fonts

Bring out your colorful side in this offering by JuliyArt. Presenting 3 amazing fonts in Regular, Color, and Black, there’s no limit to what you can do. The pack also includes color and monochrome elements, seamless patterns, and posters to help you explore your artistic side!

Download Lazy Olov

12. Brave Ulrik

Scandinavian Fonts

Whether you’re making something for the holidays or for the kids, you will love this versatile Scandinavian font from Katrinelly. Featuring a Regular version with a free Doodle Symbol font, it’s everything you need to start creating Nordic-inspired projects in no time.

Download Brave Ulrik

13. Hygge Scandinavian Font

Scandinavian Fonts

Add the Danish and Norwegian concept of Hygge in this typeface by Alisovna. With its warm and cozy vibe, it will look amazing on shirts, cards, pillows, labels, posters, headlines, and more.

Download Hygge Scandinavian Font

14. Yeti Scandinavian Font

Scandinavian Fonts

JuliyArt makes black-and-white look so good in this typeface that comes in two cute styles (Regular and Bold). Get the pack and also receive bonus goodies such as decorative elements, seamless patterns, and posters.

Download Yeti Scandinavian Font

15. Scandinavian Font Family

Scandinavian Fonts

Inspired by Nordic folklore and traditional Finnish and Swedish folk art, Favete Art proudly presents this font family that comes in two unique versions (Decorative and Black). With black and white Scandinavian symbols to boot, this is one pack you won’t want to do without!

Download Scandinavian Font Family

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