30 Beautiful Art Deco Fonts to Evoke a Bygone Era

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Just before World War I, a style that’s a mix of geometric shapes, bright colors, and superb craftsmanship appeared in France. It was then swept the world over to become known as Art Deco. From architecture, jewelry, art, fashion to everyday objects, people became enamored with this unique concept.

Even during the Great Depression, it has managed to keep itself alive thanks to new materials such as chrome plating, stainless steel, and plastic. One will later describe this style as contradictory: a wish to be opulent yet modern, practical but decorative.

Today, Art Deco is still synonymous with luxury, glamor, and a hope for technological progress. Wishing you could add this look and feel to your artworks? Then browse through this collection of the most beautiful Art Deco fonts.

30 Art Deco Fonts

1. Cassandre Font

Art Deco Fonts

A tribute to French artist and typeface designer, Adolphe Jean-Marie Mouron (whose pseudonym is Cassandre), this elegant display font from Archiwiz comes in Regular and Light to add a touch of humble charm to any design project.

Download Cassandre Font


Art Deco Fonts

This lovely sans serif by Ivanna-Ivashka is all about clean, updated letterforms that will lend the right art deco flow for invitations, business cards, posters, logos and more.


3. Emblema

Art Deco Fonts

Get more out of one purchase with this font bundle from Duvan Cardenas. Featuring a total of 7 styles, you can layer or use on their own, you’ll get all kinds of antique effects that are not only decorative but multipurpose.

Download Emblema

4. Naive Deco Sans Font Collection

Art Deco Fonts

Designed by Fanny Coulez and Julien Saurin, this handwritten sans serif is meant to be layered to produce various beautiful combinations reminiscent of Deco style. It’s also available in Double and Triple lines to give unique variations with a touch of whimsy.

Download Naive Deco Sans Font Collection

5. HandDeco Font Family

Art Deco Fonts

Inspired by geometric typefaces from the early 20th century Art Deco period, this font family by Gerren Lamson includes 4 styles that have been carefully handcrafted. Use them to re-create historic yet refined designs.

Download HandDeco Font Family

6. Retro Deco

Art Deco Fonts

This lovely font from The Routine Creative is all about 20s glamor with a just the right modern twist. Pair it with thick bold sans serifs for interesting results.

Download Retro Deco

7. NovaDeco Type Family

Art Deco Fonts

In search of something timeless for your branding projects? Types and Boats brings to you this amazing typeface that comes in 4 weights: Light, Medium, Bold, and Extra Bold for the perfect contemporary addition to any editorial or ad concept.

Download NovaDeco Type Family

8. Metropolis Typeface

Art Deco Fonts

Tugcu Design Co. proudly presents this art deco-influenced font that captures the classic beauty of that decade. And with more than 50 art deco ornaments as well as 3 gold textures, it’s a must-have in every designer’s arsenal.

Download Metropolis Typeface

9. Dianna

Art Deco Fonts

Make stunning retro designs and themes in a snap with help from this bundle by ochaya designs. Featuring 4 families, 4 weights, and 4 styles, they all total a whopping 22 different variations to use in logos, posters, menus, headlines, labels, branding, and more.

Download Dianna

10. Trindle Sans

Art Deco Fonts

This display font by Glyph44 is all about contrasting lines and smooth curves. Make a bold statement with it today by adding this to your invitations, posters, editorials, or social media ads.

Download Trindle Sans

11. Beaumont

Art Deco Fonts

Travel back to the Art Deco scene when you grab this 10-font family by Studio Buchanan. This blast-from-the-past meets modern strokes to create one of the most versatile typefaces you will ever own – perfect for body copy or for high-impact headlines.

Download Beaumont

12. Minerva Typeface

Art Deco Fonts

Tugcu Design Co. brings to you super elegant font that can be as mysterious as you want it to be. Available in Regular and Bold, this pack also comes with 2 bonus rose gold textures.

Download Minerva Typeface

13. Braga Huis

Art Deco Fonts

Inspired by the well-known street in Bandung during the 19th century, this font family by Juru Aksara comes in 3 styles – Regular, Black, and Outline – that are sure to give your works a hopeful, refined touch similar to the Netherland-Indie city of those golden times.

Download Braga Huis

14. Serendior

Art Deco Fonts

Go back to a time of complete splendor when you use this beautiful font by Zeune Ink Foundry. The pack includes the typeface in Block and Stroke styles, as well as 12 seamless patterns that are scalable and ready to use.

Download Serendior

15. Prizefighter Display

Art Deco Fonts

This tall and thin sans serif from Vintage Type Co. will look great on either traditional or modern projects. It also features 4 unique styles with glyphs and multilingual support.

Download Prizefighter Display

16. Von Bond

Art Deco Fonts

Easily capture the silent beauty of a bygone era with this pretty sans serif by Josh O.. Created with a modern twist, its classy alternating thick and thin lines will lend vintage elegance to your wedding invitations or social media graphics.

Download Von Bond

17. Emporia Typeface

Art Deco Fonts

This art deco-inspired product from Tugcu Design Co. features 2 styles to die for: Regular, for the discerning audience; and Rough, for the right amount of rustic luxury. The pack also comes with 2 foil textures you can play around with.

Download Emporia Typeface

18. Ironclad Typeface

Art Deco Fonts

This amazingly contemporary tribute to a 1920s typeface by Tugcu Design Co. has a circular design reminiscent of upscale extravagance.

Download Ironclad Typeface

19. Bronco Typeface

Art Deco Fonts

With Inline and Regular styles, this uppercase display typeface pairs well with scripts for gorgeous designs you can apply to badges, logos, labels, and other branding projects.

Download Bronco Typeface

20. HAUS Sans Family

Art Deco Fonts

Inspired by Bauhaus and historical typefaces from the 1930s, this font by Pier Francesco Martini is clean, structural, and highly adaptable.

Download HAUS Sans Family

21. Brigmore Typeface

Art Deco Fonts

Set the mood using this classy retro typeface evocative of Noir as well as Deco styles. Toggle the Caps Lock to get the alternate letters that will add more character to this already chic font.

Download Brigmore Typeface

22. Pontiac Inline Font Collection

Art Deco Fonts

Hand-lettered in Paris, this lovely collection includes 4 fonts – Regular, Inline Inside, 3D, and Shadow – that you can layer or use separately for a modern, yet totally decorative effect.

Download Pontiac Inline Font Collection

23. Haarlem Deco

Art Deco Fonts

This all-caps semi-condensed sans serif by Twicolabs Fontdation came from a mix of Euro-American signage lettering transformed into a modern and clean typeface that’s beautiful and fun to use.

Download Haarlem Deco

24. Saveur Sans

Art Deco Fonts

Arkitype proudly brings you this clean yet sophisticated font influenced by French cafes and the Art Deco age. This all-caps display typeface is your sweet go-to for designs that require a subtle French flair.

Download Saveur Sans

25. Cormier Typeface

Art Deco Fonts

Quickly add the timeless look of Art Nouveau in your projects thanks to this gem by Tugcu Design Co.. Available in Regular, Rough, and Double styles, it’s an instant mainstay in any designer’s toolbox.

Download Cormier Typeface

26. Magellan Deco

Art Deco Fonts

In need of something fun to jazz up an otherwise bland presentation? Look no further than this hand-drawn typeface by Dimitriana.

Download Magellan Deco

27. Aviator

Art Deco Fonts

Let your designs reach new heights with this simple sans serif from Medialoot. Clean yet elegant, this art deco-inspired typeface is best used for contemporary and minimalist concepts.

Download Aviator

28. Brilon Font

Art Deco Fonts

This product by Tobias Saul comes with a beautiful serif, as well as 18 special ligatures, 17 stylistic alternates, and 8 high-quality botanical photos. Truly a must-have not to be missed!

Download Brilon Font

29. Hazel Deco Font

Art Deco Fonts

An elegant typeface reminiscent of a Gatsby era, Leslie Ray also includes a lovely gold foil texture that will instantly transform this font from simply chic to stunning.

Download Hazel Deco Font

30. Grafika™

Art Deco Fonts

Make a lasting statement using Michael Doret’s typeface. With its distinct sharp points and wide curves, you’ll quickly set yourself apart in this vintage, almost-Gothic lettering that’s bound to turn heads.

Download Grafika™

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