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28 Slavic Fonts To Level-Up Your Designs

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There are projects that need more than your regular sans serif to stand out. They call for strong, often original, hand-drawn typefaces that demand attention. When used on any design, the right font can amplify your messages without going overboard.

Looking for a typeface that can bring out the boldness in you? Try Slavic fonts. Created with heavy lines and sharp curves, these types of fonts will work with almost any design: from branding, print projects, to custom logos.

They’re also fit for works that need a modern touch, or a little retro twist. They’re just flexible and adaptable to any circumstance.

Don’t be afraid to stock one – or two – Slavic fonts in your arsenal. You’ll never know when you’ll need to call on their boldness.

Not sure where to start? Here is a collection of 30 well-built Slavic fonts to set you on the right track.

30 Russian Fonts To Spice Up Your Designs

1. YewType Kraken

russian fonts

Designed to embody the fabled monster “Kraken“, the harsh, bluntly chiseled letter forms make this display font perfect for signage or strong branding projects.

Download YT Kraken

2. TT Lakes

russian fonts

Inspired by an interesting sign plate in the city of Priosersk (previously known before 1948 in Finnish as Käkisalmi), this sans serif type family consists of 54 typefaces and supports more than 70 languages.

Download TT Lakes

3. Souses—Regular and Italic

russian fonts

A handmade sans serif font pair that’s ideal for nature-themed projects. Make any work look effortlessly chic with these clear and original fonts.

Download Souses

4. TT Rounds Condensed

russian fonts

Looking for Slavic fonts with a gentler touch? This one is more rounded and will work perfect for short titles, or longer paragraphs of text.

Download TT Rounds Condensed

5. Univia Pro

russian fonts

Pick a font with personality, like this one, designed by Olivier Gourvat in December 2015. Great for projects that need a modern flair, thanks to its smooth curves and more rounded corners.

Download Univia Pro

6. Eslava Font Family

russian fonts

A display typeface with a geometric angular look, this font family includes six styles to choose from.

Download Eslava

7. Inters Typeface

russian fonts

Inspired by the dream of outer space, this vintage style script can help give your works a wistful, emotional feel.

Download Inters

8. Planet Rouge Display Font

russian fonts

Need to get your message heard? Try this constructivist font that includes a rough style for that grunge effect, and a clean style for a softer, more polished look.

Download Planet Rouge

9. TT Supermolot Condensed

russian fonts

The narrow version of the TT Supermolot font family that consists of five convenient weights (Thin, Light, Regular, Bold, Black). It’s perfect for tech, gaming, or sports-themed projects.

Download TT Supermolot Condensed

10. Foray (Regular and Outline)

russian fonts

Inspired by modern sports apparel design, this simple but bold typeface also includes an outline version so you can mix-and-match to your heart’s content.

Download Foray

11. Burial Typeface

russian fonts

Let your choice in font say it all. This typeface with its sharp, bold lines will definitely convey that you mean business.

Download Burial Type Family

12. Green Grove

russian fonts

A display typeface with low contrast and compressed proportions, this one will surely add a fresh take to your designs anytime you need it.

Download Green Grove

13. TT Firs Neue

russian fonts

Calm and neutral, this font was made in a modern Scandinavian style with plenty of that charming Nordic character.

Download TT Firs Neue

14. Czechmate Bold

russian fonts

A font inspired by mid-century matchbox designs from Poland, Hungary, and the former Czechoslovakia, this typeface will surely add an authentic retro touch to any project you pursue.

Download Czechmate Bold

15. Monolisk

russian fonts

Drawn from Eastmodern and Brutalist architecture, this rigid, gothic typeface ought to draw your audience’s attention, too.

Download Monolisk

16. Companion League

russian fonts

Adapted from solid block shapes and combined with curves, this font is not only stylish, it’s also highly readable.

Download Companion League

17. Rezerv Heavy

russian fonts

A heavy typeface that demands to be seen. Supports 14 languages including Albanian, Cyrillic, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Faroese, French, and German.

Download Rezerv Heavy

18. Stampbor Font and Badges

russian fonts

A warm typeface that consists of two variants (Grunge and Rounded) plus a BONUS of 12 badges to truly make your designs stand out.

Download Stampbor Font

19. Turismo CF Modern Font

russian fonts

This stunning typeface takes its cue from 1960s and 1920s designs. It works best for artworks in the sports, technology, and business industries.

Download Turismo CF

20. Quincy CF Font Family

russian fonts

Stately and warm, this font will provide charm and elegance to any project with its small imperfections and variations

Download Quincy CF

21. Rawer Condensed Heavy

russian fonts

Inspired by soviet typography, this strong and robust sans includes stencil and inline weights for that added character.

Download Rawer Condensed

22. TT Bricks

russian fonts

A fresh and visually powerful font family with a Soviet past, you will adore its sharp rectangular and triangle forms.

Download TT Bricks

23. Red Storm | Special Designer Font

russian fonts

Be unapologetically bold with this modern font that’s perfect for headlines, titles, logos, posters, and more!

Download Red Storm

24. Wilhelm Font and Space Vectors

russian fonts

Get creative – from Soviet-style pieces to aggressive logos – because this font has got you covered. Featuring space vector elements to create your own space-themed works, you’ll be aiming for the stars in no time.

Download Wilhelm Font

25. Sputnik Typeface

russian fonts

Make your posters, signage, and brand campaigns stand out with this USSR-inspired typeface that looks amazing in bright red.

Download Sputnik 

26. CraveSans

russian fonts

Unobtrusive and highly legible, this font family is convenient addition to any designer’s toolkit.

Download CraveSans

27. Slav Type

russian fonts

Featuring quick strokes and sharp details, this typeface will deliver your message as swiftly as possible. It’s ideal for logos, apparel, quotes, and product packaging.

Download Slav Type

28. Balalaika

russian fonts

Bring out a touch of culture with this fun font inspired by ethnic Slavonic style. Combine uppercase and lowercase letters for something new and inviting.

Download Balalaika

It’s always a good idea to have the right fonts when you need them. Creative Market is a great go-to resource for this, whether you need a font on the go, or you’re simply browsing for ideas. They have a vast variety of next-level typefaces that go well with virtually any design or project that you have in mind.

Getting pre-made fonts saves you time and money in the long run. No need to scramble to create one that would suit your current needs, or to spend hours on the Web. Once you have it, simply upload on your desired platform, adjust, and save. Then use your remaining time on something you truly enjoy – like getting creative!

Buy these bundles and save yourself the hassle. Better yet, grab two or three font packs for future use. You’ll never know when you’ll need an amazing typeface to spice up your projects.

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