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41 Beautiful College Fonts for A Professional Look

For a lot of people, college years are some of the most memorable years of their life. From clubs, friends, to parties, and classes: as they say, time flies when you’re having fun. Whether it’s community college or at a university, there’s nothing quite like being part of something big. Back then, you didn’t know what or who you’d end up as.

It was a time of finding yourself, what you like to do, and who your real friends are. In fact, many of us probably still visit our old schools. And of course, some of our most treasured possessions are our college memorabilia. From jerseys to thesis papers, these are now fondly thought of and kept.

Want to revisit university life? Then check out these excellent college fonts and let them transport you back to your prime years.


College Fonts

1. College

CollegeCollege is a family of college font styles that like to hang out together! Combine them how you like and color them as you will. Give your designs some good old college cheer and have fun with fills and outlines.

Download College


2. Wildcat

Wildcat is an athletic typeface perfect for basketball, football, softball, baseball, soccer, and hockey related projects. You can use it to create powerful logotypes, posters, apparel, magazines, stationary, headlines, labels, badges, and much more. Give your designs a bold look today with Wildcat!

Download Wildcat


3. College Block 2

College-Block-2College Block has been revamped with many changes both to the college font and glyphs themselves as well as language support. This blocky display font features only angled lines with stubby serifs and now features a 3D version.

Download College Block 2


4. Leophard Font Family

College Fonts

Arterfak Project presents this 6-font gem inspired from sporty, vintage style that evokes old-school spirit while playing with modern minimalism.

Download Leophard Font Family


5. Flanders Script

College Fonts

This modern script from Letterhend Studio includes a complementary Shadow font so you can effortlessly make retro designs in a snap.

Download Flanders Script


6. Houston Font Family

College Fonts

Craft Supply Co. offers this modular gem inspired by American sports graphics. This sans serif family would be perfect for logos, headers, banners, or even print projects.

Download Houston Font Family


7. Scout

Scout Cover min

Scout is a sharp, clean, and bold athletic font. It is a very versatile display typeface perfect for sports branding, emblems, jerseys, posters, apparel design, magazine headlines, labels and so much more. Scout is fully-kerned and ready to be used right out the box.

Download Scout


8. Heisman

Heisman Typeface min

Heisman is an all caps font with unique small and large cap characters. The font is ready to be used for your sports related projects. Built to be perfect for headlines, jerseys, logos, branding, posters, packaging, advertising, and much more.

The font is geometrically perfect, which means it’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Heisman is fully-kerned and is effortless to use. You can always play around with the spacing, however the typeface looks great when the letters are close to each other.

Download Heisman


9. Strikeout – Bold Script Typeface

Strikeout Cover min

Strikeout is a beautiful script typeface inspired by 1940s and 1950s baseball era. Strikeout allows you to create hand lettering in an instant. This super handy typeface is ideal for logos, product packaging, headers, posters, merchandise, handwritten quotes, social media, greeting cards, and much more. If you love baseball and retro typography, then this font is for you!

Download Strikeout


10. Enforcer Typeface

College Fonts

Make a big impact right away thanks to this semi-rounded, bold sans serif from ANDR35. Have confidence presenting your works to the world in four styles that are sporty and edgy.

Download Enforcer Typeface


11. Tide Sans

College Fonts

Just because it is block doesn’t mean it can’t be fun or fresh. Introducing this 18-font pack from Very Cool Studio that can go from beach to frat party in seconds.

Download Tide Sans


12. Fantera

College Fonts

This vintage script typeface by Alcode will look amazing by itself, or paired with a sturdy sans.

Download Fantera


13. Porterhaus Typeface Family

College Fonts

Whether it’s for branding or personal use, you will love this display typeface family that includes six styles (Sans, Serif, Stencil, College, Outline, and Shadow) plus 20 pre-built catchwords for your convenience.

Download Porterhaus Typeface Family


14. Kensmark

College Fonts

Who would’ve thought that simply changing the width or weight of a font can create versatile possibilities? This powerful pack contains 45 fonts that would make your posters, logos, headlines, and labels stand out.

Download Kensmark


15. Tribe

College Fonts

Instantly make a winning combination using this all-caps display type that comes in six flexible fonts.

Download Tribe


16. Diesel

College Fonts

Nothing says ‘dynamic’ more than a well-built slab serif. Find that and more when you download this font that comes in Light, Light Italic, Regular, Regular Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic.

Download Diesel


17. TT Polls

College Fonts

Letters never looked so good thanks to TypeType and this collection of 15 fonts that includes thin, bold, and even a script style. Use it for sports, fashion, corporate, as well as branding and gaming themes.

Download TT Polls


18. College Champions Font Family

College Fonts

Show them who the real champ is in this extra wide type from Alphabet Agency.

Download College Champions Font Family


19. VTF League Family

College Fonts

Inspired by local distilleries around Eastern Tennessee, this 14-font athletic block display family by Varsity Type Foundry is all you need to create sturdy, competitive pieces that will showcase your own unique personality.

Download VTF League Family


20. Chosla

College Fonts

This sans serif font family from RARY is ready to give your projects a powerful first impression. A pack that consists of a total of 11 styles, it’s a modern block doesn’t know when to give up.

Download Chosla


21. Scoreline Sports Font Family

College Fonts

Inspired by Nike’s NCAA/NFL type systems, this slab and sans serif family was created specifically by sports lovers for sports-minded individuals.

Download Scoreline Sports Font Family


22. Jawbreak

College Fonts

Whether it’s sports, urban, or collegiate themes, this modern font includes editable logo templates that should kickstart your sports dreams.

Download Jawbreak


23. Empera

College Fonts

Go from vintage to distressed in seconds using this versatile font family. Confident enough to appear in logos, posters, labels, branding, and apparel, you will love that it also has multilingual support.

Download Empera


24. Treadstone

College Fonts

Greg Nicholls introduces this 8-font family that consists of versions with rounded and rough edges, as well as grunge effects. This means you can easily shift from adventure to vintage effortlessly.

Download Treadstone


25. Centrifuge Family

College Fonts

Midwest Type proudly presents an all-caps type that comes in three styles (Bold, Regular, Light) for you to use in anything – from elegant to athletic.

Download Centrifuge Family


26. Madison

College Fonts

Nothing like a Saturday spent watching baseball or horse racing. Stir up similar emotions and memories when you download this sporty sans from Fateh Lab that includes a charming script, as well as 35 beautiful vector illustrations.

Download Madison


27. Athletico Clean & Sharp

College Fonts

Inspired by college and university sportswear lettering, Leitmotif presents to you this athletic font that would make a great addition to any designer’s toolkit.

Download Athletico Clean & Sharp


28. Maritime Champion Stencil

College Fonts

An all-caps champion that comes in four stencil weights, use it to stretch your designs either on land or at sea.

Download Maritime Champion Stencil


29. Hudson NY Family

College Fonts

With Regular and Press styles, this font family from Arkitype is the perfect reflection of American sports and college styling – classic, strong, and flexible.

Download Hudson NY Family


30. College Dropout

College Fonts

Hand-sketched and reminiscent of our less-than-stellar moments at university, Rocket Type brings to life this display font that’s ready to go back to school.

Download College Dropout


31. KVC Bucktooth

College Fonts

A throwback to classic collegiate block lettering, Kyle Van Cleave offers this block font that’s anything but basic. Try it on logos, shirts, headers, jerseys, or anything that needs to catch attention.

Download KVC Bucktooth



32. Varsity Greek Lettering

College Fonts

Looking for the perfect fraternity or sorority shirt? Then you will love this solid style Greek lettering from nsmworldwide.

Download Varsity Greek Lettering


33. Mavericks

College Fonts

This condensed small caps serif from BoxTube Labs comes in two styles (Regular and Vintage). True to its name, it’s independent enough to be on its own, yet different enough to stand out from the crowd.

Download Mavericks


34. Pittsbrook Sans

Pittsbrook-SansPittsbrook Sans is a classic college font that is reminiscent of old advertisements and branding. With a rigid, blocky feel, it’s got lots of potential for your vintage projects.

Download Pittsbrook Sans


35. KVC Brute

College Fonts

With two options to choose from (Regular and Speed), this heavy, bold, and block display font has the no-frills aggressiveness you need to kickstart any design.

Download KVC Brute


36. Lightning

College Fonts

Pull out this condensed font by Studio One Four whenever you need to inspire some school spirit. With a total of 7 styles, it can make any team name look good.

Download Lightning


37. Scratchy Erratic Handwritten (FREE)

Scratchy Erratic

Despite the digital age, you would probably still make a couple of handwritten notes as a college student. And for those days when you don’t feel like you want to, let this beautiful, erratic handwriting from Creatype Studio compose your notes, cards, invitations, and digital journals for you. Free for personal use.

Download Scratchy Erratic Handwritten


38. Black Hawk (FREE)

Black Hawk

Relive the nostalgia of chalkboards and after-school activities in this surprisingly fun font from cocodesign. Put it on bags, apparel, mugs, pins, invitations, badges, banners, and more!

Download Black Hawk Font


39. NeoBulletin College (FREE)


This simple but classic sans serif by Intellecta Design has typewriter style lettering, giving it a retro yet preppy feel. Semi-bold yet solid, the hollowed out outline on the outside is eye-catching and perfect for posters, brochures, pamphlets, and self-publish magazines.

Download NeoBulletin College Font


40. College (FREE)


Inspired by the arches and columns of the buildings at the College de France, this elegant stencil font from Corentin Riviere is functional, classy, and timeless.

Download College


41. Labor Union (FREE)

Labor Union

A font originally created for the student-run group ‘Students for Labor Action’ at Ithaca College, this vintage sans serif by McLetters is versatile and can be applied to multiple projects. Use it on book covers, social media posts, as a headline for a college paper, or on product packaging. It supports 85 different languages with Latin and Cyrillic characters.

Download Labor Union

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