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10 Classic Typewriter Fonts That Pay Homage To The Machine

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Writing, even today, is still no easy task. But think about these great names – Twain, Hemingway, Angelou, Williams – they didn’t had the aid of the soft keys of a computer or laptop. Instead, they had the mighty and reliable machine that was the typewriter.

Ever since its invention, it has definitely made a huge mark for mankind. Suddenly, people from all walks of life who could afford it were typing left and right. Businesses boomed, researchers were happy, and writers could finally produce more masterpieces. Imagine an author or poet, alone in a room, nothing but the loud ticks of the keys being punched one by one into the dead of night.

Let’s pay homage to this highly versatile piece of equipment that helped to launch careers and rewrite history. Here are the best typewriter fonts that are just as beautiful as they are practical.


10 Typewriter Fonts

1. Special Elite Pro

Typewriter Fonts

Go back to an era when life was simple, and words were painstakingly transferred from ribbon to paper. Stiggy & Sands presents this warm typeface, complete with grunge texture, to take those vintage works from clean to classic.

Download Special Elite Pro


2. Detective Typewriter Typeface

Typewriter Fonts

Inspirationfeed is proud to bring out this timeless mechanical typewriter font that’s 100 percent handmade. Clean-cut and charming, it’s perfect for professional or personal projects.

Download Detective Typewriter Typeface


3. Perfect Thoughts Font

Typewriter Fonts

Life isn’t perfect – so why should typography need to be? Salt & Pepper Designs cranks up the fun in this playful typeface that comes in three amazing styles (Regular, Stamp Regular, Straight Regular) to add the right amount of personal touch to your works.

Download Perfect Thoughts Font


4. 1913 Typewriter Carbon Set OTF

Typewriter Fonts

Re-create the ole typewriter effect effortlessly using this typeface by GLC Foundry that comes in two styles, Normal and Underlined. Simply use dark gray during print, and put the setting on draft to achieve the desired effect.

Download 1913 Typewriter


5. Rusty Typewriter Font

Typewriter Fonts

Ana’s Fonts presents this vintage set with a free Texture Pack. Use both font and matching grungy textures for posters, cards, invitations, logos, and more to get that natural retro vibe in minutes.

Download Rusty Typewriter Font


6. Coronamatic 67

Typewriter Fonts

Pretend like you’re back in the hip 60’s or 70’s when you use this typeface by Cody Dennison. With three different styles to choose from (Booked, Nicked, Jacked) along with web versions of the fonts, the possibilities are endless!

Download Coronamatic 67


7. Classica Hatched Typewriter Font

Typewriter Fonts

Not all typewriters leave the same mark. Just take a look at this one from GOICHA and see for yourself – an impressive hatched texture paired with the classic typewriter font. It’s definitely a keeper.

Download Classica


8. Old Brighton Typewriter Font

Typewriter Fonts

Let Studio FabianFischer help you re-create the handcrafted look you’ve been searching for in this amazing typeface generated from an actual old typewriter. It’s ideal for anything vintage or projects that need a rustic vibe.

Download Old Brighton Typewriter Font


9. Mystery Typewriter Font

Typewriter Fonts

Now, you can pretend like you’re a best-selling mystery author when you use this little gem from Ana’s Fonts. Featuring bonus misprints, seamless paper textures, and 5 PSD templates, it’s a big box full of surprises!

Download Mystery Typewriter Font


10. Typewriter Font

Typewriter Fonts

Monogram is proud to present this font that comes in regular and bold weights, as well as 187 glyphs. It’s perfect for old documents, rustic posters, or retro masterpieces. Clean, legible, and timeless, it’s a must in every designer’s toolkit.

Download Typewriter Font



What do you think? Did these typewriter fonts inspire you to create some vintage masterpieces of your own?

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