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15 Distinctive Typefaces From Creative Turkish Designers 

Beyond people being attracted to internal traits, external characteristics also play a key role, particularly stunning ones. The sight of beautiful things moves us, and being in the presence of a beautiful thing is transporting. 

People have a stronger desire to possess and protect beautiful things. Imagine a room crowded with all sorts of stunning objects. If tragedy struck, how would you decide on what to save among the masterpieces?

We find beauty in unusual things such as fonts and typefaces. Typefaces play a vital role in design. They set the mood, elicit emotions, evoke responses, and help form an opinion before reading the text. Different fonts are used for different purposes depending on the tone and aesthetic you’re trying to create.

Certain typefaces have a significant emotional appeal. Consequently, a stunning typeface is welcoming, appealing, and captivating. It also helps to boost the quality of our texts and shape them into interesting reads.

This article highlights 15 quintessential stunning typefaces from Turkish creators that can be used to enhance your text quality. 

15 Stunning Typefaces Made by Turkish Creators

1. Minsk Script Font

The Minsk Script Font is an attractive typeface that reflects a fierce and daring character. The creator, Vera Spartera, was inspired by the versatility of her values and how she spent the year 2020 fighting for civil rights and freedom of expression. 

Consequently, this font is recommended for creating an intrepid atmosphere on design projects. It is also excellent for designing posters, cards, branding, and invitations.

Download Minsk Script Font.

2. Estus Typeface

Another incredible typeface is the Estus Typeface. Estus Typeface is a sharp serif font that typifies the middle ages. Asides from having alternate letters that can be toggled by using caps lock, this display font comes in two styles only – rough and regular. You can combine these styles in various artistic ways to add a graceful touch to invitations, posters, headers, and Halloween-related designs.

Download Estus Typeface 

3. Antikor Font Family

The Antikor Font Family is a modern geometric sans serif typeface with rounded edges. It consists of 3 styles: Mono, Text, and Display. Antikor Mono is a geometric sans monospaced typeface with all typographic features except kerning and spacing. Unlike Antikor Mono, the Antikor Text style has kerning and proportional spacing. On the other hand,  Antikor Display is a very alternative typeface with frisky calligraphic curves.

All fonts of the family contain over 800 glyphs and are equipped with many typographic features. Antikor has 55 fonts with true italics and 11 font weights, including Bold, Hairline, ExtraBold Light, Regular, and Thin. These spectacular characteristics make the Antikor font family fantastic for numerous designs ranging from posters and infographics to websites and documents.

Download Antikor Font Family

4. Flow Handscript/Typeface

The Flow Handscript is a unique display font that possesses brush script characteristics. Each letter was designed in detail to look like handwriting and generate the best curves. This typeface contains various OpenType features like Initial Alternates, Contextual Alternates, Final Alternates, and Contextual Ligatures, making it possible to establish connections between letters; and rhythm between words.

Download Flow Handscript/Typeface

5. Witch Typeface

When trying to create a design that screams horror, the Witch typeface should be the first on your list. The Witch typeface is a strange serif display typeface that gives off a spooky feel and exudes sorcery, witchcraft, and magic. It also contains numerous typographic ligature options. Consequently, the Witch typeface is appropriate for horror titles and designs reflecting horror, gore, or fright. 

Download Witch Typeface

6. Solaire Typeface

The Solaire typeface is a fantasy-themed display font family with a mysterious and magical feel. Some letters have alternates which can be toggled by using the caps lock.

The font comes in two styles – regular and rough. Asides from uppercase multilingual letters, the Solaire typeface also supports numbers and punctuation. You can use this typeface for headlines, brandings, cards, and magic-related designs.

Download Solaire Typeface

7. Osiris Futuristic Font

If you’d like a font that helps you blend past and present, then Osiris is a perfect font choice. Osiris is a modern retro-futuristic display font inspired by the NASA font. The font features sharp edges and rounded corners with a character set that includes alternate letters, punctuation, numbers, and uppercase multilingual letter support. As such, this display font is superb for headlines, posters, and space-related designs.

Download Osiris Futuristic Font

8. SK Barbicane

Inspired by Jules Verne, SK Barbicane is a Sans Serif font family created by Salih Kızılkaya. SK Barbicane comprises two different families – Normal and Unicase. This fantastic typeface has 12 different fonts, 5088 glyphs, and 12 font weights ranging from bold to italic. It also has numerous typographic elements used to enhance designs. 

As such, you can apply this font when creating regular typographic layouts on billboards, posters, and cards.

Download SK Barbicane

9. Sk Anatolia

SK Anatolia was also designed by Salih Kızılkaya in 2021. It is an Anatolia-inspired mono decorative sans serif font. It consists of 12 individual fonts, 4236 glyphs, and 12 font weights ranging from bold to regular. It also provides all the needed typographic elements and full Latin alphabet support.

This unique font is fantastic for culture-related designs, headings, documents, websites, and posters.

Download SK Anatolia

10. Agentic Serif Font Family

The Agentic Serif font family is another typeface that falls under the category of beautiful typefaces. It comes in 18 styles, ranging from Bold condensed and Bold condensed italic to light condensed and medium condensed italic. The blend of soft turns and sharp corners in the characters provides alternatives to create different moods in your projects. Consequently, this font gives your design project a modern, classy and bold look.

Download Agentic Serif Font Family

11. Optimus Serif Font Family

Optimus Serif font is a font with solid and beautiful characters. This font comes in 18 styles, from light to medium and bold. Its extensive character set supports upper and lower case letters, punctuation, currency symbols, numbers, and multilingual support for Latin languages. 

This striking typeface helps you choose the best mood for your design projects, from headings to body texts. You can also combine upper and lowercase letters to create artistic designs. Optimus Serif Font is suitable for magazines, websites, advertisements, invitations, books, magazine covers, headlines, branding, posters, and editorials.

Download Optimus Serif Font Family

12. Corvus Serif Font

Corvus is a display serif font family characterized by elegant soft turns that soften the sharp ends. It comes in 12 different styles and supports letterlike symbols and arrows, punctuations, upper and lowercase, currency symbols, geometric shapes, and numbers.

Corvus Serif font also includes multilingual support for Latin languages and 543 glyphs. This stellar display font can give your design a classic or modern look. Hence, it is ideal for headlines, logos, titles, branding, invitations, magazines, and books.

Download Corvus Serif Font

13. Sarmal

The Sarmal script font is a creative and simple font with mildly sharp edges and a playful curled edge, as seen in some letters. Sarmal contains several ligatures that are functional and useful in design. Therefore, it is a stylish and perfect font choice for your prints, posters, t-shirts, prints, mugs, branding, and displays.

Download Sarmal 

14. Izmir Font Family

Izmir is a modern, geometric sans serif font family. In this family, there are 44 beautiful fonts in mainly two widths – normal and narrow. Each width consists of italic and regular font styles. 

Izmir has 11 font weights, and all have functional OpenType features. The combination of the normal and narrow font weights is an impressive choice for display use and graphic design. As such, this font is well suited for infographics, documents, posters, and websites.

Download Izmir Font Family

15. Procerus

Procerus is a stunning typeface designed by Artegra to achieve maximal impact on narrow ground with highly compressed letterforms. The idea was to use integrated straight shapes to allow utmost use of space while minimizing the space between letters. The outcome was a stunning display font family with an attractive, engaging, and readable typeface.

Procerus sans serif font family has 18 fonts which are excellent for book covers, titles, poster design, advertisements, packaging design, logos, and headlines. It also has 18 font weights accompanied by italics, 391 glyphs, and multilingual support. 

Download Procerus

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