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18 Creative Computer Fonts To Give Your Designs a Futuristic Vibe

Computers have come a long way from a loom with punch cards. Today, they’re faster, smaller, and more affordable. Depending on the model, they can process up to 5 billion calculations per second. They help us create documents, watch movies, make animation, mix sounds, and work out complex mathematical equations.

It’s difficult to imagine that we once lived without these amazing machines. Connect the computer to the World Wide Web and you’ve got magic. When Tim Berners-Lee developed the HTML, it was the beginning of another milestone in history.

Nowadays, barely anyone can envision how we could do the things we do if we didn’t have these at our disposal. So it’s only natural that there are people who want to pay homage to computers with design.

Looking for creative computer fonts that will give your designs a sci-fi vibe? You’ve come to the right collection.


Creative Computer Fonts

1. Synthetika

Synthetika Cover

Synthetika is a contemporary font specifically crafted for a futuristic aesthetic. Boasting smooth curves and crisp edges, it makes an excellent choice for various creative projects, including movie titles, poster designs, game covers, and more.

The distinct combination of geometric shapes and sharp angles give this typeface confidence and strength. Clean, wide, and somewhat blockish, there’s a sense of precision and modernity that’s ideal for designs that require a cutting-edge and forward-looking vibe.

Whether you’re working on a sleek, futuristic website or developing a game app, Synthetika is the right choice to bring your vision to life.

Download Synthetika

2. Helix

Helix is a single line display typeface. Its eye catching design is bound to grab attention and turn heads. You can use Helix for editorials, posters, headlines, social media, packaging, and more. The font is fully kerned and is ready to be used out the box. If you’re looking for an uncommon geometric typeface then Helix is for you!

Download Helix

3. Techno Cowboy

Introducing Techno Cowboy, a modern techno display font with multilingual support. Techno Cowboy is great for creating eye-catching logos, headlines, ads, posters, web design, print, motion graphics, apparel and much more. If you’re looking for a futuristic font that packs a punch, then Techno Cowboy is for you.

Download Techno Cowboy

4. Dusty

Dusty is a sleek modern display typeface perfect for high exposure without that unnecessary distraction. Its clean futuristic look is perfect for sci-fi, video games, sports, and technology themed projects. Dusty is intended to be used for headings,, branding, logos, wordmarks and other application rather than typing a body of text. If you need a head turning geometric display, then Dusty is for you.

Download Dusty

5. Veltron


Veltron is a computer font that is inspired by science fiction and technology. It is a bold and modern font suitable for poster design, logo, album art, and many more.

Download Veltron

6. Circuitra Color Font


PutraCetol Studio proudly brings to you this display font inspired by circuit components. This is what your sci-fi and tech projects are missing: a futuristic typeface that’s contemporary yet playful.

Download Circuitra Color Font

7. District

District is a futuristic font stencil sans serif typeface. This minimalistic font is ideal for sci-fi movies, e-ports logos, video games, technology gadgets, branding, posters, presentations, packaging, and more. Thanks to its dynamic nature, District is very legible. If you want to create some killer designs that look like they’re from the year 3000, then this typeface is perfect for you.

Download District

8. Controller


With 20 fonts, Dharma Type presents this rounded sans serif with a slight geometric feel to it. Versatile enough to be used for sci-fi or manga-type concepts, it also looks amazing on more down-to-earth projects.

Download Controller

9. Aguda Font Family


Designed by Pablo Balcells exclusively for Graviton Font Foundry, this modular, geometric typeface comes in 8 styles that will look amazing on either short or long copy.

Download Aguda Font Family

10. Necia Font Family


Clean and slightly condensed, this font family will help you achieve that seamless, futuristic atmosphere in your designs.

Download Necia Font Family

11. Led Font Family


This gorgeous dotted typeface comes in two styles – Regular and Outline – to help you get that techie vibe in just a few clicks. It works well on short copy, headlines, titles, or branding.

Download Led Font Family

12. Bitcraft

Feeling nostalgic? Easily re-create that 80s retro theme using this 8-bit style computer font from Inspirationfeed. Use it for your digital or print projects.

Download Bitcraft

13. Calling Code


Dharma Type brings to you this 4-style font family that’s available in OpenType and TrueType formats. Remains legible in whatever size, it’s perfect for coding and tabular layouts, logos, headlines, professional presentations, and more.

Download Calling Code

14. Ellograph CF


Featuring 16 charming fonts, this set from Connary Fagen is all about soft, rounded letters with striking cursive italics. Delightful when used as a coding font, but works well for headlines, logos, or body copy, too!

Download Ellograph CF

15. LineTech


Step into the future with this linear offering from Sentavio. It features three styles, Bold, Regular, and Light, for that effortless hi-tech feel.

Download LineTech

16. Cartograph CF


This mono-spaced typeface is reminiscent of terminals and typewriters, but is handsome enough to be used on logos, presentations, headlines, or social media images. Warm and friendly, it’s great to have in every designer’s toolkit.

Download Cartograph CF

17. Tamigos


Tamigos is a condensed sans serif computer font combined with classic and modern style.

Download Tamigos

18. Robodron


Whether it’s an AI presentation or branding for a drone product, you can’t go wrong with this handsome font by Sentavio. Sleek and ultra modern, it’s great as a header, logo, movie poster, or magazine title.

Download Robodron

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