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15 Tribal Fonts To Help You Go Back to the Beautiful Basics

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There are certain characteristics that take something from ordinary to awesome. When it comes to fonts, this could be the details, such as: decorative designs, elegant strokes, or extra hand-drawn doodles. While you can’t use them as normal text, they’ll look great on- or offline.

Tribal fonts for example, can be used for invitations, logos, posters, or book covers. Their unique, often geometric characters will work wonders on branding projects as well, like apparel, business cards, social media posts, website headlines, and more.

Not convinced? Then check out the possibilities with these artistic tribal fonts.


15 Tribal Fonts

1. Aztec Geometric Font

Tribal Fonts

Evoke the colorful Mesoamerican culture when you use this decorative font by Katrinelly. Featuring all-caps letters with lots of pride and character in every line, your works will have that post-classic period feel in an instant.

Download Aztec Geometric Font


2. Majolica Font Family

Tribal Fonts

There’s no doubt that the distinct, handmade feel of Italian ceramics has made history all over the world. Inspired by their timelessness, Victoria Strukovskaya of has created this font family that comes in three lovely styles (Regular, Bold, Symbols) for you to mix and match on various personal or commercial projects.

Download Majolica Font Family


3. Atribalize Typeface

Tribal Fonts

Spectrum Supply proudly presents this gorgeous font for making dramatic, one-of-a-kind works. Enjoy its tribal texture with just a touch of Art Nouveau. The set includes lower and uppercase letters, as well as helpful extras (borders and illustrations) to truly make your creations pop.

Download Atribalize Typeface


4. Ethnic Love Font BUNDLE

Tribal Fonts

Get more for less when you grab this amazing bundle by Latin Vibes. The pack not only has an ethnic inspired typeface, but also gorgeous seamless patterns, decorative circles, and illustrator brushes (for Illustrator CC+ only). Imagine endless design possibilities and hours of creative fun!

Download Ethnic Love Font

5. Tikiland Typeface

Tribal Fonts

Sun, sand, sea – and coconuts. When paradise is calling out to you, respond by using this display typeface by PutraCetol Studio. This fun sans serif is all about island living at its finest, featuring upper and lowercase characters, as well as handy dingbats.

Download Tikiland Typeface


6. Astrid Font

Tribal Fonts

Want to create harmony in your works? Do so effortlessly with a little help from this thin decorative font from Anastasiia Macaluso. This typeface has an eclectic vibe that makes it exceptional, but also remains elegant enough thanks to its smooth curves and repeating lines.

Download Astrid


7. African Font

Tribal Fonts

Capture the rich heritage of the African culture when you use this hand-drawn typeface from Wittmann. The pack includes African patterns and masks in beautiful ethnic patterns as well. Use them on countless tribal projects like shirts, posters, logos, signage, and more.

Download African Font


8. Afolkalips

Tribal Fonts

Let Arterfak Project help you get back into the basics with this handsome display font. Inspired by wood and earth elements, it’s traditional yet minimalist at the same time, making it perfect for headlines as well as body copy. With stylistic alternates, ligatures, and accents, you’re guaranteed hours of creative expression.

Download Afolkalips


9. Haext

Tribal Fonts

Make something different using this neo-Goth typeface designed by Hello Mart. Depending on how it’s used, it can exude a rustic Art Nouveau vibe, or a part-rune part-craftsman appeal. It’s perfect if you’re trying to grasp Germanic or Anglo-Saxon times.

Download Haext


10. Buick

Tribal Fonts

Working on the future? Believe it or not, this tribal font family by Drizy can help you out. Featuring strong geometric shapes, it has three styles that give off an ethnic yet futuristic vibe. Use it on personal projects or branding assignments.

Download Buick


11. Mexico Font Family

Tribal Fonts

Love Mexico’s steamy jungles, spicy cuisine, and fiesta culture? Now you can capture the same essence by using this interesting display font from With two styles to choose from (decorative and black), you can go from ornamental to minimal in a snap. This pack also consists of decorative vector elements plus two seamless patterns.

Download Mexico Font Family


12. Solaris Tribal Font Family

Tribal Fonts outdoes herself with this unique offering of a modern, yet runic display font lovingly decorated in tribal geometric patterns. With three unique versions (Decorative, Regular, Symbol), simply mix and match to get your desired effect.

Download Solaris Tribal Font Family


13. Tribal Aleut Color Font

Tribal Fonts

End your search for the best tribal font with this little gem from Peliken. The pack includes characters inspired by traditional ethnic shapes and colors, as well as bonus geometric elements. Use the typeface as it is, or combine with extras to create folklore-inspired projects everyone will love.

Download Tribal Aleut


14. Tribalcase

Tribal Fonts

Traditional fonts are popular because not only do they lend an ethnic feel to artworks, they can also be edgy and decorative, depending on the purpose. Roland Huse Design definitely describes the latter with this all-caps tattoo font that’s full of attitude.

Download Tribalcase


15. Tabu Tribal Font Family

Tribal Fonts

Add a little bit of mysticism when you use this font family from This decorative sans serif features three beautiful versions (Decorative, Black, Symbol) that can be combined to make traditional looks with a modern touch. Available with multilingual support, it’s perfect for use in branding, monogram, or boho projects.

Download Tabu Tribal Font Family


Ready to return to your roots? Then grab any of these beautiful tribal fonts to get started!

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