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Money Fonts

13 Fancy Money Fonts To Add To Your Toolkit Today

We use money every day, but how many folks are interested in knowing how they are made? Currency is one of the most difficult things to design. And in today’s technologically-driven world, it can be difficult to believe that hundreds of years ago, there were people who began designing the first currencies using the simplest of materials.

The work, hours, and detail that go into every banknote deserve more recognition. For instance, the $100 bill that was released in 2013 took the artist, Brian Thompson, a whopping 40 drafts and 17 years to complete, from concept to release.

So whether you’re making a statement, or just want to prove how detail-oriented you are, hopefully, these currency fonts can help you get there.


Currency Fonts

1. Dollar Bill 2

Currency Fonts

Twicolabs Fontdation’s little number takes inspiration from lettering found in American Dollar bills. Thick lines and heavy accents make this font something to look at.

Download Dollar Bill 2


2. Wensley

Currency Fonts

This modern typeface prides itself in its flexibility in being blended with script, signature, or handwriting fonts. Works well with presentations that need a creative touch.

Download Wensley


3. Gulloches Truetype

Currency Fonts

Alphadesign devised this lettering to be usable in making certificates and securities design. Thick lines and accents this font offers will truly help make your statement/s speak out loud

Download Gulloches Truetype


4. Doppel Mittel Lapidar Azure

Currency Fonts

This typeface works well with large lettering. This classic look was inspired by 19th Century writing found in wooden signs.

Download Doppel Mittel Lapidar Azure


5. Quick or Dead

Currency Fonts

Looking for a retro, Wild West design for t-shirt or poster fonts? Vozzy Vintage Font’s creation offers six styles and effects to get that olden feel.

Download Quick or Dead


6. Gram

Currency Fonts

Get that manly statement out using this typeface. With its three-layered variation, this gem from Khoir can get your signage or logos seen in places.

Download Gram


7. Archive Lightface Extended

Currency Fonts

Archivetype Fonts based this font on 19th Century lettering. Varying shades will help emphasize on what you want highlighted in your various projects.

Download Archive Lightface Extended


8. Aviano Copper

Currency Fonts

From Insigne, this is an all-caps typeface that makes use of early 20th Century copper-inscribed intaglio prints. This gives a simple yet sophisticated design that wants to be read aloud.

Download Aviano Copper


9. Stipa Willington

Currency Fonts

A classic yet relaxed font from Alcode that gives an inviting look of luxury. Suitable for wedding media, certificates and greeting cards, among others.

Download Stipa Willington


10. Lile Dahliya

Currency Fonts

Another calligraphy-style font from Alcode. Give a classy, handwritten feel to invitations, book covers, logos and other media where attention is needed.

Download Lile Dahliya


11. Zimra Serif Font Family

Currency Fonts

This Creativetacos product boasts a clean design for logos, banners and presentations. With its wide spacing, modern serif layout, and five weights, it offers a great degree of flexibility.

Download Zimra Serif Font Family


12. Bruce 1490

Currency Fonts

Intellecta design made this font with a late 19th Century vibe. Ornamental ribbons and shadowed effects add to the vintage appeal

Download Bruce 1490


13. Aaron Serif Font Family

Currency Fonts

A modern serif font that is readably clean regardless of font size. Use this to give a pop vintage feel to your presentations.

Download Aaron Serif Font Family

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