20 Timeless Neon Fonts To Electrify Your Designs

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Cheerful, nostalgic, and visible for miles, neon signs have a place in the hearts of many people who grew up with them. Popular during the 1920s to the 1950s, it wasn’t just diners, motels, and billboards that were lit up with these luminous gases.

From large cinemas to small shops, it’s as iconic as superheroes and the afro. Around the world, people will have memories – either good or bad – about how neon lights brightened the night like it was another world.

Re-create the fabulous 50s when you pick any of these electrifying neon fonts.

20 Neon Fonts

1. Realistic Neon Light Font

Neon Fonts

The perfect vector font for Adobe Illustrator, this gem from Revelstockart captures the simplicity of neon lights. Simply use swatches to change colors and even adjust brightness.

Download Realistic Neon Light Font

2. Neon Outline Font Bundle

Neon Fonts

This bold, all-caps sans serif by Big Cat Creative is a set that includes 5 unique fonts – Regular, Solid, Outline, Shadow, and Double – for all your urban, contemporary, or even retro concept needs.

Download Neon Outline Font Bundle

3. Palm Beach Font Duo

Neon Fonts

Ivan Rosenberg proudly presents this font duo that comes in sans serif and script. Each comes with Clean and Rough versions that will look amazing on posters, postcards, labels, invitations, business cards, as well as branding projects.

Download Palm Beach Font Duo

4. Meteoric Light Font

Neon Fonts

Make something fun and futuristic today with this soft, rounded sans by NunoDias. Add it on comics, retro posters, cool logos, and even mobile games to help them blast off to success!

Download Meteoric Light Font

5. Signyard Family

Neon Fonts

Inspired by old restaurant and hotel signs, Albatross brings to you this timeless display family that you can easily customize. It also comes with 6 styles, 4 layers, symbols, and OpenType features so you have everything you need right at your fingertips.

Download Signyard Family

6. Selfie

Neon Fonts

Transform those plain photos into interesting vintage collections by adding this font created by Sproviero-Type. Influenced by vintage signage scripts seen in Galerías of Buenos Aires, it’s highly decorative and can take any image to unexpected heights.

Download Selfie

7. Caang

Neon Fonts

Make contemporary neon signs easily with this typeface from TGIF.STD. Featuring narrow, condensed letterforms, the pack also includes bonus vector icons as well as retro signs.

Download Caang

8. Balham to Brooklyn

Neon Fonts

Imagine you’re traveling from city to city, the lights intermingling into one big blur along with the stars. Simon Stratford brings that concept to life in the form of this beautiful monoline script ready for use.

Download Balham to Brooklyn

9. HT Neon

Neon Fonts

Inspired by old shop front lettering and vintage wall-paint advertisements, this typeface from Dharma Type is all about sticky bubble gum days and warm, starry nights.

Download HT Neon


Neon Fonts

A gorgeous multilingual font with a sweet back story, Bülent Yüksel shows off a unique style in this decorative font family that works well with slogans, ads, stationeries, and invitations.


11. Lineat III Font

Neon Fonts

Stand out from the rest when you use this innovative typeface by Sentavio. It’s ideal for tech, business, fashion, sports, and entertainment themes that require making a big impression at first glance.

Download Lineat III Font

12. Neons Display Typeface

Neon Fonts

Missing the roaring 80s? Avalon Design presents this display typeface that comes in two fonts – Neons and Dotted – you can either use together, or on their own to help re-create the look of that era.

Download Neons Display Typeface

13. Aerioz

Neon Fonts

This monoline all-caps font from Letrasupply comes with over 600 characters, 324 alternate letters, as well as a handful of Extras for a simple but elegant typeface you can use with confidence.

Download Aerioz

14. Neon Font

Neon Fonts

This high-quality, easy-to-use customizable font from Catarina Pinto is great for headlines, labels, posters, logos, or basically just anything that needs that classic retro vibe.

Download Neon Font

15. Cosmopolitan

Neon Fonts

Fenotype presents this script and sans font family that includes 15 styles, plus plenty of Extras to make your designs even more stunning. Use each font alone, or combine them with one another to see interesting arrangements!

Download Cosmopolitan

16. Gods Own Junkyard

Neon Fonts

Inspired by the story of Chris “The Neon Man” Bracey, Simon Stratford offers this playful typeface that consists of upper and lowercase letter forms, 92 glyphs, and a Photoshop Action to make your creations glow.

Download Gods Own Junkyard

17. Nightlife

Neon Fonts

Bring the party at your place with this star from popskraft. This decorative neon font certainly contains the energy and life of authentic neon signs of the 20th century – and now, they’re here to light up your designs!

Download Nightlife

18. Neon Tubes

Neon Fonts

Influenced by real world neon light signs, Medialoot presents this minimalist typeface with smooth rounded corners to help you create the perfect logos, signs, labels, posters, ads, and more.

Download Neon Tubes

19. Neon Type

Neon Fonts

This realistic neon typeface is as cute as it is functional. Designed by Catarina Pinto, use it to create eye-popping cards, posters, invitations, logos, headlines, etc.

Download Neon Type

20. PSD Neon Font

Neon Fonts

See things in a whole new light with these high-quality 3D models from Gk-creative. This all-caps font is all ready to use and also include a set of 30 backgrounds to turn your ideas into dazzling works of art!

Download PSD Neon Font

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