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8 Oriental Korean Inspired Fonts

Asian-inspired culture is so unique, and it is always exciting to use anything that is Asian-inspired because it offers something different and can often make your work stand out for all of the right reasons.

We think that unique nature shines through in the below 8 Korean-inspired fonts. Use any fonts below to enhance posters, flyers, social media posts, headings, or book and magazine covers.

1. Hwaiting Sans Korean Font

Inspired by the ever-popular Korean typography, Hwaiting Sans is a sans-serif font with bold and strong vibes to catch up with today’s graphic design trends. With one high-quality font type included, with you can do so much in terms of design and promotion.

Download the Hwaiting sans Korean font here

2. Hwaiting Handwriting Korean Font

Once again inspired by Korean culture, this stunning handwritten style font is elegant, sleek and slick. It is perfect for a range of different projects and designs, and will give your work an Asian-inspired flair in an instant.

Download the Korean handwriting font here

3. Bocan Latin Font with Korean Vibe

Completely unique and inspired by old Korean movie covers, this font is perfect if you are hoping to stand out with your poster, movie advert, packaging, logos, or social media posts.

Download Bocan here

4. Modern Korean Font

A simple display typeface that is quirky, fun, and unique, just like Korean culture.

Download the Modern Korean Font here

5. Hyunso Korean Style Display Font

This font most certainly embodies the spirit and culture of Korea. Inspired by the hit Netflix series ‘All of Us Are Dead’, this font is perfect for any project that you are hoping to add a little unique flair to.

Download Hyunso here

6. Namra Korean Style Display Typeface

A stylish, modern and unique font that embodies the spirit of Korea, this font is ideal for anyone looking to create a Korean or oriental-inspired poster, brochure, or media post.

Download Namra Korean Style here

7. Kpop Vibes Korean Style Typeface

A super-cool sans serif font that is both bold and strong in its appearance. We absolutely love the vibe that this font gives, and we are sure that you will too.

Download Kpop Vibes here

8. Hwaiting Serif Korean Vibes

Last but not least, we have a fun and unique Korean-inspired serif font. The font is beautiful and is easily legible. We love the fact that it is so easy to read, easy to use, and will make attracting clients or customers very straightforward.

Download Hwaiting Serif

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