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20 Amazing Fonts Inspired by the Military of Past and Present

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Whether it’s the military, naval, or air forces, the strength that soldiers possess has inspired people for generations.

There’s something about their quiet power and willingness to defend their country that stir so many emotions. It’s no wonder that plenty of books, film, and art have been dedicated to the armed forces.

Design has also played a large role in creating an overall atmosphere that would suit men and women in arms.

These are typically portrayed through stencils, typewriter lettering, and bold square shapes. If you’re looking to re-create this theme, you can begin with this collection of military and war fonts:

20 Military and War Fonts for Your Designs

1. Palm Canyon Drive

military fonts

Post-war California was a magical place: from diners to Hollywood glamor, it was a splendid time for creatives. RetroSupply Co. has captured the essence of that era in this classical typeface featuring tons of extra to truly brighten up your projects.

Download Palm Canyon Drive

2. Sign ’45 Typeface

military fonts

Give your artworks the rough treatment it needs while still looking sweet. This font from will remind you of bouncy curls and saccharine smiles waiting for you after fighting in the battlefield of deadlines.

Download Sign ’45

3. Commando

military fonts

Prove you’re a real strategist on and off the combat zone in this bold typography by defaulterror. It’s perfect for all war, military, and army themed designs, especially delivering courageous logo styles, valorous headers, and daring posters.

Download Commando

4. Sputnik Typeface

military fonts

Inspired by vintage propaganda posters (especially from the USSR), this font style by Tugcu Design Co. looks particularly great in bold red. Try it now and make your designs pop!

Download Sputnik

5. Blacklisted

military fonts

This modern font inspired by old films and art deco styles, could be just what your editorial headlines, greeting cards, packaging, and poster designs need to stand out. Crafted by thomas_ramey, the collection includes special characters, plus eight different arrow styles and various tildes.

Download Blacklisted

6. Prospekt Typeface

military fonts

Tugcu Design Co. offers this big and bold typeface that’s great if you want to quickly grab attention to your works.

Download Prospekt

7. TT Supermolot Condensed

military fonts

This high-tech font family from TYPETYPE is suited for contemporary technological designs, sports themes, as well as inside game plays. Innovative with convenient weights, it’s an awesome lettering style to have in your arsenal at all times.

Download TT Supermolot Condensed

8. Doddy Boldy Typeface

military fonts

This heavy and strong typeface by fopifopi is bound to have you saying “bon voyage” to bland fonts. Can you just imagine it painted on ships about to sail away?

Download Doddy Boldy

9. Mind the Gap Font

military fonts

If you’re looking for something with an industrial, almost military look and feel, this one by It’s me simon is perfect for you. Deliberately crafted with imperfect details, it’s sure to add personality to any work.

Download Mind the Gap

10. U.S. Navy Script

military fonts

Inspired by the American Navy and WWII hand scripts, add a touch of vintage to your projects with this typeface from Vintage Voyage Design Co.. Buy today and get bonus freebies like badges, ribbons, sunbursts, and more to complement the overall theme.

Download U.S. Navy Script

11. Citadina Font Family

military fonts

Working for a project that needs some space-saving skills? Graviton Font Foundry presents this font family with a geometrical, neutral appearance and a slightly condensed design that’s sure to fit that qualification.

Download Citadina

12. Brother Display Font

military fonts

The Routine Creative gives you this fascinating vintage inspired font that looks clean in every setting.

Download Brother

13. Sergeant Hand-Drawn Stencil Font

military fonts

This amazing typeface from James Lafuente combines the strong, straight edges of stenciled letters with the homey feel of being hand-drawn. It’s best used for branding, logo designs, or as headlines.

Download Sergeant

14. The First Division

military fonts

Vintage Voyage Design Co. continues with WWII-inspired themes in this font reminiscent of printed letters on United States Air Force planes.

Download The First Division

15. The Aviator Font Collection

military fonts

This collection from Vintage Voyage Design Co. offers clean and distressed letterpress designs for a truly unique vintage feel. Mix and match to get the exact look you need. Get the product today and receive amazing add-ons like aviator badges, cool icons, and more.

Download The Aviator

16. Cast Iron Family

military fonts

A bold, tough, and industrial typeface that comes in four weights and three finishes. Crafted with care by Hustle Supply Co.. Get a taste of this good font you can use again and again in all sorts of artworks.

Download Cast Iron

17. Surplus Pro

military fonts

Stencils are a huge part of the military style and vibe. Get a good solid base for when you’re dealing with such projects by getting this classic vintage military stencil font from Millieangelo.

Download Surplus Pro

18. Wooden Atelier Vintage Serif

military fonts

Sometimes, hand-drawn is the best way to bring out authenticity to your works. Try this font from Greenhouse Supply Co. for a true vintage feel that’s great when you’re making logos, stationeries, posters, and apparel.

Download Wooden Atelier

19. Liberator Family

military fonts

Add a masculine punch to your projects using this heavy bomber-inspired typeface by Ryan vs. Clark.

Download Liberator

20. Havelock Titling

military fonts

XO, Pretty introduces this authoritative font with four weights to complement any design. Whether you’re working on something that needs maximum readability or you simply need a handy reliable font, this one is a must-have in every designer’s arsenal.

Download Havelock Tilting


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