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Sword Fonts

26 Enthralling Sword Fonts That Are Sure To Blow Your Mind!

Swords have long been associated with strength, protection, and bravery, and they remain so today. The film industry is brimming with tales of brave men and women wielding the sword for a plethora of reasons. Popular shows such as Merlin, Game of Thrones, and Vikings show how mighty a sword can be when wielded correctly.

Aside from the film industry, creative designs are a great tool to portray the numerous stories that abound in a sword. As strange as it might sound, sword fonts tell these stories too. Some are of bravery and valor, others of everyday lives.

Let’s dive into the world of valor and bravery with these 25 stunning sword fonts!

Spectacular Sword Fonts

1. Alized

Solidtype’s Alized is a contemporary display font. It has text that is bold, outstanding, and one-of-a-kind. This dynamic font has uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation. It also supports multiple languages. Consequently, it is appropriate for magazines, logos, blogs, and print works.

Download Alized Font

2. Anima Regular

Anima Regular

This intriguing font by Mehmet Reha Tugcu belongs to the Regular family. It is a tall, sharp font with uniform proportions. The Anima font elicits a mysterious feeling and is enthralling, daring, and intriguing. Anima Regular has uppercase letters, multilingual letters, alternate letters, numbers, and punctuation included in its package. As such, this font is excellent for light-hearted projects, horror-themed designs, movie posters, and book covers.   

Download Anima Regular

3. Revans Font Family

Revans Font Famil

Revans is a display font with a solid, luxurious appearance and feel. Born out of the modern Classic fashion and Octane Rock genre, it is a calm, vibrant, and elegant font. It comes in regular, medium, semibold, and bold weights. Revans works well for headlines, magazines, books, logos, and signboards.

Download Revans Font Family

4. Enchant

Enchant is a Celtic inspired typeface from the 1600s. This calligraphy font is legible, beautiful, and distinctive. You can use Enchant to create mesmerizing books covers, social media posts, magazines, packaging, logos, t-shirts, emblems, posters, and pretty much anything else you can think of. If you want to replicate that medieval/Celtic look, then Enchant is for you.

Download Enchant

5. Alloy- A Sharp Serif Typeface

Alloy - A Sharp Serif Typeface

Alloy is a bold typeface with a strong outlook. This font speaks volumes as it has a personality to it. It can be used for designs, covers, books, or other projects that need to make a statement. Alloy font family includes Latin characters, numbers, punctuations, and special characters. It also comes in eight OTF formats; four weights and four italics.  

Download Alloy

6. Armor – Powerful Condensed Display Font

Armor - Powerful Condensed Display Font

Putracetol Studio’s  Armor display font transports you to King Arthur’s time of swords, battles, and the sweet smell of victory. Armor instills in its readers a conqueror’s mindset and inspires bravery. It contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation. Armor is an excellent font for sport-themed designs, headings, and brands that require a brave image.

Download Armor

7. Shibe


Shibe is a product of Line Creative Studios. This bold italic font with strong characters has an artistic edge and is excellent for graffiti and other related artworks. Shibe is available in multiple languages and features upper and lowercase letters.

Download Shibe font

8. North Mountain – Display Typeface

North Mountain - Display Typeface

North Mountain is a handwritten display typeface by Letterhend Studio. This display typeface has a vintage, adventurous appearance as its letters have sharp edges, making them more pronounced. Because it is easy to read, it would be appropriate for advertisements, packaging, fashion brands, and labels. In addition, this font is available in stamp, regular, and edge styles.

Download North Mountain

9. Freco – Modern Serif Font

Freco - Modern Serif Font

Freco was designed by Canada Type. Inspired by the life of Dutch designer and illustrator Frè Cohen, this font illustrates how seemingly insignificant details can visually be most relevant and consequential in typography. Characterized by its sharp, expressive corners, the Freco font is simple but leaves a lasting impression. It is ideal for branding, web designs, and titles. 

Download Freco

10. Athlone


Athlone is a classic, playful font with utmost attention to detail. It evokes a magical feel with its enticing strokes and stylish outlook. Athlone’s clean lines, sharp edges, and tempting curves contribute to its confident and daring look. As such, it is best suited for headlines, logos, and label designs. It comes in regular and bold weights and is also available in italics. 

Download Athlone Font

11. Crawless Display Font

Crawless - Display Font

Crawless is a sharp display typeface birthed by Krakenbox Studio. It is a contemporary, sharp-edged font suitable for album covers, signatures, fashion magazines, and social media. What’s more, its letters depict unique ancient carvings, lending it a sophisticated appearance.

Download Crawless Display Font

12. Nomad – Historical Vintage Font

NOMAD - Historical Vintage Font

The Nomad font is the perfect blend of vintage and modern. This historical font by Sensatype Studio has a majestic aura and is an excellent choice for historical projects, documentaries, and invitations. Its letters are simple but elegant and evoke a warm nostalgia. The Nomad font comes in two weights and includes uppercase characters, lowercase characters, and punctuation.

Download Nomad

13. Jamel – Modern Elegant Font

Jamel - Modern Elegant Font

Jamel is an elegant modern font that evokes feelings of luxury. It is simple but classy, with sharply shaped letters. Consequently, it is ideal for luxury brands, headlines, titles, and stylish articles. The best thing about this font is that it is multilingual, meaning its luxurious feel can be translated into other languages.

Download Jamel

14. Sirkle – Semi Serif Display

Sirkle - Semi Serif Display

This display typeface from Invasi Studio is characterized by its sharp, curvy characters. All the letters in this font were handcrafted to fit each other perfectly, resulting in a one-of-a-kind, edgy style. The Sirkle font is ideal for posters, packaging, retro magazines, prints, covers, and other works that require an assertive tone. It comes with ligatures and alternates and supports over 60 Latin-based languages.

Download Sirkle

15. Cagley


Cagley is another marvelous font from Drizy Studio. This playful font has a distinct friendly charm that makes it suitable for brand posters, flyers, fun designs, and projects. It features uppercase, lowercase, numerals, punctuation, and multilingual ligatures. 

Download Cagley Font

16. Revon

Drizy Studio’s Revon font is yet another winner. This font is bold and well-defined, with pronounced edges. It has a cold demeanor and is ideal for magazine covers. It is also appropriate for editorials and projects that require a confident appearance.

Download Revon Font

17. Altiq – Futuristic Font

Altiq - Futuristic Font

Altiq font is a futuristic blast that pays homage to its forefathers. It combines the past and the future to create a distinct style. This font, though futuristic, reminds us of medieval times. It has perfectly aligned geometry and sharp figures in its letters. As such, it is appropriate for projects with a unique, futuristic, or minimalist theme.

Download Altiq Font

18. Dethrone


Dethrone is a clean and sharp font that works well for photography designs, branding, logos, and packaging. The font exudes confidence. Rillatype’s modern serif font features multilingual characters, ligatures, and lowercase fonts.

Download Dethrone Font

19. Fregan Typeface

Fregan Typeface

Fregan Typeface is a curvy and sharp serif font with a refined look. The combination of its geometric shapes with curvy details makes it very unique. It successfully blends old and new style serif fonts to create a soothing atmosphere. Consequently, it is appropriate for logo design, wedding invitations, magazines, and sophisticated branding.

Download Fregan Typeface

20. Fright Night

Fright Night

Fright Night is the font for you if you’re looking for horror, suspense, and danger. With its daring, horror vibe and enthralling feel, this emotional serif typeface instantly captures your readers’ attention. This font is crisp, clean, and captivating. It invites and dares the reader to enter the world of the work for which the font was utilized. It also works well for billboards, movie posters, film titles, and merchandise.

Download Fright Night

21. uFgiat75 Serif

uFgiat75 Serif

The uFgiat75 Serif is a sophisticated font with a design reminiscent of traditional fonts. The main characteristics of this design are the sharp contrast between its lines and the slightly tapered points of solid characters. As such, this font is ideal for digital and print projects.

Download uFgiat75 Serif

22. Mollartianz


This Middle Eastern-inspired style is the embodiment of class and elegance. It has soft, flexible strokes that are appropriate for modern design. In addition, this font suits vintage and present-day techniques and tells an enchanting story. 

The Mollartianz font uses a calligraphy style with flat pen strokes to create a sharp font style. It is appropriate for Egyptian-themed projects and works, invitations, movie posters, flyers, and many more.

Download Mollartianz Font

23. Candelabra


Candelabra is a  blackletter font from Twinbrush that combines historical and modern aesthetics. It is set in medieval times and tells a tale of fantasy, mystery, and thrill! This font conjures up images of vampires, werewolves, and other mythical creatures. It is appropriate for tattoos, album art, book covers, game designs, and fashion wears.  

Download Candelabra Font

24. Swordstone – Gothic Typeface

Swordstone - Gothic Typeface

The Swordstone font is a gothic typeface, as the name implies. It is bold and has an ethereal feel to it. Despite its boldness, the gothic Swordstone typeface has even proportions and clean, distinct strokes. Its clean-cut letters and sturdy appearance make it ideal for Viking-themed projects, medieval-themed movies and posters, branding, and logo designs.

Download Swordstone

25. Archsera


Archsara is a vintage typeface by BurnTillDead. It was inspired by the hanging sign typeface of the late 9th century. In addition, it has a simple, elegant decorative shape that is suitable for headlines, logos, and other works that require bold, fearless looks. 

Download Archsara Font

26. Stigsa Display

Stigsa Display

Stigsa is a simple, elegant, but playful display font. This font is distinguished by finely legible letters with sharp serifs. Because of its diverse properties, it can be used for many designs. The Stigsa Display font family includes thirty-five fonts in seven weights and five widths, each of which has 1143 glyphs. This font is ideal for catchy, lively designs such as posters, flyers, and magazine covers.

Download Stigsa Display

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