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Adobe Fonts

20 Best Adobe Fonts For The Creative Mind 

Adobe is one of the most comprehensive software packages on the entire internet. Over the years designers have been using Adobe as a creative platform and have seen great results. Today, we want to introduce you to the world of Adobe fonts and the ways in which you can use them to your benefit. 

As a designer, project manager, or a content creator, your job is to choose an appropriate typeface to make things stand out. The 20 fonts that we will show you below are not only Adobe exclusives, but are highly versatile, and modern, and will be sure to attract all the right kinds of attention. 

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What do I need? 

Prior to 2018, you may have heard of a programme named ‘Typekit’. In late 2018, this program changed its name to Adobe Fonts and came with a range of improvements and updates. 

Over the last number of years since its inception, Adobe Fonts has become home to thousands of unique and creative typefaces that companies can use to their benefit. 

However, you should be aware that in order to use Adobe Fonts, you will need to be a member of Creative Cloud. 

Creative Cloud

Creative Cloud is a fantastic platform where designers can access Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and After Effects (among other programs). Essentially, it keeps everything in one convenient place for creators and designers. 

There are a host of different price plans available for users, and you can sign up or cancel at any time. 

Each of the fonts included in this article are available on Creative Cloud, and can be accessed via the links below. 

Can I Access any of the Fonts for Free? 

Nothing good comes for free, but you can always utilize student deals when purchasing a plan for Creative Cloud. You can actually avail of all of the apps in the cloud for $20 per month if you use the student and teacher discount. Just something to consider. 

The Best of the Best

Best Adobe Fonts

Here are the 20 best (in our opinion) and most versatile fonts/typefaces available on the Adobe Fonts cloud platform. Each of them is unique in its own way and brings something a little different to the table. We hope that within this small collection, you are able to find a font that resonates with you, and one that you can take into projects moving forward. 

Baskerville –  A simple and effective serif with 10 font styles included in the package. Great for any project. 

Sketchnote – This hand-drawn humanistic font type will come across as more informal and personal than others on the list. So, if that is the approach that you are going for then perhaps you could consider Sketchnote. 

Lapture – There are 24 styles included in this font package, and the mix of flat and sharp swashes on the lettering makes it a versatile and fun font to use. 

Futura – The sans serif king. A safe choice, but an effective one that will give off a professional vibe. 

Termina – With nine weights available, and a range of ligatures attached too, this font is not only easy on the eyes but versatile too. 

Mrs Eaves – Two weights, matching italics, and a stunning professional look to boot? How could you not consider a font as attractive as this? 

Stratos – The versatility on offer with Stratos is once again what helps it make the top 20 list. With 10 different font styles available in the package, and a set of italics for each to boot, you will have no issue finding a font to enjoy here. 

ITC Benguait – One of the cooler fonts on the list, you get the option of condensed and standard styles with this one. It is even the font style that was used for the hit Netflix show ‘Stranger Things’. 

Gil Sans – A hugely comprehensive font package, you would be mad not to consider this style, purely for the value for money it offers. 

Rosewood – This casino-like font is an awesome choice for any gambling-related promotion or poster. But its versatility makes it a solid choice for any project. 

Brothers – Bold, versatile, and contemporary, Brothers is available in 4 separate weights.

Essonnes – Elegant, classy, and versatile, this font comes with a host of different weights that range from thick and overpowering, to thin and unassuming. It provides a great balance.

Filo Sofia – Available in regular, italic, and bold variants, Filo Sofia offers 11 unique styles. 

Orpheus – Available in a variety of styles, Orpheus is a great option. 

Mencken – Available in regular text, normal, and heading sizes, with three separate weights, and matching italics, Mencken is a typeface that will allow you to mix and match a range of styles and designs to create something special. 

Voluta – This vintage handwritten font is perfect for a more old-fashioned or dated design. The cursive style gives off 18th-century ink pen vibes, and we think that is a stunning and unique choice. 

Plantin – With four weights, italics, and a stunning bold condensed style to boot, Plantin is a quality choice. 

Antique Olive – This font is stylish, contemporary, and comes in a range of weights.

Acumin – There are countless variations of this font available, making it a solid choice for any design concept.

Aktiv Grotesk – Simple in its design, this font package comes with a range of weights and ligatures that will give you lots of creative control over how your project is presented. 

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