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10 Royal Casino Fonts To Bring Magic To Your Projects

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There’s something about the glow of neon lights, the sound of poker chips, and the smell of tobacco that draws people into the wild – and often illicit – world of casinos. Books and movies have definitely helped in bringing it to pop culture.

Who could forget the classic, ‘The Las Vegas Story’, and of course, the famous ‘Casino Royale’. Today, people from all over the world flock to experience the thrill in Las Vegas. High rollers on the other hand, choose the celebrated Monte Carlo for a one-of-a-kind experience.

If you can’t get enough of the lights, the fame, and the possibility of fortune, get a load instead of these cool casino fonts.


10 Amazing Casino Fonts

1. Florent Font Family

Amazing Casino Fonts

Inspired by The Printing Revolution in the early 15th Century, this serif typeface by Studio Sun is all about stunning simplicity. Featuring a vector pack with icons, badges, illustrations, and more, you can easily add a classy European feel to any project.

Download Florent Font Family


2. Cinema Font

Amazing Casino Fonts

Revelstockart presents you with this retro typeface perfect for creating cabaret, burlesque, casino, or Broadway designs. It comes in 6 color options to quickly go from traditional to exciting in seconds.

Download Cinema Font


3. Le Bonjour

Amazing Casino Fonts

This vintage sans with a contemporary feel from Vintage Voyage Design Co. is everything you need to make French-inspired pieces. With 3 weights and 4 styles, mix and match them to achieve the ideal French mid-century flair.

Download Le Bonjour


4. Realistic Neon Light Font

Amazing Casino Fonts

This retro font by Revelstockart is as flexible as it is beautiful. Easily change colors and even brightness by using Swatches. It will look amazing on titles, headers, posters, and branding concepts.

Download Realistic Neon Light Font


5. Casino

Amazing Casino Fonts

Capture the spirit of the early 1900’s in this fancy typeface by Art And Sign Unlimited. Decorative yet remains highly readable, it can be used on titles, logos, posters, headers, apparel, labels, and even as body copy.

Download Casino


6. Retro Lightbulb Font

Amazing Casino Fonts

Nothing says fun more than glowing retro signs. Get the same effect in this typeface with remarkable detail – even up close – by Gk-creative. Download the pack today and receive handy backgrounds plus high-quality presets and additional symbols.

Download Retro Lightbulb Font


7. 3D Bulb Lamp Font Set

Amazing Casino Fonts

For those who want to get the artsy look of old signage, then this layered font set by popskraft is here to save the day. Featuring 5 typefaces, each with different styles, stack them on top of one another to easily create a realistic 3-dimensional look.

Download 3D Bulb Lamp Font Set


8. Artnoova Font

Amazing Casino Fonts

Grab this super adaptable typeface from popskraft. With art deco influences and 6 styles to choose from, it can be applied in various projects, whether corporate or creative, minimalist or decorative.

Download Artnoova Font


9. Royal Flush Typeface

Amazing Casino Fonts

Strong, bold, and sturdy, this display typeface family from Jordan Burgen Design was  inspired by the art of playing cards comes in 4 different weights that can make your designs stand out.

Download Royal Flush Typeface


10. Nightlife Decorative Neon Font

Amazing Casino Fonts

Re-create the incredible energy of the 90s in this gorgeous typeface by popskraft. With 6 weights and bonus Adobe Illustrator styles, you can put on a stunning neon light show for your headers, brochures, business cards, posters, logos, and more!

Download Nightlife Decorative Neon Font

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