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Revealed, Here Are the Fonts Toyota Uses on Its Logo

Toyota Motor Corporation, commonly known as Toyota, is a Japanese automotive manufacturer founded on August 28, 1937, by Kiichiro Toyoda. The company is headquartered in Toyota City, Aichi, Japan.

Toyota is a leading automaker, with an average annual production capacity of 10 million vehicles. One of its vehicle models, Toyota Corolla, is considered the world’s best-selling automobile of all time.

Like most automobile manufacturers, Toyota has had a checkered history since its inception more than 80 years ago. The company experienced a steep decline in sales during the Second World War.

However, its fortunes changed following Japan’s alliance with the United States after World War II, through which Japanese automakers learned crucial information on the American automobile manufacturing industry.

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This alliance gave rise to two main concepts that inspired the growth and popularity of Toyota cars. They include a management philosophy known as The Toyota Way and a lean manufacturing practice called Toyota Production System.

Pricing is another factor that has contributed immensely to the popularity of Toyota cars. The company takes pride in designing automobiles for the middle-class.


Toyota Font

The Toyota logo appears to have been designed based on Avenir 95 Black. Avenir 95 Black is a variation in the Avenir font family.

Avenir is a geometric sans-serif typeface designed by Adrian Frutiger in 1987. The font was published in 1988 by Linotype GmbH.

Avenir is a French word meaning ‘future.’ That says a lot about the futuristic nature of fonts in the Avenir typeface.

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When developing Avenir fonts, Adrian Frutiger took inspiration from various geometric styles of sans-serif typefaces that were created in the 1920s. Examples include Futura and Erbar.

These earlier typefaces were developed based on a circle as the basis of the lettering. However, the fonts were a bit more complex and illegible if viewed from a considerable distance. So, there was a need to refine them even further, and Frutiger took up that challenge.

Avenir fonts sport more stylish geometrics compared to their earlier inspirations. These fonts also feature slightly enhanced color, which makes them suitable for use on posters with extended lettering.

Another significant improvement is the tweaking of individual characters. For instance, if you examine the letter “o” in Avenir fonts up-close, you’ll realize that the letter isn’t a perfect circle. It appears elongated vertically or horizontally, depending on the platform it’s printed on.

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In addition to Avenir 95 Black, there are several other fonts that resemble the original typeface used in the Toyota logo. A notable mention is Suprema Bold.

Suprema Bold is a variant of the Suprema font family. Suprema fonts are designed by Ceyhun Birinci and published by Artegra.


Where to Download the Toyota Font

You can download the Avenir 95 Black font by clicking on the ‘download’ link on the Font in Logo website. The font is available on numerous other websites, including

If you’d prefer Suprema Bold instead, you can also check out the My Fonts website.

These fonts are generally free to download for use on personal projects. In some cases, a license may be required to use the fonts for commercial purposes. So, you might want to read the download instructions carefully before proceeding to download the font.

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