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Boat Name Fonts

23 Perfect Fonts To Paint On Your New Boat

So you have bought a new boat but are still struggling to come up with a name, or worse, have thought of a new name but don’t know how to get that new name painted on the side. We all love showing off, so you probably want to get going immediately.

Well fear not, because below, we have included a range of different boat name fonts that you can use to inspire your latest artwork on the side or front of your fisherman’s friend. So let’s “dive” in and get “fishing” for some new name and font ideas.

1. Fishman Vintage Font

Fishman vintage font is a part of a comprehensive font package that comes with multilingual support and six separate styles. Perfect if you want to add a vintage edge to your boat name design.

Download Fishman Vintage Font here

2. Boatswain Fonts Family Extras

A part of the sans serif family, this sharp and suave font really encapsulates the life and times of a sailor or someone on a boat with its sharp edges on the ‘S’ resembling fish hooks. Little added touches like this have a real impact and will make the name on your boat look truly awesome.

Download Botswain right here

3. Maritime MFG Serif Typeface

A classic design, this stunning sans-serif font package offers quite a lot to anyone looking to design a name/logo for their newest boat.

Download Maritime MFG here

4. The Shoremans Typeface

This quality hand-drawn typeface had a lot of personality and character. With a host of alternates and ligatures included, you have plenty of versatility and near-endless options to work with when working on a stylish boat name design.

Download the Shoremans here

5. The Old Navy

This beautiful stencil style font is ideal for military-style branding and will decorate any of your projects. You can also use it to create incredible logos, t-shirts, book covers, stationery, magazines, and more.

Download The Old Navy here

6. Golden Dragon Hand Drawn Serif

Golden Dragon is a hand-drawn serif typeface. The font’s vintage look adds a personal/organic touch to your designs. It looks absolutely beautiful paired with various textures and will make your boat name look magnificent.

Download Golden Dragon here

7. Submariner Officer

Submariner is a waterproof type family that displays the right amount of power and character on every depth level. Perfect for various designs and projects, the slimline and modern design will look great on your boat.

Download Submariner Officer here

8. Navy Queen Display Font

Navy Queen is an elongated, geometrically designed sans serif display font that pays homage to simpler times. With 3 different styles included, you are spoiled for choice with this package.

Download the Navy Queen here

9. The Pincher Brothers

The Pincher Brothers is a beautiful vintage collection of fonts consisting of a script, serif, sans serif and rough styles for good measure.

Download the Pincher here

10. Chaser

Inspired by aviation and the military, this stunning font is perfect for various projects, no less designing a boat name. With alternates included and 3 separate styles, it is a fantastic option when considering a stylish design.

Download Chaser right here

11. Derpache Retro Display Font

There is a gorgeous vintage style to this font package that we really enjoy, and we know will look great on your boat.

Download Derpache here

12. Romanson

An elegant font with a range of ligatures and alternates included, this font is exactly what you need. Romanson has uppercase and lowercase support too and all characters are PUA encoded too.

Get your hands on Romanson here

13. Hughes

Hughes is a stylish and original multi-functional font that has 6 separate styles (regular, rough, pressed, bold, bold rough, bold pressed). It fits perfectly for both modern and vintage designs, and with it, you can create beautiful logos, labels, templates, signs, text, outdoor advertising, and of course, for your boat too.

Download Hughes here

14. Parnas

Classical forms, smooth lines, sharp serifs, weightless style and various weaves within each letter are just some of the standout features of this stunning font.

Download Parnas here

15. Fisherman Vintage Ocean Font

This rough hand-drawn font is both stylish and modern. Easy to edit using OpenType-supported programs, you can use one of the three styles to make your boat name look unique.

Download the Fisherman Ocean Font here

16. Coastal

Slimline, simple, and effective, we think this is the perfect font for you if you are looking for a stylish and modern design.

Download Coastal here

17. Floridian

A friendly “2-in-1” font, inspired by America’s sunshine state, Floridian is a beautiful cursive font that will look great not only on a boat, but as a part of any print or media design.

Download Floridian Here 

18. Boomerang Hawaiian Typeface

Boomerang is an all caps Hawaiian inspired typeface. This mid-century-inspired font is perfect for boat name design and will also look good on a poster, flyer, or media promotion too.

Download Boomerang here 

19. Quiny Groovy Font

A fun and casual type of font, this rounded font package is both groovy and tropical, ideal for a boat name but also useful for a range of media and print designs too.

Download Quiny here

20. Maritime Champion Stencil

Super versatile and attractive, Maritime Champion is perfect for a range of projects and will make any boat name or design look modern and slick.

Download Maritime Champion here

21. Kokoa Rounded Elegant Sans Serif

Rounded and elegant, this sans-serif font package is big and bold. The all-caps design will make any boat large or small stand out.

Download Kokoa here

22. Pasadena Typeface

With 4 different font styles and a modern and sleek design, Pasadena is a perfect choice for anyone looking to make their boat name design look awesome.

Download Pasadena typeface 

23. Captain Nelson

What we love about this font is the duality behind it. As you can see above, the top of the font has a clean design, whereas the bottom is a little moe rough and ready in its appearance. Of course, there are 10 different styles included in the package, so you have a lot of different font possibilities.

Download Captain Nelson here

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