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Aviation Fonts

14 Aviation Fonts That Will Make Your Designs Look Superfly

Nothing beats being up in the air, surrounded by nothing but the sky in all its glory, unless, of course, you’re afraid of flying. It’s almost impossible not to fall in love with the serene and calming feeling that comes with being several feet above the earth’s surface and just being disconnected from everything but your thoughts.

Many designers today use aviation fonts to recreate and incorporate that same serene and calming atmosphere into their designs. The creative market is currently swamped with designs that lack a unique flair and any form of emotion, and so, aviation fonts to the rescue!

The aviation font world comprises tons of stylish typefaces ranging from handwritten scripts to sans serif, geometric styles, and even display fonts. Many of these fonts draw inspiration from old aircraft and the U.S military. 

Feel free to explore these 15 incredibly superfly aviation fonts if you’re an aviation enthusiast or simply looking to build up your font collection for your design toolkit.

Superfly Aviation Fonts

1. Devant Pro – Modern Typeface + WebFonts

Devant Pro - Modern Typeface + WebFonts

Devant Pro is a modern typeface with nine font weights to suit various design styles and needs. Its extensive character set includes uppercase and lowercase letters, multilingual support, alternatives, numbers, and punctuation. It works well for print, movie titles, website landing pages, banners, quotes, and posters.   

Download Devant Pro

2. Cristagrotesk – Typeface + Webfonts

Cristagrotesk - Typeface + Webfonts

Cristagrotesk is a modern sans serif typeface influenced by German Grotesk typefaces. It comes in three different font weights: light, regular, and bold, and will work nicely for paragraphs, headlines, displays, and websites.

Download Cristagrotesk

3. Flight – Dot Matrix Typeface

Flight - Dot Matrix Typeface

The Flight dot matrix typeface looks like something off a computer screen or video game. The letterforms are estimated using a discrete set of dots rather than lines to form a coherent image. This all-caps typeface is perfect for print publications, travel, poster and billboards, branding, and displays. 

Download Flight

4. Fenord – Old School Sans Serif

Fenord - Old School Sans Serif

Fenord is a flexible typeface you can use to create highly professional and fashionable designs. It derives its roots from the old-school sans serif font family with versatile letter forms ranging from regular to italics. Its features include uppercase, lowercase, stylistic alternates, standard ligatures, numbers, and punctuation making it a perfect tool for creating elegant designs.

Download Fenord

5. Branden – Casual Sans Serif Font

Branden - Casual Sans Serif Font

Craft Supply Co’s Branden sans serif font is modern, simple, and casual, the trinity of most unique designs. With its clean, minimalist style and classic appeal, this all-caps typeface gives your design a modern edge. It is available in regular characters and outlines to switch up your design style.

Download Branden

6. Darbots – Modern Stencil Sans Serif Font

Darbots - Modern Stencil Sans Serif Font

Darbots is a modern stencil sans serif font with slits in its letter strokes, giving the impression that the letters have been cut. It is excellent for making strong statements and attracting attention. You can’t go wrong with using this font for your print and digital designs, such as magazines, photography, branding, logos, quotes, and social media.

Download Darbots

7. CA Spy Royal

CA Spy Royal

The mere sight of this font conjures up images of spy films, racing, pulp fiction, and pretty much anything retro. Spy Royal provides open-type alternates, shadow lines, and 3D shadows that can help you pull off the perfect old-school vibe in any design project.

Download CA Spy Royal

8. Arguman


Arguman is your one-way ticket to tech town. From its geometric letterforms to its dynamic display, the font screams futuristic and elegant in every possible way. It is bold, sporty, and would definitely go well with tech-themed designs.  

Download Arguman

9. CA Mechano

CA Mechano

CA Mechano is a mechanical all-caps typeface from a family of three typography styles, including regular, condensed, and wide. Designed by Stefan Claudius, this typeface offers a stylistic set that breaks away from the purely mechanical outlook to something more aesthetically pleasing.

Download CA Mechano

10. CA Magic Hour

CA Magic Hour

Magic hour is a vintage font of the ‘60s and ’70s that hits differently. Inspired by the Concorde airline, this font will bring back the nostalgia associated with that era. It is an italic type font in block letters. Optimistic and straightforward, it will speed up your designs.

Download CA Magic Hour

11. Aeroblades

Aeroblades is an insanely cool display typeface with letter forms that look to be straight from the future. It exudes an air of suspense and mystery, with the letters resembling blades and having flat, futuristic appearances.

Download Aeroblades

12. USAAF Air Force Font

USAAF Air Force Font is devoid of the typical smooth curves that characterize letters. Instead, its letterforms are punctuated by jagged edges and stops, inspired by the pendant on the military stainless steel necklace. 

This typeface is mostly seen printed on military aircraft and anything airforce related. It supports only uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuations. 

Download USAAF Air Force Font

13. Avionic Condensed Family

The Avionic Condensed family is a dynamic geometric font with a variety of weights and widths for your designs. It is incredibly flexible with an extensive character set of 370 glyphs per style, five weights in each subfamily, four widths in the collection, and accompanying obliques, including multilingual support for Latin-based languages.

Download Avionic Condensed Family

14. The Aviator Font Collection

The Aviator combines elements from three font families: serif, script, and sans serif. It is clear, vintage, and more. It is perfect for conveying the perfect vintage vibe in any design project.

Download The Aviator Font Collection

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