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Google Chrome Extensions

28 Best AI Chrome Extensions to Supercharge Your Productivity

Google Chrome is the world’s most popular internet browser. Conservative estimates indicate that Chrome presently commands a global market share of 65.74%, which represents nearly two-thirds of the total internet browsing data.

But why is Chrome so popular?

Well, for starters, Google Chrome boasts a faster website load speed compared to most browsers. Chrome’s speed isn’t significantly affected even when running multiple tabs concurrently, provided that you have a stable internet. The browser’s incredible load speed is largely due to its ability to translate between machine and JavaScript codes.

Chrome also maintains a clean and uncluttered interface. The browser’s dashboard adopts a minimalistic layout that makes it easy to navigate. Besides, all important functions are intuitively arranged.

Increased online safety is another unique feature that makes Chrome the go-to internet browser. The application protects your privacy online by alerting you to possible malicious sites via a ‘Not Secure’ warning while trying to access suspicious websites. It also automatically cleans up your system of suspect files and updates regularly, with each update coming with the most advanced security features.

Google Chrome also stands apart from most internet browsers in its seamless integration with dozens of third-party applications. There are tons of Chrome extensions which you can readily download to improve your productivity while using the browser.

Below is a rundown of 28 best artificial intelligence (AI) Chrome extensions to streamline your browsing sessions.

1. AgreeTo

Chrome Extension Link

AgreeTo is one of the most efficient artificial intelligence Chrome extensions for meeting scheduling. The software streamlines the scheduling process by allowing you to book meetings without necessarily leaving your inbox. It lets you access all your calendars in a single platform while also enabling you to see when your collaborators are available.

With AgreeTo, you can share bookable time slots in as little as five seconds. Simply select your available hours and add them to your email. Then, share the time slots to let others book a meeting with a single click.

2. Perplexity AI


Chrome Extension Link

Perplexity AI is an AI Chrome extension that combines the incredible capabilities of ChatGPT and Google’s search engine to answer any question no matter its complexity. The plugin lets you ask queries right from your toolbar and get instant answers, which come complete with cited sources.

You can get quick insights into your current web page or domain. That’s an awesome time-saving feature as it eliminates the need for skimming or scanning manually through the page looking for specific information.

3. AI Data Assistant


Chrome Extension Link

AI Data Assistant is an open-source automated data analysis and visualization service designed with data scientists in mind. However, the platform has proven useful for anyone who needs quick insights into complex datasets.

AI Data Assistant harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to break down the most technical data into a language that anyone can understand. Integrating this tool into your Chrome’s workflow can be instrumental as far as enabling you to make data-driven decisions. The extension suggests reliable insights and recommendations based on studied patterns and trends.

4. Monica AI

Chrome Extension Link

Monica AI is a tool powered by ChatGPT API, which works as a writing assistant and chatbot. This Chrome extension can engage you in meaningful conversations about any topic.

Content creators can use Monica to generate 100% original copies, rephrase passages for better perspectives, summarize lengthy posts, and even translate write-ups into different languages. There are over 80 templates to get you started, making Monica a perfect recommendation for beginners. The software is accessible on every website using the Cmd (Ctrl) + M combination.

5. Compose AI

Chrome Extension Link

Compose AI is an auto-completion and generative text software that claims to cut your writing time by a whopping 40% by generating the next couple of lines or paragraphs based on the prompts. It’s an excellent Chrome extension for content writers who need to churn out many write-ups on a short notice.

To use Compose AI, you only need to feed your prompts into the provided field. The tool will quickly analyze the commands to get a gist of the topic before coming up with the next few sentences that are relevant to the keywords.

6. Glimpse

Chrome Extension Link

Glimpse’s Google Trends Chrome Extension makes the default Trends application up to 100 times more effective by incorporating additional search volumes while also keeping you in the loop on trending topics before they become mainstream. Bloggers and marketers can leverage the tool to gauge their content’s relevance and visibility.

Glimpse also displays the keywords (include long-tail and geo-targeted keywords) that most users are searching for, making it an invaluable market research tool. Besides, the app lets you export Google Trends to Google Sheets for better analysis and organization.

7. CMD J

Chrome Extension Link

CMD J is a Chrome extension designed with numerous capabilities to improve your writing experience. The tool lets you automatically generate content with ChatGPT by simply selecting your text and then pressing the Cmd/Alt + J keyboard shortcut. You can use it to quickly whip blog posts, marketing copies, emails, and even product descriptions.

CMD J also provides handy answers to some of the most complex coding questions. The software is up to ten times more effective at fixing code bugs. Thanks to its wider range of capabilities, CMD J is suitable for both writers and developers.

8. Glasp YouTube Summary

Chrome Extension Link

You’re probably already familiar with AI text summarizers. But did you know that we also have certain software designed primarily for abridging videos? One such tool is Glasp YouTube Summary.

Glasp summarizes your favorite YouTube videos by highlighting the key points as well as keywords with timestamps. The app provides an exciting way to quickly capture YouTube videos using highlights, which are automatically curated to its dashboard. You can then tag, search for, link to, and share these highlights on various other platforms.

9. SciSpace Copilot

Chrome Extension Link

Researching on the go has never been easier, thanks to powerful AI-driven tools like SciSpace Copilot. This Chrome extension is a reliable research assistant empowered to understand the most intricate scientific concepts.

Copilot provides real-time explanations to text, mathematical formulae, and scientific literature no matter where you read them online. With this research assistant, you’ll no longer need to open a separate tab while going through technical reports, blog posts, or research papers. Just paste the term on the search bar located on the software’s upper left side of the page for concise answers.

10. Voilà

Chrome Extension Link

While SciSpace Copilot specializes in explaining technical concepts, Voilà does a lot more than that. This AI assistant optimizes your productivity using basic keyboard shortcuts. The Google Chrome extension helps you craft compelling emails and blog posts. It also instantly replies to your queries and messages.

Voilà integrates with Gmail too, allowing you to access a wide range of content automation services without ever leaving your inbox. Its grammar and spelling checker features are handy time-savers which ensure that you don’t have to double-check your content for errors before exporting it.

11. Snooze Tabs

Chrome Extension Link

Tabs and windows are our tentative storage platforms while browsing online. However, it’s not always easy to keep up with the number of tabs and windows that you open and close, especially when searching for technical information on the internet. That’s where this Chrome plugin comes in.

Snooze Tabs lets you snooze and save tabs for later reference. You can reactivate the tabs when ready to resume your sessions and start right back where you left. The tool helps keep you organized while ensuring you don’t lose track of important information.

12. WebChatGPT

Chrome Extension Link

ChatGPT is still on many people’s lips for its incredible chat capabilities. Unfortunately, the chatbot may not be so reliable if looking for the most relevant and latest information after 2021, which makes tools like WebChatGPT a welcome alternative.

WebChatGPT is a Google Chrome extension that augments your ChatGPT prompts with accurate, relevant, and up-to-date results from the internet. The platform might also guarantee better data security than ChatGPT. That’s because it’s completely serverless and maintains no data collection features.

13. Eesel

Chrome Extension Link

Collaborating with the rest of your team on Google Chrome would be painfully slow without cutting-edge artificial intelligence applications like Eesel. This app helps you create new documents and locate old ones while also collaborating with your teammates’ projects in a single tab.

Since Eesel mainly caters to the interest of online collaborators, the developers incorporated high-end security features to keep your digital footprint secure. Moreover, the app is also easy to set up as it doesn’t require any login to launch.

14. Wiseone

Chrome Extension Link

The name of this software reveals much about its capabilities as far as improving your online productivity. Wiseone breaks down complex information into simpler concepts understandable by any lay reader.

The AI-powered Chrome extension also summarizes lengthy blog posts and research papers, providing you with the essence of each online publication so you don’t waste time reading through them. The cherry on the cake is that the plugin helps you verify the facts by pulling different sources discussing the same subject.

15. Ellie


Chrome Extension Link

Ellie is an email assistant that keenly studies your writing style and company overview before crafting relevant replies that sound as if they were written by you. The program is powered by GPT-4, OpenAI’s most advanced model for creating prompt and accurate answers.

Ellie provides a multi-lingual support that allows it to reply to your emails in any of the popular languages. That makes it an excellent marketing tool for businesses targeting international clients. The best way to get the most of this Chrome extension is to pre-feed it with information that mimics your writing style or company services.

16. Murf AI

Chrome Extension Link

Murf is one of the top voice generators on the market. The voice synthesizer enables you to convert text to different kinds of audio content, including speech, dictations, and voice-overs. It’s used by numerous professionals across diverse industries, including entrepreneurs, educators, product developers, podcasters, animators, and customer support representatives.

Murf also maintains a vast library of 120+ ready-to-use audios. The tool helps you generate realistic voices in over 20 languages too. Regular updates give you access to the most advanced voice generation features.

17. Grammarly

Chrome Extension Link

Grammarly is a spelling, grammar, and plagiarism checker used by 30+ million writers and content creators worldwide. The software automatically highlights mistakes as you write so you can fix them on the go. It can detect different types of errors, from typos and passive voice to style and coherence issues.

Grammarly integrates easily with any productivity app you can think of. These include browsers like Chrome and Firefox, email services like Gmail and Outlook, word processors like Google Docs and Word, social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter, etc.

18. NoteGPT

Chrome Extension Link

NoteGPT is another Chrome extension on this list that functions mainly as a YouTube video summarizer. The tool’s website claims that it’s more than 10 times effective at boosting YouTube video learning.

As a Chrome extension, NoteGPT effortlessly gives you access to accurate transcripts and summaries alongside each YouTube video. The program utilizes ChatGPT to generate condensed summaries of any video regardless of its length or the language it’s in. And besides videos, you can also use NoteGPT to abridge text-based documents and web pages.

19. Gimme Summary AI

Chrome Extension Link

Staying with content summarization, there’s Gimme Summary AI, an easy-to-use program that utilizes natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to condense your long articles into their essence. The software is compatible with all Chromium-based browsers, including Chrome, Edge, and Brave. It’s 100% free to use and also safeguards your online privacy.

Gimme Summary works as fast as its name implies. All you need to do is install the extension from the Chrome Web Store, click on the extension icon to open the Summary window, and then hit “Generate Summary.”

20. Wordtune

Chrome Extension Link

Many AI Chrome extensions for document proofreading only fix common errors in written content. However, Wordtune goes beyond the basic grammar checkers you’re already familiar with. The software carefully understands what you’re trying to write and then suggests alternative ways to put it. It’s a great tool for budding bloggers and copywriters trying to expand their vocabulary.

In addition to suggesting alternative wordings and sentence structures, Wordtune also lets you experiment with different tones. Choose between casual and professional writing styles depending on the target audience.

21. Jasper AI

Chrome Extension Link

There’s a reason Jasper AI is regarded by many as the best AI-driven writing assistant on the planet. Among the program’s impressive features include its ability to create fairly long paragraphs on any subject matter based on the entered seed words.

Jasper is capable of churning out a 1,500-word write-up in a matter of minutes. The platform supports dozens of languages and maintains over 50 AI content generation templates to get you started. These include templates for blog posts, marketing copies, SEO meta titles & descriptions, press releases, product descriptions, and a lot more.

22. Otter AI

Chrome Extension Link

With over 100,000 active daily users, Otter AI deservedly ranks among the top productivity applications. The app works as a virtual meeting assistant and note-taker which allows you to take crucial meeting notes while seamlessly contributing to the session.

Otter’s ability to record audio while simultaneously generating notes makes it up to 30 times more efficient than manual note-taking. The software also allows you to edit and manage the transcripts on the go. It’s available as a Chrome extension, which integrates with both Microsoft and Google calendar as well as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Zoom.

23. Wisdolia

Chrome Extension Link

Wisdolia is an AI-driven software that automatically generates flashcards complete with questions and answers from any article, YouTube video, and PDF. The tool quickly trawls your content to identify potential exam questions while also making it easy to review saved flashcards. It’s a resourceful Chrome extension for students prepping for upcoming exams.

It’s also interesting to note that Wisdolia can read and generate flashcards in any language. You can easily save the cards to the software’s platform or to the cross-platform mobile and desktop app – Anki.

24. Fireflies

Chrome Extension Link

Fireflies AI follows a more or less similar concept as Otter AI. The tool enables you to record and transcribe voice conversations while having online meetings. You can transcribe meetings across numerous video-conferencing applications, audio files, and dialers. You can also search and edit transcripts as required.

There’s the provision for storing your meeting notes directly in the Fireflies library or sharing them with other note-taking apps like Slack, Asana, and Notion. And just like Otter, Fireflies’ Chrome extension integrates with numerous video-conferencing applications FOR better efficiency. These include Google Meet, Ringcentral, Zoom, Teams Webex, and Aircall.

25. QuillBot

Chrome Extension Link

It appears that writing assistants are the most popular Chrome extensions, and QuillBot is a noteworthy member of this category. This software works as a grammar checker, paraphraser, and summarizer…..all rolled into one.

The grammar checker helps you proofread your content for typographical, grammatical, and punctuation errors. The paraphrasing tool suggests alternative vocabularies and can come in handy for non-native English speakers trying to hone their writing skills. Lastly, the summarizer condenses lengthy articles into their basics so you don’t need to manually skim or scan through the document.

26. Speak AI

Chrome Extension Link

How would you like to convert unstructured audio or video content into competitive insights right from your Chrome browser? Well, it turns out you can, thanks to innovative software like Speak AI.

Speak AI is an AI-powered transcription service that offers different ways to gather important data from large volumes of content. You can use this Chrome extension to build custom embeddable audio and video recorders, directly record in the app, or upload files from your device’s storage. There are multiple file export formats too, including the software’s interactive player.

27. Scalenut


Chrome Extension Link

Scalenut is an all-in-one Google Chrome extension that provides a suite of keyword research features designed to help your brand scale to newer heights. The software offers four main tools, namely:

• A Research tool that gives you all the insights related to your keywords so you can outpace the competition
• A Create tool that crafts compelling and SEO-friendly content using the most advanced natural language processing and natural language understanding
• An Optimize tool which assigns your content an SEO score based on certain metrics
• A Marketing Copy tool which comes with over 40 AI templates to help you write persuasive marketing copies

28. Readsy

Chrome Extension Link

The last Chrome extension on this list is a time-saving tool that helps you read web pages incredibly fast. The software points you to key information on each web page by highlighting it.

Each time you browse using Chrome, Readsy will automatically detect important content on the visited pages and then display it in a yellow box at the top of the screen. You can then move the box around using your mouse to locate the text inside, allowing you to get the gist of the content without having to manually scroll through it.


Choosing the right AI Chrome extension for you depends on the specific aspects of the browser that you’re seeking to optimize.

Whether you’re looking for the most efficient writing assistant, content summarizer, or trends analyzer, you can be sure to find it in this collection.

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