Typography has always played a crucial role in printed works. From early handwritten texts to the first published manuscripts, good lettering not only looked beautiful, but it also evoked certain moods to the audience. So it’s not surprising that typography would be more important than ever in the digital age.

Nowadays, it’s not hard to find the right font for the job. Simply go online and you’ll discover a plethora of typefaces – from free to premium versions. But the challenge then becomes: how do you know which fonts work best for the task at hand?

One of the most common projects today is editorials and signage.  From headlines to billboards, businesses pay big money to make sure their words stand out. If you’re a designer, you know the struggle of finding just the right type.

Often, projects like this call for bold, fun typography that would catch eyes no matter where they’re placed. Enter the DreamTeam Font Family.

DreamTeam Font Family

DreamTeam Font Family

Created by Giuseppe Salerno and Paco González of the Resistenza Type Foundry, this font was inspired by a best-seller (Afrobeat) of the same multi-line display. In fact, that was their first product. It became such a hit that they decided to produce more!

Their experimentations gave rise to unique, expressive fonts that have varied personalities. The DreamTeam Font Family in particular was created with signage, print advertising, and editorial applications in mind.

DreamTeam Font FamilyTime to burn calories-min

As it was originally inspired by Afrobeat, DreamTeam has a similar fun feel to it. However, its fitter, nimble design makes it appear more active. It also looks decent as a web font, or when used as regular text.

With four styles to choose from (Regular, Thicker, Italic, and Thicker Italic), don’t be afraid to play around with it until you get exactly what you’re looking for.

DreamTeam Font Family

The elegant use of geometry to create tone, plus the optical gradient with solid black linear devices, gives it a dynamic rhythm.

DreamTeam is perfect if you want to immediately grab eyes to your works. Test it on apparel lines, or use on projects with sports and athletic themes.

DreamTeam Font Family

DreamTeam Font Family

Create movement and intrigue at the same time by purchasing the DreamTeam Font Family today.


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