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LIQUIDE Modern Font

Keep Your Works In Perfect Harmony with LIQUIDE Modern Font

One can’t deny that when all elements in design work well together, there’s harmony that could only be described as ‘beauty’. From colors, white spaces, to text – all these things need to complement one another so your project doesn’t overwhelm the senses.

LIQUIDE Modern Font

Sometimes, your choice of typography could make or break this delicate balance. In this light, welcome LIQUIDE modern font by Philip Fisser.

This FREE font was made especially for branding or digital uses. Smooth, rounded edges provide a professionally clean look, and help tie all other elements of your project together.

LIQUIDE Modern Font

Just like actual liquid, LIQUIDE is subtle enough to fit into any type of design – be it a website or a poster, modern or retro. You’ll be surprised at its versatility!


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