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Roblox font

Free Roblox Fonts To Help You Beef Up Your Designs

If you’ve ever played Minecraft, then you might be familiar with a similar game called Roblox. Created by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004, it wasn’t officially launched until 2006, when it quickly gained a lot of players. Currently, it’s reported that about 56 million users are on the platform each month.

It’s basically a world with plenty of user-generated content, like places to visit and games to play. Players roam around and interact with others. You can customize your avatar, make trades, talk to players, and play all kinds of games – from shooters, RPGs, to MMOs and racing games. While it is, in essence, safe for kids, it’s mostly recommended for children ages 13 and up, with parental guidance.

For those who are fans of the platform, you can recreate a similar feel to your works when you use Gill Sans UltraBold by Monotype (the game uses a version with a different ‘o’). This typeface is NOT free, but you can purchase it to support the creator. For a free variant, you can check out the Roblox Font Family.

Bold Roblox Font

Roblox fonts

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