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How to Install Fonts on Windows 10 (Step-by-step Guide)

The latest version of Windows 10 comes with some cool and amazing fonts. However, since Microsoft didn’t seek your opinion before selecting these fonts, it’s likely that you’ll find most of them unappealing.

But you don’t need to fret. There are thousands of fonts that are readily available online, which you can easily download and install on your Windows 10. Read on as we highlight a few methods on how to go about installing fonts on your Windows 10 system.


• Always ensure that you choose desktop fonts as opposed to webfonts. Remember, you cannot install fonts that you purchased for @font-face as desktop fonts.

• You’ll need to unzip all zipped folders before installing them. While Windows operating system allows users to take a sneak peek into a zipped folder, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the folder is unzipped.

• Before downloading and applying any folder, ensure you check the License Agreement. And while you’re at it, look out for a clause that states “for personal use only”, and note that such fonts cannot be used for commercial purposes.

How to Install Fonts on Windows 10 Through Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store offers Windows 10 users the easiest way to install fonts on their devices.

The procedure is as follows;

i. Open Windows 10 Settings.

ii. On the Settings menu, click on Personalization, followed by the Fonts tab.

iii. Look out for the link “Get more fonts in the Microsoft Store” and as soon as it appears, click on it and proceed to download your favorite font the same way you would any app.

Besides using Microsoft Store, you can also download your font for Windows 10 manually.

Either way, the downloaded font may appear as a zipped or unzipped file.

iv. For zipped files, you can unzip it by right-clicking on the file.

v. Select Extract All, and a set of prompts will pop up. Follow the prompts to store the downloaded file in your folder destination of choice.

vi. Finish the process by right-clicking on the file, then select Install.

How to Install Fonts on Windows 10 Manually

You can also install fonts on Windows 10 manually, using the traditional drag-and-drop method. In this method, you’ll need two open windows, and the process generally unfolds as follows;

i. Follow the download procedure above.

ii. If the font downloads as a zipped file, extract it by right-clicking on the file.

iii. On the taskbar, navigate to the search box and on the box, type “Control Panel” then run a search.

iv. The Control Panel will open. Now, navigate to Appearance and Personalization on the Control Panel.

v. Check the main window and click on Fonts.

vi. Wait for the Fonts library to load, then drag the newly downloaded font from its location in File Explorer and into the font window.

vii. Wait for the font to install as you check for progress on a small progress bar.

You can apply the font as soon as it has been installed.

Deleting Fonts on Windows 10

It might happen that you’ve downloaded more fonts that you require or simply don’t like a font anymore, and want to delete it. The process is simple and straightforward.

To delete a font;

i. Proceed to the Windows 10 search box located on the taskbar and type Control Panel.

ii. Wait for the search results and click on Appearance and Personalization, then Fonts.

iii. Search for the font that you want to delete and check it.

iv. On the top-bar menu, click Delete to uninstall the font.

v. Click Yes to confirm.

Note: It’s not recommended to delete or uninstall a font that you didn’t install yourself.


Evidently, installing fonts on Windows 10 is easier than most people imagine. It’s also reassuring to note that if you accidentally deleted a font or just want to refresh your fonts, you can easily do so by resetting your system. That will restore Windows 10 back to its default font settings when the system was first installed.

To reset your fonts, proceed to; Control Panel>Appearance and Personalization>Font settings>Restore default font settings.

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