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Cooper Hewitt free font

Cooper Hewitt: The Ideal Font for Contemporary Design Projects

Cooper Hewitt is a versatile and highly legible font that blends geometric shapes with humanist influences. Inspired by the work of designer Chester Jenkins, it offers a balanced and modern typographic solution suitable for both digital and print applications. Cooper Hewitt is a reliable choice for corporate branding, user interfaces, and editorial design.

Cooper Hewitt’s geometric design creates a sense of order and clarity. Its well-crafted letterforms strike a balance between precision and humanist warmth, making it approachable and visually appealing. The carefully constructed proportions ensure excellent legibility across different sizes and screens.

With a range of weights and styles, Cooper Hewitt allows for typographic flexibility and visual hierarchy. From the lighter weights that offer elegance and subtlety to the bolder weights that provide impact and emphasis, Cooper Hewitt adapts to various design needs.

This font is licensed under the SIL Open Font License.


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