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Barlow free font

Express Your Creativity with Barlow Font: Perfect for Branding and Editorial

Barlow is a contemporary and stylish sans-serif font with a distinct personality, designed by Jeremy Tribby. Its geometric letterforms and subtle humanist touches create a unique blend of modernity and warmth. 

Barlow is available in a range of weights and styles, offering designers versatility and creative freedom in their typographic compositions. With its generous x-height and open letterforms, Barlow excels in legibility, making it suitable for both display and body text. Whether you’re designing a magazine layout, creating a sleek website, or developing a brand identity, Barlow adds a touch of sophistication and character to your designs. 

Its harmonious proportions and thoughtful spacing contribute to its overall visual appeal and readability, ensuring that your typography stands out with a modern and refined aesthetic.

This font is licensed under the SIL Open Font License.


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