One of the trends nowadays is the minimalistic look. This features little to no distractions, solid, bold colors, and the use of clean, sleek lines. Whether it’s in interior design or websites, the minimalist look can give a fresh face to any project.

Ikaros Free Font

If you want to re-create it, use the Ikaros sans serif typeface by Matt Ellis as your choice of typography. The FREE pack includes two weights, Regular and Light, you can mix and match to achieve the desired effect.

Ikaros Free Font

Pair this font with other minimalist elements, such as black-and-white images, for a stunning result. It stays legible no matter what size you pick, so it’ll be a handy addition to any designer’s toolkit.

The Ikaros free font also contains accents, numerals, and symbols so you won’t have trouble using it for personal or commercial purposes.


Download Ikaros Free Font